Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Karishma seeing everyone happy in the naming ceremony of the baby. The pandit does the puja. Mohit asks the kids what names they have thought. Naksh names all hit heroes names. Mohit jokes on them, and says I m doing my son’s naming ceremony, not any filmstar. The pandit says the name according to the kundli, and says Dhanwan. They reject it as kids will joke on the child. Bhabhimaa says kundli names are such, Rashmi’s name was Rampyaari. They all laugh. Akshara asks pandit to give an alphabet. He suggests some. They all tell their suggestions. Rukmani says I have to tell something imp, I feel my grandson will get very happiness in this house.

Mohit says its somewhat much and laughs. Dadda ji says Anmol. Rukmani and everyone like the name. Rukmani claps and they all clap, and praise it. Rukmani says he is really Anmol/valuable to me, we will name this. The Maheshwaris discuss this, and they joke that Rukmani liked it. Shaurya says we should have gone there, Varsha says yes. Rajshri gets sad. Dadi says its fine, it happens. Naman gets a call from office and asks how can this happen, we have sent it. He talks to Naitik and Akshara and tells about the deal got cancelled, as they said they did not get the file. Akshara asks why, I have sent the papers. Naman says they did not get it. Karishma hears this. Naman says you forgot it. Karishma passes some taunts and says you don’t need to worry, as its your family business, rules are different for me.

Naitik says I will talk to client. Akshara says I will talk. Naman says no use, they cancelled the deal. Akshara says it will be loss, I have sent all papers by scan and mail, why did they not get it, I will get sure from my side and then talk to them. Naman says I have checked sent folders, its not there. Karishma taunts her and leaves. Rajshri is glad that they all want her to visit her relatives. Akshara says what happened to happened, it always hangs. Naitik sees her worried. She asks Naitik to get new laptop, how can she check her files, it will be big loss. He pacifies her and says this can affect baby. She says this can be loss for us. He says let it be, you are most imp for me.

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He says I will talk to client. She says no, if I make mistake, I should accept it and rectify. He says he loves her a lot being proud of her. He switches on the laptop and asks her to work peacefully and see where the mistake happened. Rukmani talks to everyone and says her dreams for the baby. Devyaani waits for Naitik and Akshara. Bhabhimaa says Naman looks worried. Devyaaani says yes, did he make any mistake. Karishma says this time its Akshara’s mistake, as they feel she can’t make any mistake. Rukmani asks about Akshara. Karishma says she will come, she is busy in some work.

Akshara asks manager why did they not receive our mails, find out how did this happen. Naitik says its not our fault, maybe their staff did any support. He tells Akshara that lets see what happens now. Naksh asks them to come, as everyone is singing song for baby. He says Rukmani is boring us. Akshara scolds him. He says sorry. He asks her to sing a good song. Akshara tells Karishma that not accepting mistake is much more mistake. Karishma says I can rectify it when I get a chance, if I m fired, how can I rectify. Akshara says you have an option for saying sorry. Karishma says she is giving me lecture even after doing such a big mistake.

Omi tells Vishwamber that Karishma was very good in her work. Shaurya says yes, she was smart. Vishwamber says she has lost interest now, and sincerity and behavior is needed. Rama says we have to leave now, as its Rashmi’s Maayka. She says Rashmi has to manage office from tomorrow. Everyone wish her all the best. Rashmi says I have learnt everything here, and I will try to become like my idol Akshara. Karishma gets annoyed. Rama asks Akshara to help Rashmi, and no one balanced work and home like Akshara does here. Everyone ask Mohit to stay. Rukmani agrees and says we can’t break hearts.

Dadda ji says shall we send Rukmani to act in films, and Bau ji laughs. Rukmani asks what happened. Bau ji says nothing, we have some work. Karishma taunts Akshara for having a good image that even if she makes a mistake, no one will believe it, I should learn this from you. Naitik hears this and asks Naman to explain Karishma, I don’t find difference in her and Naksh. Akshara talks to client and says I have sent all designs, ask your staff again, we did not do this mistake. The man asks her not to cover her mistake and his staff can’t make any mistake. She tells Naitik that she has sent all files, and they are saying they did not get any file. He asks her to sleep and not worry, as every morning brings hope.

Naksh says he wants to celebrate birthday in gaming zone. Naitik says we will do at home. Akshara says the same and Naksh is adamant.

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