Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik showing the lights on and off demo to everyone. Everyone ask Bhabhimaa to try. Everyone laughs as she asks the lights to come without the password. Then she says well and the lights come. Everyone claps. Naitik brings Akshara to the room and says I love you Akshara and lights come. She says I love you Naitik and more lights come. He says its out secret settings and even Naksh does not know this. Naitik hugs Akshara and they smile. Rajshri and Kaki tell Dadi that all the sale products were very bad. Varsha says its good Shaurya is not here. Kaaki says we will show old things and tell we bought this. Rajshri says yes, they won’t know it. Varsha asks what do we have. Kaki tells the things. Dadi says so you will cheat my sons and smiles. Kaki and Rajshri say no.

Chitti asks the lights to come and it does not. Chitti says maybe system has some problem. Muskaan says system can’t understand Chitti’s language. She asks Naksh to say. Naksh says again and again and plays with lights. Akshara says enough now, bulbs will fuse. She asks him to value things and not waste and thank Lord for giving him so much. Naksh thanks Lord. She asks him to listen to her as the system and commands him. Everyone smile. Naksh says its independence day tomorrow. He asks Akshara how will they celebrate this time, as last time? Akshara gets sad. Bhabhimaa says Naksh will say what to do. Akshara says we will do at home, as its raining outside. Akshara says we will spend a day for our country and smiles.

Naman comes to Naitik and says clients gave positive work, you felt I should ask you, but I like to work like this, it works. Naitik says fine, its good to discuss. Akshara calls Naitik and says what Naksh is asking. Naitik says let him celebrate. She asks about work. Naitik says Naman came and said clients liked his suggestion, but he can get overconfident. She says this generation is different. He says but we have to teach him. She says I m worried for Naksh. He says don’t scare me, everything changes with time.

Its night, Naksh comes and asks Akshara did she invite everyone. She says yes, they will come. He asks what will we do. She says you do fancy dress, we will sing songs and tell stories. She says its time for Naksh’s injection and gets Rajshri’s call. She cuts the call. Naksh sees this that Akshara is busy for him. Its morning, Anshu and Jasmeet have a romantic time. Everyone come for the independence celebrations. Yash asks Naksh to show the light systems and Naksh shows the demo. Everyone like it and smile. Naitik calls Naksh and says Naksh is doing this. Naitik explains them about the security system. Rashmi apologizes to Akshara and Devyaani looks on. Rashmi says she is not great like her and leaves. Devyaani says she will pray that they all unite soon.

Varsha tells Akshara that she remembered her school days seeing this laddoos. Everyone share their laddoo moments. Naksh eats the laddoo. Rajshri asks Akshara to let him eat as its sugarless. Akshara says I will have also it and eats it. Naksh asks when will the fancy dress happen. Akshara says in some time, get ready. Rukmani says she will also do something this time. Everyone agree. Rukmani acts like Jhansi Ki Rani. Everyone clap for her. Bhabhimaa says lets sing a patriotic song. Everyone sing Saare Jahaan se acha……………. The kids does the fancy dress and everyone clap for them.

Dadi asks everyone to talk about the independence and what they want to get rid of. Everyone say the bad things of their lives. The kids turn does not come and they have a talk. Ananya and Yash say wwhat they have done to help their parents. They ask Naksh to do something to help Akshara. He hears Akshara giving him injection daily and being busy because of him. He says he will free her of inhections and get injected on his own. Naksh says he knows how to take it and he will show Akshara later to surprise her. Naksh injects himself and Akshara sees him. She is shocked.

Akshara shouts and Naksh injects wrong. He bleeds and cries. Akshara and everyone rush to him. Naitik says we will take him to doctor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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