Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik meets Naira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira thinking what to do, there is no network in phone. She sees the chemicals kept. She says what’s happening. Kartik says sorry to say, your friend is irresponsible, her son is ill and she is not here. Liza worries. Naira sees the place. Kartik says I haven’t seen his mom before, why did she become a mum if she doesn’t know her duty. Liza asks him to stop it. A cylinder falls down. The gas starts leaking. Naira covers up her face with the scarf. She falls down. Liza says you shouldn’t ask this to Kairav’s mum, is Kairav your son, no, he is her son, how did you think you are more concerned for him, stop judging her, she had fought a lot for everything, its not easy to be single mom, she has kept mom and dad’s duty, she has played siblings and doctor role for Kairav too. Naira tries to get up. She falls down.

Kartik says sorry if you felt bad, go and call Kairav’s mom, he would be worried, I will go to him. The ward boys say someone is inside this room, its locked, she is Pallavi’s patient prescription, is Kairav’s mom stuck inside. Kartik and Liza stop hearing this. The man comes and says gas is leaking, open the door. Kartik and Liza run there. Kartik looks inside. Liza says do something and save Kairav’s mom. Kartik asks where is the key, is there any other way to get in. The man says the ward boy went to get key, this is the only way. Liza says do something. Kartik says go to Kairav, tell Pallavi what happened here. She says promise me you will save Kairav’s mom. He says I promise you I will save her. She goes. The man says she can get saved if we make her wear oxygen mask, the cylinder and mask are inside, get the keys back. Kartik asks is there any ladder. He wraps his stole around his nose and mouth. He enters the room by the duct. The man asks nurse to call Mahesh.

Liza says don’t know what will happen when Kartik sees Tina. Kartik goes inside and takes the oxygen cylinder and mask for her. He holds Naira. He helps her get up and removes her scarf. He sees her face. She coughs. He gets shocked and says Naira. She gets shocked seeing him.

Jhoke ye hawa ke…..plays…. Naira cries. Kartik hugs her. He says my Naira is alive. He smiles and says this isn’t a dream, my Naira is alive. Naira smiles and nods. He says I had this belief. She faints. He helps her with mask. Doctor and others come. He says just check her, she is my wife Naira. Doctor says we have to take her out. Kartik lifts Naira and takes her, smiling. He makes her lie on the bed. He asks Naira to open her eyes. Doctor says relax, she will be fine. Kartik says Naira, you will get conscious, I m here, my wife is alive. He happily cries. He says she is my wife, everyone said that she is no more, but I had a belief, I also felt but my heart said she is around me. He says sorry Naira, there won’t be any matter between us, like before. He recalls asking Naira about Mihir. He says I won’t do this mistake again, forgive me, I will apologize to you, will you forgive me.

Kartik says I went to save Kairav’s mom and….. He gets shocked and looks at Naira. He says you were alive, why didn’t you come back…. He cries and gets back. Bhabhimaa slaps Naira. Family members look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Good slap Bhabhimaa, this idiot Naira should have got a 100 slaps before she realized what she did to her whole family, because of her everyone is suffering????

  2. No not everyone is suffering because of naira, they are suffering because of kartik, because he distrusted naira, and blamed her for having affair with mihir, so kartik is at fault not naira, without knowing don,t blame naira watch and u will find out kartik is at fault and that mitali who provoked kartik.

    1. Karthik just asked a question of distrust which was just because he was provoked too much by Mitali and in reality he never really distrusted Naira which is clear from his conversation with Mihir when everyone thought that Mihir was dead, he din’t physically abuse her or torture her. Naira had a chance to prove that she is not having an affair and if Karthik was wrong, as a wife guide him in the right path!!! But what did she do????….run away like a coward????……and that is the main reason her husband, her son and everyone in the family are suffering,,,,,if she hadn’t done that big mistake,,,,Kairav would never have earned always for his father,,,,,Karthik not forced into a loveless marriage,,,,suhasini would have been delighted to be with her great grandson,,,and the whole goenkas and singhania’s be a happy family together,,,,,it is Naira’s fault which is the cause of everyone’s suffering!!!!????

  3. ****Sorry i meant,’Everyone thought Naira was dead”??

  4. Let’s all be sincere naira shouldn’t have faked her death. The situation did not warrant her faking her death.

    1. Exactly??

  5. For the first time I agreed with u guys

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