Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara telling Naitik that she is trying to convince Naksh. Naksh comes to her and says you are playing baby games. She makes blocks and writes join football team. She tries to convince him. Naksh gets angry and says I said I don’t want to play. Naitik comes and says the reason is you are 13th player. Naksh says don’t know. Naitik says if I force you. Naksh says never, I won’t get a chance to play, the team does not need me. Naitik tries to explain him that extra player is also important. Akshara breaks the building and says I took off one block and it fell. Naitik explains him that team is incomplete without any player.

She says 13th player is important and he is there to help his friends. Naitik says anything can happen in the game, Akshara got hurt in the cricket match and then she made us win. Naksh says no, I won’t play, as I will be 13th player, don’t force me. He lies down to sleep. Its morning, Ruhaan waits for Naksh. The trainer says we have send names.

Naksh comes there with Akshara. Ruhaan gets glad seeing him. He smiles and goes to him. Ruhaan shows him some great moves and Naksh looks at him. Akshara asks him to go and play. Ruhaan passes the ball to Naksh. Naksh also shows his skills. Akshara looks on. Naksh makes a goal. Akshara smiles. Ruhaan talks to Naksh and says play to win, the good player does not fail. He says I saw you first day and wanted to tell you not to be angry on the ball, be its friend so that it goes where you want to.

Ruhaan says welcome back. Naksh says you are my fav. Ruhaan laughs. Naksh goes for the classes. Akshara thanks Ruhaan and says I spoke to his doctor, he said we have to take care of him. He says yes, then take care. He will keep his illness out of the ground. She says he needs a break in every 10mins. He says you will feel bad if I start telling you how to treat him, the practice will start tomorrow.

Bhabhimaa and Devyaani come in the kitchen and see Chitti cooking. Devyaani asks did you make food in coconut oil. He says yes, try it, you will like it. Bhabhimaa says no one likes it. Bhabhimaa sees the rotis and they ask what is this, so thin. He says I made it. Bhabhimaa explains him to use fresh flour. He says then what will this big fridge do. Bhabhimaa says what to do about him now. Akshara comes to office and hugs Naitik happily. He asks what happened to you.

She says Naksh got in the team, Ruhaan is supporting Naksh a lot. She tells him everything what happened at the ground. Naitik feels happy for Naksh. She says but Ruhaan is very strict, I think I should go with Naksh daily. He says I m unable to do anything, you are doing everything, and manged to win over all the fears. Rajshri and Varsha talk to Kaki about akshara taking a decision to make Nakksh play football. They get worried about Naksh’s health. Akshara calls Rajshri and says Naksh is fine.

Rajshri asks her not to make Naksh play football. She scolds her for not taking their advice. Akshara asks her not to worry. Ruhaan coaches the kids. The other kids laugh on Naksh knowing he is extra player. Naksh feels bad. Ruhaan comes to defend him. He says Naksh joined our team, lets welcome him. He asks them to warm up. He asks Naksh to do his exercises and focus on his physical fitness. He trains Naksh on increasing Stamina.

Akshara tells Bhabhimaa that Ruhaan knows everything and praises him. Bhabhimaa says Devyaani we told him, but I m unable to eat this food. Yash comes to Naksh and asks why are you not playing. Naksh says Sir has asked me to warm up. Naksh says Sir is strict so I m afraid of him. Ruhaan asks him to exercise and asks Yash to leave. Ruhaan asks everyone to go to their classes. Akshara asks Chitti to ask Bhabhimaa before making anything. Chitti says why should I ask, I know making food. She says but we can’t eat what you are making. He says fine, I will make what you say.

Naksh comes home and says I did not practice today. She says it will start tomorrow. Naksh says everyone teased me. She says you can do everything, be strong willed. Naksh smiles. Omi says what Akshara is doing is right, we should support her. Vishwamber says like Naksh needs his parents, Akshara needs us. Bau ji tastes food and asks whats this. Devyaani says I did not make it, Chitti made it. Akshara asks shall I make anything for you. Bau ji says no, I hope Chitti makes something good.

Chitti comes and Naksh talks to him. Everyone laugh seeing them. Akshara says Naksh’s smile is back as he is back to football. Naksh asks Akshara will Papa come late. She says yes, he has much work in office. Naitik comes and asks what do you want to tell me. Naksh says I will tell you, but not infront of mum. Naitik asks what gift do you want, as you got selected in the team. He gives him a gift. Naksh is happy to get a cool wrist band and thanks him. Akshara smiles. Naitik says my best wishes are always with him. Naksh says thanks Papa, I love you. Naitik gifts a band to Akshara and makes her wear it. They smile.

The kids talk ill about Naksh. Naksh and Akshara hears this and feel sad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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