Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik changes his decision

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik asking Kittu is Naitik feeling better now. She says yes, Naira is taking care of him. He feels sad. Its morning, Naitik says I m not sick, don’t look after me so much. Naira asks him to have fresh air, and not refuse for breakfast. Kartik jogs in compound and sees them. Naitik asks are you not going to college. Naira says I will go once you get fine. He asks her to go. She says only if you promise to take care. He says I will, you also take care, is everything fine there. Naira syas I go there to study, that’s my only concern. Chitti says this has come for you. She says chia seeds and lemonade. Chitti says restaurant has sent this order. She says maybe doctor uncle has sent it, have it, its good for your health. Kartik pays the man. He sees Naitik and


Akhilesh says I m still trying. Surekha says we have no clue, she never informs us and we worry for her. Suwarna says she might have gone to ashram. Surekha says this happened because of you, I knew you all will be hurt, but this is the truth, if that didn’t happen that day, would Dadi go away from all of us. Kartik sees Naira and says you can come to the class, I know your dad was unwell. She says its okay, you always believe mistake is a mistake, whatever be the reason. He asks her to listen. She says no, I don’t want you to change any rules for me. He says this is your problem, you show attitude. She says no use to talk. She goes. Dean talks to Mrs. Goenka and says yes, on the day of freshers party, students will be busy, so staff and faculty can give us time. The man says our seniors are throwing a freshers party for us. The students get glad. Kunal checks the list and says no way, I won’t dance with aunty ji.

They ask him to dance with Naira, they have to do what seniors have asked them. Kunal says fine, I will dance with Naira. Kartik looks on and goes. Naira says I won’t dance. Kunal says I m not interested to dance with you, I m Kunal, you can’t say no to me. She refuses again. He gets angry and stares at her. He says you made fun of me, wait and watch what I do with you. Kartik comes to class and sees the dance round list. He sees Naira and Kunal’s name. Naira sees the dance rehearsals going on. She cries and sees her injured leg. She avoids a call and goes to have water. Kunal sees her phone. He says lets see who has sent a message, maybe I find something interesting. He reads a message…. I know you don’t like to talk, but either of husband and wife has to take an initiative. He says wow, she is a married woman, I can’t wait to settle scores with her in the freshers’ party.

He keeps the phone. Kartik comes and sees them. He goes. Dean says its burning hot day. Kartik says a lot, what. Dean says it felt comfortable when it rained a day, now it seems the city is like a furnace, we can’t even help it. Kartik says yes, we can avoid it. Dean asks do you mean the city, how. Kartik says I mean, you can visit the hill station. He goes. Kirti asks Naira about the college. Naira says its fine. Kirti sees Kartik in background. Naira asks how is life. Kirti says good. Naira says I miss you a lot, Naksh and you come here for some days. Kirti says we will plan soon, you have freshers party, that’s great. Naira says some seniors planned, sorry, I will call you tomorrow.

Kirti ends call and says Kartik and Naira are there, why didn’t they give any good news, I have to do something. Suwarna says Dadi messaged and said she is fine, I asked her where is she and she didn’t reply. Surekha says its the limit. Manish says its fine if she has informed us that she is fine, we should trust her, she is responsible. Surekha says she is stubborn, she left without thinking that she is needed more here. Naira says I should go home. Tanvi says classes got over, sit here. Dean says you should attend the freshers party. Kartik says no, after all its students party. Kunal asks Naira did she decide anything, the party would be great fun.

Kartik looks on. Kunal says Naira and I are going to dance tomorrow. Dean says fine, I won’t force you, you are the trustee, you know better. Kartik says I will surely come, students will be under control if there is anyone from staff. Tushar asks Kunal for a competition. Kunal says you forgot your last defeat, everyone is regarding himself cool these days, new professor acts as cool dude. Kartik hears him and comes. He says Tushar, if you don’t mind, I will arm wrestle with Kunal today. Kunal says you are a professor. Kartik says you are an expert in arm wrestling, we shall have a competition. Kunal overpowers Kartik. Naira worries seeing Kartik losing. Kartik sees Naira. Everyone cheers for Kartik.

Naira refuses to dance. Kunal says you will dance with me, else I will tell everyone that you are married. He tells his friends that he will make Naira dance on his fingers.

Update Credit to: Amena

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