Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik asking Naman whats the problem. He asks does he not wish to share it. Naman says no, I learnt all this from you and shows him the laptop. Devyaani and Bau ji smile seeing them. Bau ji says it reminded me old time. He leaves. Akshara looks on. Devyaani comes and says I see some shine on Naitik’s face. Akshara says yes, I can understand his feelings, he is happy. Devyaani says I understand your feelings, come and help me in making medicines. They sit to make the medicines.

Nannu says he has pain in stomach. Jasmeet asks what happened. The doctor says its overeating, give him medicines and make him eat less now. The doctor leaves. Dadi asks Jasmeet what did doctor say. Jasmeet says indigestion. Dadi says everything looks good in limit, I know your wish to make him eat, but kid does not have sense, but mum is mature, she has to take care of his health. Rajshri says you have to see everything in his life, raise them in different way, being careful.

She says over love is also harmful. Jasmeet says yes, its my mistake. They smile. Jasmeet thanks them and says she will be careful and give everything to Nannu in balanced way. Kaki says we all are with you. Naksh and Naira see Naitik and Naman talking. Naira says it looks normal. Naksh says sometimes it looks like they have some manjor issue. They see Akshara and Devyaani together.

Rukmani tells Anmol that his parents left them alone and she is doing the work. Anmol says Nandini did all the work before going. She says Yash always goes in his paternal home. Anmol says even I want to go. She says no need, come lets play. A boy hits ball. Anmol says Lord punished her. She runs to beat him. He laughs.

Naira makes Naksh all the work. Naksh gets Sanju’s call and she scolds him for not coming when needed. He says sorry. She says you changed after coming here. She says she is coming home. He says what, mum is at home, I did not tell anyone, go with Ananya on shopping. Yash comes and greets them. Naksh says I m busy and tells Yash. Yash says I will take her and smiles. Naksh says its super dude and tells Sanju to go with Yash. Naksh hugs Yash and thanks him. She says Yash is better than going alone, I will see Naksh after going Cape Town.

Nandini says she came to meet Akshara and Naitik. Naitik says we know you came to meet Akshara, and women like to gossip. Karishma says she is not going for work. Nandini says there was one time when she did not had time to come for an engagement. Naman says I remember how we used to sit like this and talk. They recall the old days and laugh. Bhabhimaa comes there and sees Akshara laughing.

She asks Devyaani to make knee pain relieve oil. Devyaani says I made it, and asks Akshara to give. Bhabhimaa asks her to give herself else she will get from market. Devyaani gives her. Nandini stops Bhabhimaa and says everyone should have right to keep relation by their wish. Bhabhimaa says yes, and everyone should have right to decide with whom to keep relations. Nandini cries and asks her to forget everything, why is she stopping happiness from coming here.

Bhabhimaa says Akshara has stopped happiness, its her deeds which made Dadda ji die. Naitik asks her to believe him, Akshara did that to save Dadda ji. Bhabhimaa says she did not think all her relations will cheat her one by one. She leaves. Akshara cries. Nandini says like I understood, mum will also understand. Akshara requests her not to talk to Bhabhimaa by favoring them, support her. Naitik says you all promise me that you will always support Bhabhimaa, even if you have to stand against us.

Yash waits for Sanju in market. She comes and says she waited for two hours. He says what, we spoke 20mins before. She says what are you doing when I called you somewhere else. She laughs and says you are so cute, I was fooling you, I was joking. She holds his hand and takes him to play games in some hotel promotion. He says we can’t play, as its for couples. She wears her ring and says we got recently engaged, and participates with Yash.

They are made to eat cake without using hands. Sanju gets happy and says I won. Varsha asks Ananya to have food and not be on phone. Nannu brings stickers to make Naira’s plaster look funky. Ananya says it will look bad. Vishwamber says she has grown up, she has done this too in her childhood, she did this when he has plaster, he used to go office like that. They recall Naksh’s plaster. Anshu says it was such a good time, how both families were united.

Ananya says then what happened now, we did not go there with Mishti and Naman got hurt, why. Rajshri asks her to check her phone. Varsha asks her to go to her room. Ananya asks what will they tell Naksh she he asks them. Girja talks to Akshara and asks her to do anything she likes, she will not tell anyone. Akshara makes fruit salad. Naitik comes to her. He says he is trying to solve Naman’s problem. She says she is seeing him happy after a long time. He says yes, when we went, I thought to start diamond business in Cape Town, and situation was different. She says I m happy here cutting fruits for Bhabhimaa.

Sanju and Yash are declared the winners. She gets the prize and laughs. She asks him to take it and she will use voucher for shopping. Yash smiles. Mishti comes and asks can I help. Akshara asks her to give fruit salad to Bhabhimaa and say Girja gave this. Mishti asks why should we lie. Akshara says surprise, we will give prize. Mishti goes. Naksh and Naira come and ask her why did she lie.

Bhabhimaa says Akshara is here as kids wanted, she broke her trust and will not forgive her like others. Akshara cries. Naksh and Naira look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Can’t believe this Bhabima, any other girl would just leave and say get lost but Akhara is pleading of her – this is rubbish. Where in the hell this happens now a day. Which century are they living in. Natik’s father is a coward and has no voice. Okay she looked after him but he needs to stand up for his son.

  2. This is rubbish why they all have to bhabhi maa we all have to respect elders but elder have to be honest and teach youngster good value bhabima guide all on wrong direction not joint family but she seapreat family rubbish serial now need to end

  3. Bhabhima will repent 1 or d other day for her stupidest mistake

  4. daarshini semjevee

    bhami maa must forget whatever happen and move on

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