Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira fight goons

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayu asking Kartik did she talk to Vedika. He says no. She says she left in a taxi, she took her bags. Dadi says get her back, she is your responsibility. Manish says get her back with the right with which you got her here for the first time. Some goons follow Vedika. Some goons come to Naira and go close to hold her. She turns to them. Vedika turns and sees goons. Naira says I have no money to give you, I give rent and taxes, I have nothing left. The goon says we want our money if you want to have class here. The goon teases Vedika. She cries. The goon says we will kidnap Kairav as well. Kartik shouts don’t touch her, keep this wallet and leave, I m not scared or pitying you, I m giving it to end this matter here. He throws his wallet. The goon keeps the wallet and says we will see how strong you are.

Naira sees Kairav coming. The goon punches Kartik’s face. Kartik recalls Naira and those goons’ incident. He beats the goons. Naira scolds them and beats them. The goon threatens her. She asks them to run away. Kartik asks Vedika what’s this, she should have thought of him, she is his responsibility, what happened that she has come here, this area isn’t safe for girls, she should have kept pepper spray or hit them with stones, will they pity her if she stands helpless, what would have happened if he didn’t come on time. She cries. He says stop crying now, I m sorry, every girl should know to protect herself. She says but every girl is Naira. Liza asks are you mad to fight with goons, they can do anything. Naira says they fought me. Liza says everyone gives Hafta here. Naira says I won’t give, I m not scared of them. Kairav looks on. Naira says one shall always fight. Liza says they can come again, think with calm mind, you are alone, you have no man in your life, Kairav’s daddy isn’t here.

Kartik and Vedika come home. Everyone asks where did you go, are you fine. Kartik says I just found her. Dadi asks are you upset with anyone. Gayu takes Vedika. Manish says if injustice happened with you, it doesn’t mean that injustice should happen with everyone. Akhilesh says you got her here two years back. Samarth says she has hopes from you. Manish says you have to accept this. Akhilesh says everyone misses Kartik. Suwarna says give him some time. Manish asks how much time, we may end up regretting. Dadi says think well, Naira won’t come back, you can’t live alone. Manish says I took this decision that I won’t marry when your mum passed away, I felt that loneliness is the biggest punishment, you maybe feeling guilty, you may think how to give Naira’s place to anyone, everyone makes their own place, like Suwarna did.

Dadi says you know nothing is imp to me than you, I can’t see you sad, at least for my sake, fix this relation.
Naira comes home and says why do I feel scared, because that goon took Kairav’s name, or because Liza told that, Kairav can ask me about his dad again. Kairav recalls Naira and punches the soft toy. Naira sees him and asks did they teach this in school. Kairav says I m practicing, you have no man in your life, so I have to become big and strong, I will drink milk, eat double food to become strong soon. She smiles and says we both have to become strong, then none can trouble us, come.

Kartik comes to some room and marks on the wall. He recalls his words and says why did I ask that, why did I let you go, whom shall I ask, who will answer me, whom shall I apologize, I remember that day. Maine socha bhi na tha……plays…… Just because of one mistake, I lost my everything, I m alive, but not living, they want me to marry Vedika, this can never happen. Samarth says Kartik is inside the room. Akhilesh says I know. Manish does skating. Samarth says he is worried for Kartik. Suwarna says Manish you may fall down, your bones may break in this age. He asks did I get old. She says yes. He acts young. Samarth and Akhilesh smile. Manish says don’t insult me in front of my brothers. She says as if they don’t know. The guys come to meet Manish. Samarth says maybe they came to meet Kartik. Manish says no, they are my friends. Vansh shouts Dada ji and comes. Manish says who, I m Manish. He asks guys to go, he will meet later. The guys leave. Manish asks how am I your Dada ji, I m your Tau ji, you can call me Manish, bro, buddy anything… Vansh asks why not Dada ji, I want a Dada ji, you look like Dada ji. Manish says I m not anyone’s Dada ji. He runs after Vansh. Samarth and Akhilesh laugh. Manish says you would have taught him. Samarth says I taught my son to say the truth. He runs. Manish runs after him. Suwarna cries and says no one has forgotten you, we miss you a lot, its your birthday tomorrow, don’t know what is Kartik thinking, if he …..

Naira gives her scooty on rent. The man shows his license and gives money. Naira says please be careful, I just have one vehicle. Kairav and Liza look on. Liza says she doesn’t remember her birthday, what happened. Kairav asks did you see my dad. Liza says no, why are you thinking, its your mum’s birthday. He says sorry. She thinks Naira will be upset hearing him. He says we will plan a birthday. Naira says this money yoga classes were conducted less, my budget isn’t balanced. Kairav says we will take money from my piggy bank, mumma will see, I want to become self esteemed person like mumma. Liza laughs and says you don’t break the piggy bank, I have an idea. She gets the piggy bank. She counts the money. She says I can help. He says no. She says fine, done. He says if I didn’t eat icecream, I would have saved money. Liza says don’t talk senti, you are a kid, we can celebrate good birthday in this amount, how will we get money. He says I will get it.

Kartik comes to room and smiles seeing Naira jumping and dancing. She says its my birthday tomorrow. They make plans. Meri ek khushi ka…..plays…. She disappears. He cries and says your birthday will always be special for me, what if you aren’t here, your birthday will be celebrated as you like.

Kartik sees the cake and says happy birthday Naira, you are very special, there is no one like you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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