Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Naira learns Shubham’s truth

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira saying I didn’t fill form. Kartik says its last date today. Naira says I thought to talk to Dadi first. He says Dadi would have slept till now, come on fill the form, what happened. She says it maybe a trivial thing for me, its a big moment for me, when life has moved ahead and dreams are left behind, this moment is special for me. He says I understand, its wrong to leave dreams behind. She says priorities change after marriage. He says marriage doesn’t mean person leaves dreams and stops pursuing happiness, its your life, you got married, didn’t commit suicide. She smiles. They fill the form.

Its morning, Dadi gets a call regarding Naira’s application in college. Naira says I have to tell Dadi about application. Dadi asks her did she apply in any college, what’s the need for any job. Naira says no, I have applied for completing studies, did I do anything wrong. Dadi says its completely wrong, you are married and have to take family ahead, you are doing everything on own, Shubham also listens to you, Kartik and Shubham came home after you came here, Manish and Kartik came closer, Shubham got saved from Suhana as you had focus on family. Naira says family will always be my priority, if my dream…. Kartik and Suwarna says let her study if she wants. Naira says I will manage, promise. Kartik says I will also manage. Surekha says what’s the need, we have everything we want. Naira asks don’t we have right to fulfill dreams. Dadi says your academy dream got fulfilled, everything will fall apart. Naira promises there won’t be any problem. Dadi says fine, do what you want, Kartik has stopped thinking, we will continue to do so.

Shubham gets restless for drugs and calls someone to get it. Naira cries. Kartik consoles her. He says Dadi will understand. She says check this, I didn’t get admission, my name isn’t there in waiting list. He says its fine, we will take admission next year, I will teach you, I m a good teacher, tell me what subject you want to learn, anything. She says I know we will study less and fight more. He jokes. They have a cute talk. Manish calls Kartik. Kartik goes. Naira says Kartik’s birthday will really be special this year. She smiles.

Naitik and Baisa talk about their horoscope. He says no one lets me win the game. She says you lose intentionally, I know, are you going somewhere. He says no, you shouldn’t believe horoscope. Suwarna says Shubham isn’t tell me anything. Manish says we should go there. Naira says we all are with Shubham. Manish says I trust you. You will manage everything. Dadi agrees. Kartik asks Naira will she handle Shubham’s tantrums and misbehavior. She nods. He says call me if you need help. He sees everyone away and kisses on her cheek. Manish and Kartik leave. Naira thinks I have to manage your birthday as well, this time your birthday will be super special. Naira leaves for academy. She thinks Shubham didn’t wake up and I got late. Suwarna calls her and says Shubham isn’t opening the door, come fast. Naira takes a u turn. She gets shocked when she sees someone running after Shubham. She runs after them. She stops the goon from beating Shubham. The goon runs away. Shubham hides the drugs. Naira sees it and recalls. Kartik says we have to change everything. Manish says you are right, I wish relations were like machinery, it could get set by repair, Shubham is behaving bad. Kartik says don’t worry, Naira will manage him. Manish says I hope so.

Naira cries. Shubham says please listen to me, give me one chance. Naira asks what shall I listen, you have spoilt your life, you want to consume this poison, you know how these things affect body, once you get habitual, you can never quit it, you aren’t reforming, you are punishing yourself and us for Suhana, who wanted to loot us, you are sunk in grief, you are going towards destruction, this will ruin your life, if a person wants to kill himself, how can I save him, I will tell this to everyone, Manish and Kartik will see what to do. He asks her to please stop, he will change, believe him. He says I admit my mistake, save me, I don’t want to die, I want to live, give me one chance. He cries. She hugs him and consoles. He says I will change completely, I swear on God, just support me. She says I m with you, all of us are with you. He says not everyone, just you, promise you won’t tell this to anyone. She says we will help you together. He says no, I will confess everything and apologize to them. She says okay, they will understand it better, come, we will tell everyone. He says no, I will tell everyone after Kartik’s birthday, give me one chance.

She says fine, I m waiting for Kartik’s birthday, you will come closer to family forever tomorrow. Kartik plays with kids. He says strange, no one is doing anything for my birthday, did they plan or forget everything. Suwarna wishes Shubham behaves well with Kartik. Manish says I wish our prayers got answered. Naira says this will be answered, everything will be fine. Shubham comes and asks shall I join you in the game. They all get surprised. Kartik says yes. They play. Suwarna cries happily. Akhilesh says they look so happy. Kartik asks Akhilesh and Manish to come and play. Manish says why not. They join. Naira sees Shubham. He signs. She smiles. Kartik smiles seeing her. Naira wishes everything gets fine.

Kartik gets the birthday surprise. Shubham hugs and wishes Kartik.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Looks really subhan really gonna die…poor guy? had tragedy from his beginning to his end. Don’t know what is the need the make him so miserable, no character other than kaira sorry naira is allowed to be happy or appreciated…please cv spare him he already went through a lot, naksh, kerti, gayu, mishti’s pain were ignored but let at least one character get the attention & happiness he deserves …?

  2. Common guys blame naira as she is applying for higher studies. .

    1. ??????????? don’t miss it dear, it comes just relax coz I don’t wanted your blood to get higher pressure. by the way does your naira even got any education as long as i know she never was ??? maybe there is another naira who got higher standard educations but sadly the one I know, she graduated how to be noisy ?

  3. So it’s confirmed that shubham is going to die, so sorry for him, they never shown anything good about his character, they always make fun for his role, go to hell the cv’s, they’re killing shubham to make naira got blamed by goenka family and separation yet again and their stupidity milan continues. No keesh scenes today and I’m glad haven’t watched the episode yet but reading the updates is big task for me. Such boring episode it was, only one person is masterminded and solving on other people’s mistakes , even her so called husband is nothing to do for what she doing, except romance and run behind her, that’s what all he knows. Such as waste of sperm he is.

    1. I agree to you.kaira fans are saying kaira is the lead but karthik is the worst brother ever shown on also he is worried about just naira. not a single time they give respect to many times kaira will hide things from each other

  4. Dishani01

    Nadia dear.. thank you somuch ???
    I’ll continue until shubam died..

    i never seen serial before subham enter and not know about any scene .. when i search about ishqbaaz spoiler i learn about subham fack suicide drama for suhana so i decided to watch
    one episode that time i feel good to warch shubam scene so i search previous episodes and find this character like poor one..
    he is in unlucky .. he is like kid who want to life peaceful with joyfull.. he never got anything .. his mom leave him.. his dad never know his birth.. he work as servent in his own house everyone scold him… he feel for his low study his birth .. he want to prove his talent but can’t .. he wants love that’s why he love shuhana.. he think she will love him truly but unfortunately she cheat him like his mom leave him for his husband then why she give birth to him.. if she concerned to her family then why her give birth to him..
    he cheated by his life’s important two relationship his mom his love then what will happen to his life it turn as hell to him.. everyone prises naira to show shuhana nut no one go behind subhum to console him .. if he got accident because of dipresstion. nobody think about that.. that why he again cheated by his friend. his another important relationship .. he addicted by drugs because of kabeer who he considered as friend .. what he is not suitable for that great word…

    he don’t considered by family
    he don’t have friends to share..
    he cheated by loving one..

    what a painful life have him.. why the build this character like this.. they show him like charming cute but now turn as poor …
    this actor also make good acting like reality then why they spoil this character .. i don’t know their problem what make them do like this but i feel bad for this character and also miss his face and acting and character after shuban death…???

    Ok … stop my nonsense tall..
    this is drama but my mind will never considered like that if it happened to my favorite one.. favorite is favorite in everything.

    bye lovely guys….??

  5. SHUBHAM is not going to die.PLEASE can you tell me where did you guys read that stupid spoiler.I just want to read it with my own eye.If anyone knows tell me

  6. Dishani01

    i got mistakes in my typing by excited sorry to who straggled by my mistakes …
    and one thing shubam is example for the child who never considered by family and never speak with parents until he got them that why his life spoiled by out sider.. he wants love so he cheated by shuhana if they love him much him want then it’ll never happened .. next he cheated by kapeer because he want console to keeling his wound made by shuhana.. nobody come to him or speak that by he addicted by drugs .. they believe other person like kapeer. shuhana to keep their own children problem solving ..
    that’s the reason why children spoiled first we should make our children speak their problem with their family and give confidence to this to them.. everyone talk we support shubam but nobody talked to him directly only look after him when he sleep or in distance .. naira also never speak to him only knock his door two time.. if he never fall before her car then she’ll never now his addiction .. after that also she never admit him to hospital .. speaking is not solutions for drug addiction poor subham he again got pressure by this promise .. this story make me talk much about subham its need for me too also relive my midn☺

    1. You are absolutely right dishani.without giving him a good life of understanding and love they are just killing his character.everyone is equally responsible even after suhanas bitter truth no one ever speak to him the way it needed bcoz CVs just want to show kaira only.naira got a chance to inform everyone about addiction at least kaarthik ,she doesn’t need to hide from I think it’s going to be biggest fight and biggest Milan in future.they have lots of chance to explore any character rather than say naira will handle.without exploring any character including some normal issues of kaira they are just going for the leap but why I don’t understand.

  7. Today’s episode was really nice.We got the old shubam.He is now getting better.He is again being cheerful ,joyful and playful.Uff his smile OMG.So sweet LUV youShubham???????

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