Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Akshu’s first rasoi


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarohi saying Harsh has called for Ramani’s case. Abhi goes with her. Harsh sees them and thinks they are serious about their work, they can become a good team if their differences end. Manish and Kairav think of Akshu. Manish asks him not to worry for Akshu so much. He says Abhi would be hurt as well that he isn’t with Akshu. he asks Kairav to come with him. He goes. Kairav hopes that the same thing doesn’t happen with Akshu again. Akshu plays the guitar. Abhi comes and sits behind her. Kaise mujhe tum….plays….. He says I have become your patient now. She says you came with the hospital clothes. He says I took a bath and got fresh, I couldn’t come in sherwani, my heart beats faster when I m with you. He kisses her hand and holds her. They romance. Abhi dreams this. He wakes up from sleep and goes to check the patient. Abhi comes home and rushes to his room. He sees the heart balloons and decorations. He sees Akshu sleeping and feels sad. He sees the bracelet and headphones worn by her. He says sorry and removes the headphone. He makes her rest on the bed. He says sorry to make you wait so much. He kisses her. She asks when will you come Abhi. He also sleeps there. Its morning, Akshu wakes up and sees Abhi sleeping. She says how did I get such a good fate. He says I was thinking the same. He lies in her lap. She says sorry to wake you up. He teases her. She says you are so sleepy and still talking, sleep now. He holds her hand. He pulls her close and says now you got the feeling of being married. She says you are too tired, sleep please. He asks will you not feel bad. She says I will feel bad if you don’t listen to me. He says really sorry, I promise I will make up for yesterday. She kisses him and says yes doc man, please take rest, I will meet my doc family, everyone will be free now.

She checks her phone. Kairav says I couldn’t sleep. Suwarna says you are missing Akshu. Dadi says it looks like we have no right on her now. Kairav says I wasn’t ready for this, she left me and went away, I went to her room to look for her, I felt that the things are telling me that she left all of us here. Aarohi cries and hugs him. Akshu greets Manjiri. Manjiri says daughters don’t touch feet. Akshu asks what to make for everyone. Manjiri says everyone eats cereals and fruits here, make kachori for Neil and kheer for everyone, staff will handle the rest of the things. Akshu asks what will you die, what do you like. Manjiri says anything. Akshu asks her to say. Manjiri says I like sabudana kheer. Akshu says great, I will make it now. Manjiri goes to get sabudana. She says Akshu asked my choice. She smiles. Harsh, Anand and Mahima have a talk. Manjiri says its Akshu’s first rasoi, sabudana kheer. Harsh says yuck, sabudana kheer, you know my choice, Manjiri, you have it and sing bahu’s praise. Anand asks Manjiri to pass the fruits and badam. He asks for fruit juice. He asks where are Neil and Shefali. Parth says she is busy. Manjiri says Neil would be sleeping. Mahima says we should get back to our normal routine. Akshu says everyone can take some kheer. Manjiri says yes. Anand says yes. Akshu serves the kheer and takes blessings from elders. Mahima says don’t touch feet every day, good morning is enough. Anand says respect should be in heart. Akshu says Dadi told me.. Harsh says she told it there, they are Goenkas, we are Birlas, leave things there, things are different here. Manjiri signs yes to Akshu.

Manjiri says we will do rasams today. Harsh asks since when did you start thinking. Abhi breaks the food plate. Abhi and Harsh get into an argument. Akshu looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Manish bhi thoda rude tha. Phr itna mannerlezz nhi je jitna harsh he. Khusse me bhi manish politly behave kartha tha. Harsh charach thoda oberdose hogaiya. Abhimanyu charach bhi thoda overdose hi hai

  2. Felt bad for akshara and manjiri today especially manjiri no one ever bothered to ask about her likes and dislikes i felt as if akshara was the 1sr person who asked her after a long time, i want to know back story of manjiri and why harsh dislike her and why he married and tamed such cute and nice lady

    1. @Shubh
      Yeah. She was soo overwhelmed when Akshara asked her choice.

  3. These Birlas are so dysfunctional!
    Poor Manjari..felt bad for her today. But just like Akshu used to do for Arohi, she too craves Birla’s love. That’s why despite such harsh treatment, she always denies when Abhi stands for her or asks her to leave with him. I hope just like Akshu has come out of it, she too comes strong where she don’t crave for people who treats you like shit.

    Coming to Abhi, I literally pity him. Poor boy, since Childhood, he has seen his mother, brother been mistreated. A family where people are respected only if they are a useful asset for the elders. If Abhimanyu was a surgeon, even he would not have got the authority he has now.
    Growing up in a dysfunctional family, so toxic like Birla, is hell difficult. Still, he has learnt to stand up not for just himself, but for others too. His shouting, throwing things, it seems he used them as a coping mechanism when he couldn’t stop the wrong going in the family.
    I think people who were questioning his hate for his father and other things related to family, they will be able to relate to it now. Atleast, I can, seeing how these people are.
    Abhimanyu deserves some peace because all his life, he has been fighting almost everyday, sometimes for himself, most of the times for his loved ones. That’s why he fell for Akshu because he felt that sukoon with her.

    And now, they both will be each other’s sukoon and will complete everything that was lacking in their life.
    Just like today, it was so heartening to see them caring for each other despite both having a disastrous day.Married Abhira is soo domestic and beautiful. 💕

    1. @Anjali
      I don’t think not being doctor is the reason behind the Birla elders behaviour. If that is the case, even Shefali would have faced the same treatment but everyone respects her in Birla house. Parth doesn’t do any work but still he is respected by Harsh. I still don’t get what is his problem with Neil, Manjiri and Akshara.

    2. @Siya
      But she does work na. They categorize people on how much of an asset ( which has a different definition in their dictionary)they can be to them. And Neil, Akshu and Manjari don’t qualify that According to them. Harsh would have adjusted for Akshu initially somehow but her constant rejections and being silent on Important occassions increased his dislike I think.

    3. So true. Everyone says that Abhi shouldn’t be angry at his father because it worsens the situation for Manjari/Akshara but how can he be quiet? His father literally abuses his mother in front of him. If he was also to remain quiet, pakka things would still escalate. Neil is in the house only because Harsh on some level fears Abhi’s anger. In the episode after the confession when Harsh throws him out, Abhi’s timely appearance is the only thing that saves Neil. The way Harsh is shown, he might have left Manju also if he wasn’t sure that Abhi would leave along with her. Obviously things have never improved but at least Neil and Manju are in the house and a small level of control is shown in front of Abhi.
      Akshu is literally so sweet – she was so understanding with Abhi and the morning scene was really romantic in a mature way. And Manju being so overwhelmed by a simple question – goes to show how entitled and idiotic Harsh actually is. Mahima is just an apna ullu seedha karna. Aarohi is another Mahima in the making. They both remember their sister only when outsiders hurt them. When the household is rude/ignores them, they take comfort in it!

    4. @Anya
      So true! I agree with everything you said.

  4. I can now surely relate to Anisha. No sane person will be able to live in this house and if they still tried to adjust they will surely become insane. Though Suhasini used to rule the Goenka family and treated Suwarna and Surekha differently as Surekha is from rich family, she never treated Suwarna the way Manjiri is being treated in Birla house. Suwarna also used to do all household chores but she was never treated as maid in Goenka house and even Manish respected her.
    Though Naira didn’t get love from Manish and Suhasini initially, she was respected by Manish. Harsh is very much pathetic than Manish. If he don’t like a person, he won’t treat that person as human which is very wrong. Akshara didn’t deserve the treatment she is getting from Harsh. She should learn how to take stand for herself just like how both her mothers did. Both Naira and Sirat didn’t blindly follow elders words. They pointed it out if elders were wrong. More than Abhimanyu, I feel soo bad for Neil. Atleast Abhimanyu gets respect but Neil is always treated as trash by Harsh and is sidelined by Anand and Mahima.
    More than how Akshara adjusts in that house, I want to see Manjiri’s growth and she taking stand for herself. I don’t understand why makers show housewives as door mats in Indian TV shows. It is the most difficult and thankless job of the world. I wonder what kind of sister Mahima is. She let her younger sister get abused by her husband daily in front of her eyes. Atleast Aarohi used to care for Akshara once in a bluemoon.
    As Akshara and Abhimanyu are married, atleast now they show family moments of both the families which disappeared since the third generation started.

    1. True.. all the Birla siblings have suffered. If not for Manjari, what would have happened to them.
      Abhimanyu gets respect because they can’t afford losing him as he is the only face of Hospital from young Gen. Also, because he is daring enough to stand up for himself and others too. And once you start standing up for yourself, such people can’t even stand.

    2. @Anjali
      If Manjiri wasn’t there, they would have surely become mad and everyone would have ran away from house like Anisha. That’s the reason all the kids including Shefali are very close to Manjiri than any other elder.

    3. @Siya
      Even now, I think if Manjari agrees, all these will run along with her.😂🤣
      Abhi to is just there because of her.

    4. @Anjali

  5. Abhira were so soft and cute today during that night scene.
    Abhi’s dream was so hot. Well, his dreams has always been intense while Akshu sees childish dreams🤭.
    Harshad is even more 🔥 when it comes
    Romance. The way he gazes, tilts his neck, hold Akshu, everything is just so hot and screams Chemistry. He was so good today, the tiredness, guilt, slight excitement, sleepiness everything was so well expressed. And those voice modulations in morning 🙌
    Pranali, too, was sooo good and on point with her expressions, especially in romantic scene. 👏👏

  6. @Anjali – Harsh was surely triggered by Akshu’s silence. But he knew about the fire incident too but chose to hide it – I think he just wanted a doctor bahu for Abhi because he himself does not like his wife who is like Akshu. Calm, interested in music, very close to Abhi. His problem stems from his dislike Of Manju for some reason – their marriage is like the Pandora’s box of the Birla family.
    Probably Mahima got him married to a non doctor Manjari so that she could control the Birlas and they had Abhi. Obviously he dislikes Manju and ends up having an affair and conceiving Neil. Abhi figures this out at a young age, makes Manju adopt Neil and brings him home. His father’s transgressions coupled with his abuse of Manju destroyed his relationship with him.
    The only way Harsh can change is if his relationship with Manjari changes – whether in a good manner or through a divorce ala Anupama. 😂

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