Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik in dilemma

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi saying Kartik has made this a drama, he has left Vedika for that stranger woman and kid, I m going to him. She leaves. Kartik asks Naira where did she go, did she lose her memory, this happened before, I m sorry, how did you spend five years. Liza comes. He says she is my wife Naira, she is alive, I got her in the room where Kairav’s mom… He gets shocked and thinks of Naira’s death. Naira opens her eyes and sees Kartik.

Chukar gai….plays…. Naira cries seeing him. He says you were alive, why didn’t you come back, for five years, why didn’t you tell anyone, I died and cursed myself every day, I felt guilty for your death, it was all a lie, clot wasn’t the reason, your memory didn’t go, you are fine. He stumbles. Liza says Kartik… He stops her and goes. Naira says Liza, I have seen and touched Kartik, I was afraid of this moment, you had seen it, my Kartik was here. Liza says I told you, everything will get fine through Kairav. Devyaani says Kartik didn’t do this right, its wrong to leave like this. Bhabhimaa says he didn’t listen to Dadi. She sees Vedika. Kartik recalls inspector’s words. Akhilesh says inspector has tried to find her, she is dead, she would have come to meet us if she was alive. He hugs Kartik. Kartik says my Naira left me. FB ends. He thinks of Kairav and Aditya’s words. He visualizes their could be happy times together. He cries.

A man shouts Pooja and cries. Kartik recalls crying for Naira. He asks why are you crying, your wife isn’t dead, she is alive, she will come back after five years. The man says get away you mad guy. Kartik says she is alive, I also felt that my wife is dead, but she came back with child, my son Kairav, he is so lovely, he is my own son, I left marriage mandap and came for me, my son stayed away for five years, but now he will stay with me, nothing will happen to him, his heart… nothing will happen. He shouts continuously. Nurse asks him to come with her. Naira says I m coming Kartik. She looks for him. Liza asks her to be careful.

Naira says I have to talk to Kartik, i realized how wrong I did, I should accept my mistake, I have hurt him a lot. Liza says you said he has hurt you. Naira says maybe I don’t forgive him ever, but I did wrong with him and Kairav, Kairav just wants his dad, I took a big step in anger, I thought if Kartik asks me anything wrong about my baby, I won’t be able to tolerate, today I have no right as I did much wrong. She cries and says no mum would do this, I should say sorry to Kartik. Dadi says I won’t stop you, Kartik isn’t answering. Manish says we will come with you. They all leave.

Naira hears Kartik’s voice. Doctor asks Kartik to calm down. Naira sees him in OPD. Doctor checks Kartik’s BP. She says his BP is very high. Naira cries and says I m sorry, I m responsible for this state. Kartik removes the drip and goes out. Naira sees the blood drops on the floor. Nurse says Pallavi and senior surgeon are waiting, Sanjivani doctors Juhi and Sid have also come, they want to talk to you, please come. Kairav thinks when will mum and dad come, I m waiting since long, I will go and see. He goes out.

Kartik says Kairav is my son, my own blood. Manish asks then who is her mum. Naira comes. Everyone is shocked. Bhabhimaa slaps her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Devyani bhabhimaa should care for their own family , devyani go help your granddaughter mishti.why you guys care fo vedika, she is a stranger.

    1. Since Akshara and Naitik are not present, Devyaani and Bhabimaa represent the parents of Naira who have every right to punish and correct her mistakes because when children do wrong it is always the parents’upbringing which is questioned and that is why Bhabimaa gave the tight slap on Naira’s face because she is at fault,,,and Bhabimaa has the first complete right to do that
      Finally, Naira accepted her mistake thank god!!!!??✌ And this the first timei could see where the writers have not made a devi out of Naira(who is so sacrificial and always does the right thing) but a simple human being who did a mistake and accepted it!!!
      Seriously Naira ran away all because she thought that her child’s fatherhood will be questioned,,,,really I feel the main character Naira is dumb about the value of relationships in a show focusing on relations????,,,doesn’t a relation between husband and wife also mean when problems occur between them,,,they should talk and sort it out,,,here instead of doing that this madam just ran away,,,,then wat about other family relations,,,wouldn’t they have helped Naira if they had that she was in such a difficult…..Without doing any of this Naira just ran away,,,wat the hell??? Her action is totally unjustifiable and she the one responsible for all the messy situation in the whole family and she is also responsible for the pathetic state of Vedika???
      Wat wrong Devyani say if though Vedika is not related to her,,,,it is not easy for any girl to go through the pain of a marriage getting broken right on the marriage day???

      All this is happening only because of Naira’s selfishness

  2. Sure, that is true. Devyani should go make an appearance in Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Keh, by making Mishti stay with her real Dadi, until Kuhu is married, or something like that,

  3. Totally agree with u liza..i feel pity for vedika..naira is just disgusting..

  4. Ji nhi niara is not disgusting kartik is disgusting kuki kartik ne uske pyar pr sak kiya tha or niara se vo betuka one night spend kasawal kiya tha jabki niara to use khuskabri dene wali thi us din kuki vo mum or papa ban ne wale the pr kartik jisse niara itna pyar karti h usne us hi ke pyar pr sak kiya jis pr bit ti hai vhi Jan pata hai ki kesa lage jab jab apna hi husband apni wife pr sak kare jis se itna pyar karo or har bar hr bat pr hi niara ko hi galat mana jata h cha he kesi bhi situation ho or kartik ki dadi to bhut hi buri h

  5. Ji nhi niara galat nhi galat to kartik tha ku kartik ke pas to uska purI family thi or niara ke pas kiarav ke alava koi bhi nhi tha or ab bhi kartik or uski dadi or papa to use hi galat khete rhege jabki galti kartik ki jyada thi niara ki galti sirf itni thi use apne bhai ko batana chahiye tha or apni family bhabima devyani ko use

    1. guys you are not seeing the reality of the situation Naira is really disgusting as because of her selfishness only her loved ones are suffering including Karthik, Kairav, her whole family and even poor Vedika,,,,and don’t say she was alone it was her decision to saty alone and away from the family. Moreover if Karthik had asked that question, hasn’t he also done so many things before including swapping his own sister’s child,,,so it was Naira fault that she never tried to sort out the problems rather made the situation worse due to her selfish decision

  6. I think put an end to Yeh Rishta – Naira is pathetic – always crying – why are you crying. You made the decision to run then stay by it. Yeh Rishta don’t have a story now – its about time they finished the long dragged drama.



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