Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Naksh and Kirti get engaged

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the man defending Aditya. Aditya says they did not know anything, we have an old relation, sorry if there is any problem in your function, I really wish you guys well. He asks the man to clear the mess soon and make sure nothing goes wrong. He goes. Everyone looks on. Aditya sees himself in mirror and says this also added in my revenge list, Naira and Kartik see what I do. Naksh gives water to Kirti. Naitik says we can still make this day memorable. Naira agrees. Dadi says there is just one min left for mahurat, get rings. Suwarna says maybe rings are there where the things fell down. Dadi says I asked Naira to manage, find rings else engagement can’t happen. Everyone tries finding room. Dadi says where is the ring, Naira promised nothing wrong will happen, mahurat will end. Kartik asks can’t we do rasam with other rings. Dadi says no. Naira sees the thread in puja plate. Dadi says just 30 secs are left. Naira gets the thread and says what can be more pure than Mauli, mahurat is passing, hurry up. She gives thread to Naksh and Kirti. Kartik says Naira is right, hurry up.

Naksh and Kirti tie the thread to each other within mahurat time. Everyone claps. Kartik says engagement happened in right mahurat. Naira says gold, silver and pearls make jewelry beautiful, not relation, they can give ring to each other anytime, but this is special. Dadi nods. Kartik congratulates and hugs Naksh. Naira hugs Kirti. She says sorry. Naksh asks are you mad. Kirti says we had unique engagement because of you, why sorry. Suwarna says yes, when next shubh mahurat comes, they will exchange rings. Naksh says yes, we will also get two chances to exchange rings like you. They all smile. Dadi blesses them. Kartik says there is nothing you can’t do. Naira says not me, love can do everything.

Dadi passes sweets. Everyone dines. Baisa says my family has no sense to understand clever people, they don’t say anything, Aditya spoiled everything. Rukmani says we can just ignore Kirti’s life. Baisa says Naksh gets upset again and again. Rukmani says memories affect second marriage, so such women’s shuddi karan is done, we have rituals too, puja will have good affect on them. Devyaani asks Dadi not to get sad, everything went well. Bau ji says yes, everything got fine. Dadi apologizes to them and thanks them for support. Bau ji says we shall leave now, we will meet again. Naksh stops. He asks Kirtito promise her, she will just give good memories a place in her heart, don’t take stress of anything. She says promise. Singhanias leave. Akhilesh asks where did Kartik go. Suwarna says he went to drop them. Dadi says he does the limit. Naira worries.

Manish says no Naira, its okay. Dadi says no need t call him. Akhilesh says we are with you, let him come, we will see him. Surekha asks Kirti to keep her jewelry in box. They all go.

At Singhania house, Bhabhimaa and Baisa have a talk. Devyaani comes and says none can understand this more than me, I also got married twice, I had bitter memories of first marriage, but everyone gave me respect here, if my family got hesitant to accept me, this would have affected my husband’s peace and happiness too. Bhabhimaa agrees with her and saysthe more we raise questions on Kirti, we will insult Naksh’s love, we should not talk such Baisa. They go. Baisa says giving lecture is easy, but tough to live.

Naira cries and says why did you go, I m missing you so much. She sees her bracelet on bed and looks around. Kartik comes to her. She says why are you teasing me. He hugs her and says I don’t like making you cry. She says but you made me cry. He says sorry. She says I miss you a lot, I can fight with you when you are here, I can’t live without you, don’t go again. He asks can I live happily without you, I can’t. She asks will you go your Sasural now. He says we will go together, do the work and come back. They hug.

Baisa and Rukmani talk. Rukmani asks her to do as she told her. Baisa says none should know about shuddi karan. Rukmani says they don’t agree to me. Baisa says I have to get Kirti’s shuddi karan for Naksh’s sake. Naksh comes and says you did limit, will you tell me what’s going on. Baisa worries. Naksh says doctor said you have to sleep early, you did not had medicine. He asks Rukmani and Baisa to go and sleep. Rukmani asks Baisa to think again. Baisa says I m ready to do anything for Naksh’s happiness. Naksh takes the charger. He gets Kirti’s message. She sends the pic and writes don’t know when mum captured this moment, I m thinking to make it a wallpaper. He gets thinking and holds phone. Heart kissing smiley goes. Kirti smiles seeing it. Naksh sees the smiley sent by him and says oh no…..

Baisa and Rukmani act and get everyone’s attention. Rukmani says Baisa wants to keep a puja for Naksh and Kirti’s happiness, she thought you all will not agree, she wants to keep Nirjal fasts. Baisa says I spoke to someone and they said Naksh’s life will get troubles and sorrow. Naksh says I don’t believe in all this, fine do the puja, don’t keep fasts. Baisa says Naksh and Kirti have to sit in puja. Naksh says fine, I will tell them about it, I m going Krishna, I will drop you.

Dadi says we have less time and much work. Kartik comes downstairs. Everyone gets surprised. He sits to dine. Kids joke Kartik came like thief at night. Akhilesh asks did kachoris stop there. Manish says they are decent people, maybe they showed whatever is happening is wrong.

Manish and Kartik argue. They hear Kirti crying and see her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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