Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Goenkas get confused

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshu thinking of Abhimanyu and getting sad. Abhimanyu comes to Manjiri. He hugs her. He sees her making a lots of food. She says I have to call your Sasural, Laxmi will come home before Diwali. He asks her to make methi dana laddoos in shagun. She asks why. He says actually… Mahima comes and says we will handle the shagun, you have to take over my surgery, I have back pain, I will send you the details, its urgent. He says its okay, I will handle everything. He goes.

He sees the methi dana and smiles. Mahima asks Manjiri to keep the bhog fast. Aarohi says I will light the diya in the temple and thank. Akhilesh says Aarohi is so happy for Akshu, she loves her a lot. Manish says yes, like her mannat is fulfilled, I wish they stay happy. Akshu worries. Kairav sees her and asks are you fine. She asks him to come, something is wrong. They go. Suwarna says Manjiri has messaged, her phone was not working, she wants to talk. Vansh jokes. Suwarna says I wish everything happens good. Aarohi prays and lights a diya. She says I didn’t think I will have a relation with Abhimanyu and Birlas. Kairav asks what happened. Akshu says Aarohi thinks Abhimanyu loves her and got the alliance for her. He asks what, your marriage talks were going on, Abhimanyu came home and I understood he came for you. She says yes, but what about Aarohi, I have seen her happy for the first time, she got away from me after Sirat’s accident, I don’t want to lose her, if she knows the truth, then what will she think, she likes him. She asks Kairav how shall I tell her the truth.

Abhimanyu gets ready for the surgery. He types a message for Akshu… I wanted to tell you first, but I know your family is imp, so I met them to take their permission. Nurse comes and asks him to come fast to see the patient. The message isn’t sent. Kairav says we will talk to elders. Akshu says I didn’t know Aarohi likes Abhimanyu. He says I know, come. They see Manjiri talking to Suwarna and everyone. Suwarna says your son is good-valued. Manjiri says thanks, we can do the tilak tomorrow evening. Dadi says yes, its done. Manjiri says I kept bhog to Kanha, relation is fixed. Dadi asks her to write the names in the betel leaves and keep it. Manjiri says I have already done that, see. They see Abhimanyu and Aarohi’s names written. Manjiri says I m so happy, they both are doctors, Abhi showed me Aarohi on video call during the trip, I m happy, they both are working together now, I will end the call now, else I may cry emotionally for Abhimanyu. She ends the call. Abhimanyu is in the surgery. He says we have to keep trying, we can’t control the end result, we have to accept the result. Suwarna says why did Manjiri write Aarohi’s name. Kairav says Aarohi also thinks that Abhimanyu got the proposal for her, not Akshu, she thinks he loves her. Manish asks how can this big confusion happen. Suwarna says I didn’t mention the name that time, we thought its for Akshu, Akshu is elder. Manish says its too much carelessness, you didn’t tell the girl’s name, this way is totally wrong. Vansh says Neil asked me for Aarohi’s number. Dadi says Manjiri said Abhi made her talk to Aarohi. Vansh asks what will we do now. Kairav says we should talk to Aarohi, why she thinks this relation came for her. Aarohi comes.

She asks what to clear, tell me, what happened. Kairav says Manjiri called. Aarohi says she is lovely, Abhi made me talk to her, I understood that day itself, he has some feelings for me, sorry I didn’t tell you, it was not sure, after coming from trip, when he messaged me and sent pics, I was sure that he is serious about me, we are doctors, we love our work, Harsh likes me as a doctor and as a bahu, Abhi called me and said he wants to talk to elders, I didn’t think he will talk about alliance, how do you like him, he is modern and Sanskari, sorry to talk so much. She hugs Akshu. She says I m so happy, do you have any problem, you are elder and my marriage is happening first. Akshu smiles.

Aarohi asks them to say something, are they not happy. Akshu says they are so happy, I m much happy, you got the groom of your choice, go and hug everyone. Aarohi hugs them. Akshu says I will get a dress for you. She goes crying.

Akshu hugs Aarohi and smiles. They go downstairs. Aarohi forwards her hand for engagement. Abhimanyu says I love Akshara, not Aarohi.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Silent Reader

    They should’ve just told Aarohi and talked to Manjiri instead of unnecessarily dragging it. This way, she’ll just get more poison in her heart since being refuted later is more embarrassing. It’s not like he can get her married to Abhi if he doesn’t like her…

    1. yeah but according to the goenkas family wants aarohi, they also think abhi loves arohi and arohi loves him then they should just go ahead right i mean it is a good rishta and all and as manish said it’s embarrassing for them that they didn’t even mention the name once and thus caused the misunderstanding

  2. yaa but i am thinking what will happen in Monday episode what wanna happen
    hi Silent Reader

    1. Sunday there is mahaepisode of yrkkh

  3. Annusha Singh

    Feel bad for Aarohi… how she could incorrect conception about Dr. Abhimanyu Birla….
    Lets see what the next, what do akashra after knowing Abhi loves her not aarohi.

  4. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Like I said before…. Akshu needs to stop pacifying Aarohi else that hatred will only continue to grow whenever she does not get her way
    …..makes me wonder if the girls even told their family ‘exactly’ what caused Sirat to fall down the steps that day….and if maybe, it was kept as a pact amongst the sisters…or something like that 🙄 idk…because Akshu just keeps giving Aarohi all rights….and not allowing herself anything at all 🤔 I also remember what Sirat told Akshu about being elder and taking care of Aarohi…but this is totally waay too much now…. smh
    Kairav seems to be the only one who can really control that bratty Aarohi….as he does not put up with her tantrums….so I hope he eventually speaks up for Akshu…. altho even this Aarohi might use to emotionally blackmail them🙄….saying that they are the first Goenka heirs….and that she is being shunned, just like her grandma Sheila 🙄😒

  5. But even if Akshara refuses to marry Arohi, can they force Abhimanyu to marry Arohi. I hope not even if it is reel. Otherwise, this will be another BS serial. I had stopped watching because I was tired of the unrealistic drama. I hope the maha episode clears all this and Akshara doesn’t give up Abhi for Arohi. She needs to grow a spine. Meanwhile the actress portraying Akshu has a beautiful smile.

  6. I think Arohi will try to marry abhi by blackmailing either akshara or abhi…..

    1. She can blackmail Akshara but not Abhi because he truly doesn’t love and I don’t think he will agree to marry Arohi under any circumstances but it Starplus so anything can happen!

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