Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th January 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rashmi getting worried as she isn’t getting any pain. Akshara says to Rama lets go and ask the nurse if there is any room free. They leave. Naitik sits by Rashmi and says I’ll tell you a story to help you go to sleep. He starts telling a story. Rama and Akshara comes and laughs.

At home, Biasa is cries and says I made a mistake by not letting Akshara to take Duggu to the doctor. She says I’ll say sorry to her and tell her to take Duggu to the doctor. Rajbanna agrees.

At hospital Naitik is getting bored. Akshara asks what happend. He says all the magazine in there is only for ladies there should be some for the gents as well. Akshara laughs. Rama ask Rashmi why didn’t she take the bracelet off. Rashmi says it was given by Nikhil and he said if he doesn’t come in this time then see the bracelet and think he is here. Nikhil calls. Rashmi talks to him. Rama tells Akshara she will be back soon and leaves. Akshara sees Naitik feeling upset. She says don’t feel guilty regarding the old thing. There was no fault of yours. Naitik says you women are so strong compare to us. Even Rashmi who gets scared of every little thing is baring the pain with so much currage for so long. He says, we are with Rashmi but still she is missing Nikhil so now I can understand how you felt. Wish I was there with you. Akshara says you are always with me. Rama comes back and sees everyone is feeling sleepy. She says everyone is feeling sleepy so lets take turns and have a sleep for a while. Akshara tells her to go and take rest first. Rama says I’m not feeling sleepy. She insists Naksh to go. Naitik says okay but if you need anything make sure you call us.

At home, Rajbanna tells Baisa to go to sleep for a while as she has been sitting next to Duggu for so long. Baisa says no, what if Duggu wakes up. She asks about Rashmi. Bhabhimaa says there is still time.

At hospital, Naksh is in sleep. Akshara wakes up and sees Rashmi isn’t in her bed neither Rama. Akshara calls Naitik and says they are not here maybe Rama took her to OT. Naksh runs out to check. They see Rama carrying a baby. They think it’s Rashmi. They get excited and says why didn’t you call us. Rama makes them fool and says I thought you guys are sleeping so didn’t disturbed you. Naitik says congratulations. Akshara asks is it boy or a girl. Rama says it’s a boy. Rashmi comes.. Naitik says your son looks exactly like you Rashmi says my son? Naksh looks at Rashmi and gets shocked. Rama laughs and says sorry I was joaking. She tells Rashmi what heppend. Rashmi laughs. Naksh feels embarrasse.

It’s morning. The nurse comes and says doctor is coming to do an check up. Akshara calls Rashmi and tells her to wake up. Doctor comes and does the check up. He says there is still time. Rashmi ask why is it taking so long. Doctor says it happens. Rashmi asks can I eat something as I’m hungry. Doctor says of course you can. Akshara asks her what is she gonna have. Rashmi says something spicy. Rama says I know what she want I’ll go home and get it. Akshara says no you stay, I’ll go and get it. She tells Naitik to stay with Rashmi as well. Akshara leaves.

Few hours past. Rashmi is talking to Nikhil. He talks to Rama. Naitik teases Rashmi. Rama puts the phone down and says I need to go home as Nikhil need some documents. Rashmi says go and do that. Rama tells Rashmi not to worry. she says if you need anything just call me. I’ll come quick as I can. Naitik tells her not to worry as he is there.

At m’s, Varsha inform Rajshri about Rashmi. All the mens are doing some office work. They get disturbed by the noise ladies making. Vishambar shouts and tell them go work quietly. The ladies makes more noise on purpose

At ss, Duggu is insisting to go to the hospital. Bhabhimaa says baby isn’t here yet. He says why is the baby taking so long. Biasa asks Rajbanna about Akshara. He says she should be coming soon. She says I need to apologise to her. Rajbanna says whatever happend it wasn’t your fault. Baisa says it was my fault. What would’ve happend if something happened to him. Akshara comes and hear this. She says what would’ve happend… everyone is shocked.
At hospital Naitik tells Rashmi how he used to get jealous of her. Rashmi says I felt same when Duggu was born as he was talking my place. Naitik says he will feel jealous of the new baby now. They talk about Gayatri. Naitik says i know you are missing maa but you still didn’t mention her even a single time. You got so kuch currage. Rashmi says because i know you all are trying your best that I don’t miss her. Naitik says we will remember her but only during the good times.

At home, Akshara is worried to know about Duggu. Baisa says sorry to her and tells her to take Duggu to the doctor. Akshara says I will soon after Rashmi is out of hospital.

At m’s, Vishambar says sorry to everyone for shouting earlier.

At hospital, Rashmi gets the pain. Naitik calls the doctor. He calls Akshara. Duggu gets the phone. He tells him to give it to Akshara. Duggu says Akshara is having a bath. Akshara comes and asks what happened. She takes the phone. Naitik tells her to go to the hospital quickly. Naitik tries to make Rashmi calm. She says tell the doctor to operate I can’t take the pain anymore.

Akshara tells Bhabhimaa about Rashmi and says lets go to the hospital. Bhabhimaa says I’ll inform Nandini now. Rajshri calls Akshara and ask when are they leaving for hospital because they also wanted to go. Akshara says we are going now as Rashmi having pain.
Doctor comes and check Rashmi. Rashmi says just operate now because I’m not able to take the pain anymore. Doctor says there is no need for that. You will have normal delivery. Rashmi insists for an operation. Doctor says but normal way is the best idea. Naitik tries to make her understand. Rashmi doesn’t agree. Naitik says okay let me call home first. He calls Akshara and says Rashmi is insisting for an operation. Akshara is shocked.

Precap : Naitik on the phone to Akshara and says come quickly. Everyone comes to the hospital and wonder where Naitik is and what is he doing. They come to Rashmi’s room and shocked.

Update Credit to: _Amina_

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