Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Manish wants Kartik’s remarriage

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhilesh going to Kartik. Manish asks Kartik to come with him. He says its your mistake, you are responsible for this, Dadi doesn’t want the operation to be done because of you, its our mistake to always think of your happiness, you think just you loved Naira, we didn’t love her, we accepted her death, you aren’t facing the truth, if Naira was alive, I would have asked you to wait for her, and unite you with her, now its not possible, because she is dead. They cry. Manish says like Soumya, Shubham are dead, Naira is dead, one who die don’t come back, they are alive in memories. Kairav plays with a paper plane. Naia says I wish we could go in this aeroplane, but we don’t have money, we have to go by bus. He asks where. She says guess it.

Manish says when you got Vedika home, we got a hope that you are moving on, Dadi has seen this dream of your marriage, why don’t you marry Vedika. Kartik asks how is Dadi’s health related to this. Manish says Dadi loves you a lot, she is in this state because of you, I m afraid to lose her, no I won’t let this happen, I m your dad but her son, I have some duties towards her, listen to me carefully, I m not asking, but telling you. Kairav says I don’t want to tell you. Naira asks him to cry, fine don’t play the game, I will tell you, we will go to bus stand and then go to Udaipur. Kairav asks to dad. Naira says yes. He dances. She smiles. Manish says you are marrying Vedika. Kartik gets shocked. Naira thinks I lost this hope to face you Kartik, but I m coming now. Manish says Naira won’t come, because she is dead, please marry Vedika and move on, I m not blackmailing you, you took much time, open your eyes and look around, many people’s lives stopped because of you, Naira left but our happiness also left, Dadi’s heart is not weak, but broken, just you can join it, marry Vedika and save my mum, please, I beg you. He cries.

Kartik holds him. Akhilesh looks on. Naira and Kairav pack bags. Naira comes home. She sees the garland on her pic. Kairav runs and removes the garland. Her dream ends. She sees Kairav and says I hope they welcome you with happiness, I m going back for your sake, don’t know they will forgive me or not, they will accept you or not, I have to take a chance for you, if you and your dad didn’t had to meet, why would Lord make you meet, Kartik will get mad knowing Kairav is his son. She says will you trust me Kartik, Kairav is your son, do I need to give a proof, will your heart testify this. Kartik goes and gets angry. He says why did you go Naira, you should have slapped me. He sees Naira and says this happened because of you, I love you, when such thing happens then I hate you. She disappears. He sees her again and asks how shall I forget you, there isn’t any medicine to lessen our pain, I hate you Naira. He sees Akhilesh and Samarth rushing.

Naira thinks what to make. Kairav asks where is the milk, I will do what you say, you are best mumma, I will become best baby, you are taking me to dad. She kisses him and asks him to have milk, its good for him. He drops the milk on the tickets. He asks how will we go to dad now. Naira says its fine, we can still go by getting new printout, we will go to Udaipur, now none can stop us from going there. He hugs her. She thinks none can stop us, you will be meeting your family soon. Kartik asks doctor to perform the surgery. Doctor says I will try my best. Vedika says nothing will happen to Dadi, we will pray for her together. She asks Manish to be strong. Nurse asks Manish to sign on consent form, there is no option than this operation. Samarth says this is the right way for Tai ji. Vedika goes to Kartik and says everything will be fine. Bhabhimaa and Naksh come, and ask what happened to Suhasini ji. Vedika says nothing, come and sit, Dadi suffered a heart attack, we got to know in time and got her to the hospital, she will be fine soon. Bhabhimaa asks why did this happen, we just returned from Tirat and heard this news. Naksh asks what did doctor say. Samarth says chances are as per her old age. They see Dadi…

Manish asks how is my mum. Doctor says she is sinking. Naksh says Kartik you should move on. Kartik says I don’t want to lose what I have, marry me. Vedika gets shocked.

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  1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    In this day and age, is it still customary / compulsory for parents to dictate what happens, when it comes to their children’s personal lives ??? I always thought there was some form of freedom after you reach a certain age ? like say, oh maybe 21.. 24.. divorced or widowed ?

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