Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Naira and Kartik’s Teej fast

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani saying this is the problem with this almirah, its door gets auto locked, I will open it with spare keys later, patients are waiting. She goes. Naira asks Kartik are you fine. He says no, I m getting suffocated, do something. She says I will just come. She goes to Devyaani and asks for keys. Devyaani says don’t know, I have to see, let me explain medicines to them. Naira says I have some work, I have to upload a certificate.

Devyaani says fine, I will find keys. Manish comes to Kartik’s room and says where did Kartik go in morning, I didn’t see him leaving. He checks CCTV footage and sees Kartik going at night. He says so he is away since night. Naira gets keys and opens the lock. Kartik comes out of cupboard and jokes. They hug. Naitik

passes by checking some file. Naira says just go now, else anyone will see. Kartik says fine, but my heart is with you and mind is thinking how to convince family, how to end their hatred. She says we will think and find some way, I love you, go. He says I love you too, this love won’t get less now. She says I won’t listen to anyone, you too don’t listen. He says done and goes. She says Rajshri is right, we are also right, we can’t cheat our love, we have to convince families soon, how to convince mum.

Kartik comes home and says thanks to Lav and Kush, no one saw me. Manish asks from where are you coming, where were you all night, let me guess, you went to have wine, you don’t look drunk, second guess is Naira, tell me its wrong. Kartik thinks how will I explain mum if dad isn’t prepared. Naksh asks Kirti to buy anything, she is keeping fast for him, can’t he do this. Naira recalls her Teej and says I didn’t know when Teej was celebrated in last two years, this time I will keep fast, I will talk to mum first. Kartik is at temple. He recalls Suwarna’s words. Naira comes and says we are making a try, do you think she will agree. He says dad won’t support us, I called you here to talk to mum. She says don’t know why, I feel scared. He says don’t think that, just think of good memories, we will always be together. Suwarna prays and cries.


She says you snatched Shubham, don’t let Kartik go away from me, give me my son back. She cries. Kartik and Naira come here. Suwarna gets up to leave. Kartik helps someone. Suwarna slips. Her aarti plate flies in air. Naira catches the chunri and coconut. Suwarna gets shocked seeing her and recalls Shubham. She starts shouting on Naira. She says your relation ended now, let my son live in peace. She goes. Kartik looks on and comes to Naira.

Naira says how will we tell her, she…. Kartik holds her hand. He says we will tell everyone, else they can know it from somewhere else, it maybe a big problem. She says yes, but…. He says lets just be honest, we didn’t think for anyone when we were fighting, why are we thinking now when we are rectifying mistakes. He prays. Suwarna says Lord, keep Naira away from us. She goes. Naira and Kartik do the rituals. She says I will keep fast for you. He says Teej is the best day to tell everyone about us. Dadi says keep one more necklace, Kirti shouldn’t feel that Kartik’s divorce affected our relations. Devyaani says it has affected relations, so we thought to give you shagun. Dadi says keep one bangle pair more. Surekha says who will take shagun.

Manish says I hope Kartik learnt from his mistakes. Kartik comes. Manish says we have to stay away to maintain peace. Dadi agrees. Manish says Kirti’s life shouldn’t have any problem, send Lav and Kush with driver, make sure no one else goes. Devyaani says sorry Kirti, we promise we will celebrate well, we won’t talk to your maayka. Naira looks on. Naira comes to room. She gets smell of bread pakoda and turns. Kartik says happy Teej. Manish comes to Lav and Kush’s room and thinks kartik is sleeping with them. Lav and Kush see pillows and says Kartik was right, he knew Manish will come to check. Kartik says its our Teej, so I got Sargi. Naira asks our Teej?

He says we will make a new start, I will also keep Teej fast. She says no, its fine. He says I will try. He gifts her jewelry and dress. She smiles. He writes K on her hand. Jab bhi nazre…..plays…. She writes N on his hand. He holds her close. She signs no. She kisses on his cheek. He shows other cheek and kisses her. He shows the bread pakoda. She laughs. They feed each other. Naksh says work is over, I will manage, what happened. Naitik says Naira is sleeping, when she sees women preparing for fast, how would she feel. Naksh says it won’t be easy for her, she has to get habitual, she should be away from Kartik, else it will be tough to forget each other, this smell is of pakodas. Naitik says yes, but who is making it. The door opens. Kartik and Naira worry….

Kirti falls down. Lav and Kush shout. Everyone shouts Kirti and rush to her. Kartik and evryone hear this on call. Kartik runs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Soofia bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia I can’t wait until naira kartik tell everyone in there family’s that naira kartik have sorted out there mazzive misunderstanding they both have patched up they what to get married again I’m happy for naira kartik because they both love each other so much they both need each other they both trust each other

  2. Kriti is pregnant .

    1. But Kirti fell from stairs, how can they show pregnant women falling from stairs and still remain pregnant.

  3. Booring drama fed up of watching famous theme song and the two couple romancing please end this shit

  4. Pet up hi your Mr Sri Lanka it’s too good she falls because in dono parivaroo ki kindle mein Sath aana likha hai. The reason of kerti s falling is because of fast .

  5. Stargazer

    it’s getting boring day by day…… don’t know how people tolerate it. I have stopped quite long ago.. just going through site thought to know what’s happening currently.

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