Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th June 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akshara and other women drying their mahendi. Akshara tells this time, we should give the credit to Chikki, Duggu and Naitik. Akshara says Naksh slept and Chikki is studying. Maa says she is feeling sleepy and will go and sleep. She asks Akshara to go and rest. She says yes five minutes more. Naitik comes to Akshara and smiles. Akshara asks him what, he gives her signs saying I love you. She smiles. Naitik goes close to her and holds her hands. He kisses her hands. A sweet music plays in background. Akshara says statue and Naitik freezes. Akshara’s clothes gets stucked and she pulls her saree and leaves signing bye to Naitik. They share a romantic moment, piya bawaari song plays..
Naitik runs after her.

Ananya is showing her mahendi to her Dadi. Varsha says her mahendi is dark. Ananya asks if you love me, the mahendi will be dark, Ananya jokes. Bauji says everyone love you Ananya. Dadi says sometimes some distance is important.

Chikki talks to her friend, who says you should have found out about the chat friend. She shows the messages. Chikki says she would have knew who is it. A guy hears all this and says we will meet today. He is the Sir of Chikki and everyone. He gives a book to Chikki, she thanks him. Chikki says he is so sweet.

Naksh asks Maa what is fanaa, bekarar, mohabbat, etc. Bhabhi asks where did you hear it. He says a guy gave a letter to some didi, and we read it. A guy gave chocs to us for giving the letter. Maa says this is not right. You should not do like this. Naksh says he has helped them. Maa says help, but not like this. A phone rings, Naksh says it might be from my friend Yash. Maa says today’d generation is fast forward, and how to save Chikki from this.

Scene shifts to Chikki:

Chikki’s Sir is teaching them, and he stares at Chikki. He sends her msg, Chikki replies him. She tells her friend Neha that someone asked me to come and meet. He asks everyone to go to canteen and enjoy as he has some work. Chikki sends him msg that she can meet him, he msgs her to come and meet him.

Scene shifts to Akshara:

Naitik and Akshara share a light moment, where she says she has made his fav food with love, and she wants him to drive the car slowly, he says anything else. She says yes, I miss you. He says I thought you will say me I love you. Akshara says is there a need to tell you this. Naitik says shall I send the car for Chikki, and Chikki was praising his sir Ankit.

Chikki comes to the canteen and she gets a msg from Ankit.

Akshara says she met Ankit in mandir and in market, she says he stares at Chikki. Naitik says maybe you are right. He says is there anything from Chikki’s side, she says no. Naitik says Chikki is very smart. Akshara says she is worried about Chikki. Naitik says we are with her, to show her the right way.

Scene shifts to Chikki:

Chikki meets Ankit in the canteen and he asks her are you waiting for someone, she says no. He says chatroom friend, and she asks how do you know. He says I m the one. Chikki is shocked. He smiles. Chikki says Sir, you are the one. Chikki asks him why did not you tell me, you were acting like a girl. He says I did not knew I was talking to you, and my sister used to chat with you earlier. Chikki says did you read all mesgs, he says yes, I did not know I m cute and cool. Chikki starts leaving. He says its ok, chill. She goes away.

Scene shifts to Akshara:

Naksh is upto some mischief. Akshara is doing some household work. Naksh scares Akshara and Maa. Maa says go out and play. He says I m feeling hot. Girja comes and says she came to come that we will not get water for two days. Bhabhi maa says we should save water. Maa asks Girja to fill the kitchen vessels. Akshara says we cannot use much water. Naskh says I want a pool of water, and Akshara scolds him.

Scene shifts to Chikki:

Chikki comes back to her class and says I was chatting with Ankit Sir. She says how will I face him. Neha asks who was it. Chikki says I don’t know. No one came. Neha says thats strange.
Ankit asks Chikki did you solve the problem. Chikki says yes, and gets nervous. He says I will teach you, don’t be nervous. Neha says he is sweet but he gives importance only to you, why.

Scene shifts to Akshara:

Naksh is playing is his room, and Akshara comes to him, she asks are you angry. He says yes, a lot. She says sorry. Naksh says he wants pool. Akshara says I will tell you a story of mama, and papa. She tells we shifted to another home earlier. He asks why. She thinks of it and says this house was getting painted. She says where we went, we went out of water, and we used to save water and came to know about the value of water. There is no life without water. Naksh says yes. She says should we waste water. He says no, and says sorry, I will not waste water. Akshara kisses him.

Naitik calls a tanker and everyone fills water.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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