Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Naira recovers well

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik reaching generator area. Suwarna prays. Kartik checks the machine. He pulls the lever. Generator starts. Lights get on. Kartik says Naira, my tigress, I have given you a sword, now you fight for my sake, for Kaira, please Naira. Everyone says Kartik did good thing, everyone will get relief. Suwarna says once we get Naira’s news, we can know. Nurse comes. They all ask. Nurse says lights have come and we will start everything again. Doctor is handling Naira. Kartik comes to family. He says Naira is fine. Naksh says you saved her. Kartik says no, we all saved her, she is still fighting. Everyone stays outside OT. Dr. Sharma comes out. Everyone asks what happened. Dr. Sharma smiles and asks where are sweets, I told you I will have Barfi, you have sweets,

operation was successful. Everyone happily cries. Kartik hugs doctor.

Bhabhimaa asks how is she, can we go in. Dr. Sharma says I want to share one thing, we can do anything if we have courage and patience, you made this possible, Kartik did this, staff told me what you all did, thanks, maybe Naira got those people’s prayers, everything went perfect despite tough situation. He says we just removed the clot from brain, we will know when she gets conscious, I know what you are thinking, sorry, I can’t tell anything, we can say about other organs, we can’t say any brain. Everyone worries. Dr. Sharma says we will shift Naira to ICU, you can meet her when she gets conscious. Kirti asks when will she get conscious. Dadi asks will she recognize us. Kartik gets sad. Yeh rishta kya…plays…

He sees Naira coming out of room. He stops her. She asks what. He says you are talking as if you don’t know me. She says you are stranger. He says I m your Kartik. She says you would be mistaken, I don’t know. He says don’t joke, try to recall. She says leave from my way. She pushes him. He doesn’t see her around and gets shocked. He hears doctor and goes to him. He asks when will Naira get conscious. Doctor says morning, why. Kartik says I can’t live like this, give me sleeping medicine, I don’t know what to do, I want to know if she remembers me. Dr. Sharma says please calm down, everything will get fine. Kartik says give me some injection that I sleep. Everyone sees Naira inside ICU. Dr. Sharma gives medicines and makes Kartik sleep. Maine socha bhi na tha….plays…. Kartik says don’t forget me Naira. He cries and sleeps.

Rajshri says we will wait for morning with a small hope. Everyone prays. Its morning, Dr Sharma says Naira will get conscious, its hard to say about her recovery, maybe she remembers everything or just a little, recent memory of past few years can go. Dadi says they met few years back. Suwarna says don’t say this, Kartik will go in shock. Nurse says Naira is getting conscious.

Everyone goes to Naira. Kartik wakes up and sees his family. He asks did Naira get conscious. Manish says not completely. Kartik leaves. Naira sees her family. They all wait for her to say. Dr Sharma signs them. Naira says Papa…. She names everyone. They get glad. Dr. Sharma says oldest memories are fine, I have to see what patient remembers about recent past, how soon she rcollects, pattern is same, we can have memory till yesterday, we never know, there are many milestones. Kartik and family comes. Naira sees them. They get tensed. She says mendak/frog….. They all smile and happily cry. Raahatein….plays….. Dr. Sharma says thank God, as a human being, I was praying that Naira recognizes Kartik, I m so glad that doctor lost and hope won. Naira asks are you regretting that you got trapped. Kartik says I know, I got trapped badly, I had no options this time, its better I die on you, my love, you made your lover your groom, you also have to bear me now. They all smile.

Kartik and Naira do puja in their respective homes with their families. Naira thinks the day has come. He thinks we will be together.

Update Credit to: Amena

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