Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Surekha insults Sirat

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the family surprising Sirat. They all clap. She asks what’s all this. Kartik says welcome Sirat to the Asian boxing championship. She asks how. Arvind says you have won the qualifying match, you remember the punch you had hit the opponent before leaving. FB shows Arvind talks to the federation men. He says Sirat has won, she has gone to give blood to her husband, his operation is going on, she left for a genuine reason. FB ends. Arvind says I called to tell this to Sirat, but she didn’t answer. She says sorry, I thought you will scold. He says yes, you have to practice. Suwarna says Kartik got fine, we should make a crown and also a flute. Dadi says yes, I will donate many things. Kartik says I have everyone to look after me, but the country just has one Sirat, you have to get this trophy. She nods.

She comes to the room. She sees congratulations written with the flowers. She asks what was the need. He says its our celebrations, open the gift fast. He checks and sees I love you Sirat written on it. She says I love you too Kartik. He says if I m not there with you in the match, my love will be there. She says you will be there to see my punch. He gets punched. She says sorry. She kisses him. He sits hurt. She says sorry, who asked you to romance, have medicines and sleep. Surekha says Mansi has sent toys and clothes for our family kids. Suwarna says fine, I will send these stuff to the ashram, then I will come, you can also give away things. Surekha says I have checked things well. She says Mansi is calling me, I will get later or you ask someone to get it. She goes. Suwarna asks how is Kartik. Sirat says he took medicines and left. Suwarna asks her to get the box from Surekha’s room, its for the ashram. Sirat gets the wrong box. Dadi and Suwarna send the boxes. Dadi prays.

Kairav talks to Akshu. Sirat comes and praises him. She says you are my best friend, my tension ends when you are with me, you took care of me when Aarohi was born, I m sure that you will take care of them when I m not there. He ask why won’t you be there. Surekha and Suwarna come to see Mansi’s gifts. Surekha says this is the ashram box, where is Mansi’s box. Suwarna says oh, did the box get swapped by mistake. Surekha asks whom did you send. Suwarna says Sirat. Sirat says I may go somewhere far for work, you are a strong man, see this bracelet when you miss me, I will always be there for you. Kairav says I will wear it when I grow up. They hug. Surekha shouts Sirat. Sirat goes and asks what happened, Kartik is sleeping, he may get disturbed. Surekha shouts on her. She says this is ashram box, Mansi has sent gifts, Sirat is a fool to send that box to ashram, she has ruined her money and hard work. Sirat says sorry, I didn’t know. Surekha asks couldn’t you read about ashram box. Sirat says sorry, I didn’t know about this box. Suwarna says its my mistake, I also didn’t check and sent the box. Sirat says sorry, we can fix this, I will call the ashram and get the box back. Surekha says you find chances to insult us. She scolds Sirat.

Dadi asks Surekha not to do this drama now. Akhilesh says yes, maybe the ashram kids had that in fate, think Mansi has donated it. Surekha says you all support her and insult me. She insults Sirat. Kartik is sleeping. Dadi says enough, if you are the bahu of this house, then Sirat is also our bahu. Surekha argues. Sirat asks Surekha to stop it, she did a mistake but unknowingly, she can’t taunt on her status and family. Surekha says you did everything unknowingly, you met Kartik, fell in love, married him and joined boxing unknowingly, you did everything. Sirat says you are saying I planned this, I m trying to balance family and boxing, you always insult me, why, Mukesh also didn’t taunt me, you also taunt me on my upbringing, is this your upbringing to insult someone’s upbringing. Dadi scolds her. Surekha says she is like her mum, ill-mannered and cheap. Suwarna shouts enough. Kartik wakes up. Suwarna scolds Surekha. He says who is shouting. He sleeps back. Surekha says you always support her, not me. Suwarna says we won’t support you for wrong. Surekha says Sheela came here and had stolen the bangles because of her, Kartik is in this state because of Mukesh, its her mistake, she has that cheap blood. Sirat asks what’s my mistake, I m not related to them, why do you taunt me. She cries and says I pity your thinking. Suwarna says calm down Sirat, you don’t need to say anything. Surekha says Suwarna is explaining her with love when she is misbehaving with me, I won’t talk to you. She goes. Sirat says sorry Dadi. Dadi says end this matter here, we will talk to Surekha when her anger calms down.

Sirat tells about Lav and Kush. The reporters ask about their molestation case. Lav and Kush get angry seeing the interview. They complain to Surekha. Manish checks the interview video.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Nothing has changed since Naira days lol….always one problem after another 😁 don’t know why Kaira fans are complaining… Its just the name change and style but its the same unreasonable issues as with Kaira… Just a “T” was added to the end

    1. Totally agree with you
      But with Kaira, Naira had the strong support of the whole Singhania family, especially Naksh and Naitik.
      But sadly, Sirat don’t have the strong family support of Maika
      These Goenkas are the same in both the cases, especially Surekha. She was useless before and now she became brainless and senseless also. Suwarna is always the sweetest, be it for Naira or Sirat.
      Suwarna and Dadi are supporting Sirat but only against Surekha. They can’t speak when Manish insults SIrat whereas for Naira, Naitik also went against Manish once and shut him up.

      In precap, I don’t think Sirat knows about the Molestation episode of Luv and Kush.
      She just showed their pictures to the media. If media digs out the past, how will Sirat be at fault
      This serial is slowly become like some other shows of starplus (I don’t want to mention name) where people stand in the hall and keeps on yelling at each other

      Eagerly looking forward for generation leap so that we get to see fresh faces and story
      In promo they showed only Karthik, Naira, Akshu and Aarohi
      Wonder what happended to Kairav and Sirat

    2. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      Then why bring up Luv and Kush names…especially to the media….if she doesn’t know about them in the first place 😐 the little she knows was during the Kabaddi match back then…..she also should have known that anything related to Surekha would be problematic for her 😬🤦

  2. Still a little less unreasonable than the kaira tracks.. And definitely more maturity in their relationship between the leads..

  3. Did anyone saw new promo?? Kaira reunited in heaven and akshu and Arohi are grown up!!!but one confusion..when sirat dies then with whom she will live in heaven??🙄🙄

    1. Ranveer 😉

  4. Ananya Mukherjee

    Yes, Deepika you are absolutely right like kartik got united with Naira in heaven Sirat will also get united with Ranveer in heaven after she dies

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