Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Shubham and Kartik have a clash

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik liking snacks made by Naksh. Naira says I have to eat pickles. She goes to get it. She sees Naitik, Akshara and Naksh’s certificates and medals. Kartik says I think Naira will have some pickles there itself. She says I m getting it. She comes to them and says I want to finish my studies. They all get surprised. She says there were many limitations in Rishikesh, when I came Udaipur, I got busy and then mumma….. then Kartik came in my life, I thought I may forget this if I get busy in academy, I realized studies are also imp. Kartik and everyone clap. Kartik says I m very proud of you. Naitik says I m with you. Kartik says thank for freely saying this to us. Naitik says you are already independent, its a wonderful thing that you want to study. They all raise a toast. Baisa says ask Dadi once. Naira says I m sure they all will agree. Kartik and Naira come home. Naira says Dadi went to satsang, I will tell everyone.

Kartik asks servant what happened to him. He worries for the burn and asks did Shubham do this. Servant says let it be. Kartik sends him to get aid. Kartik says how will we know Shubham’s problem. Naira says we know his problem. Kartik says Suhana’s chapter is over, he isn’t telling us. She says I will talk to him. Shubham says he won’t send me drugs if I don’t give money. Naira knocks door and says talk to me, I want to say something. Shubham checks his wallet and cards. Kids get something and mix in soil. They cough. Naira comes and says Shubham didn’t open the door. Kartik asks what happened to kids. Naira gets water. He asks what’s that. Naira says don’t know. Shubham comes downstairs and gets shocked seeing the drugs packet.

Naira smells the powder. She coughs. Kartik asks what is it. She says its a powder which we add in the soil to make plants healthy. Kartik says maybe gardener left this outside. He asks servant to clean the mess. Naira sees Shubham. He goes and checks the bin. She comes there and says how did this dustbin fall. She asks servant to clean it. She gets the same packet and says it had some powder, how did this get empty. Naitik eats chocolates. Devyaani worries. He says I wanted to have chocolates, I m not in depression, I m missing kids, you can call Priyanka and ask, people can have chocolates even in good mood. He goes. Devyaani and Rajshri wish everything is fine, he has something to divert his attention, it would have been good if Kirti and Naksh had a child.

Kartik says my tension is less now, you and kids are fine. She says you panic for little things. He says I can’t tolerate when anyone dear is in problem, you got me with ease. She says you don’t value me right. He says I value you, we both love families a lot. She says nothing should happen to anyone. He says yes, you, Kirti and Shubham… She says Kirti and I handled ourselves, but Shubham didn’t cope you. He says life wasn’t fair with him, nothing bad should happen with me now. She says it won’t happen. He asks did she think about her college and course. She says no, later, I have to teach kids now. She asks them not to take breaks.

Kartik comes and says same rules for teacher. She says what subjects. He says I can teach you what I know, we will study management. She gets bored. Kids smile. She signs them. She says I had some work in kitchen. He says nothing. She sleeps. He says wake up, study, come on. She says enough now. He says you won’t get an amazing teach like me, you will study alone later and miss me. She says don’t be senti. He says finish this, then we will learn to keep marriage evergreen. He says then teach that first, I will not like this boring subjects. He says why don’t we start this subject today. He gets Akhilesh’s call. He finishes call and sees them gone. He says Naira was giving lecture to kids, she is also gone, I will teach her every day, if she is a tigress, I m the ring master. Suwarna leaves from her room. Shubham takes some money and turns. He gets shocked seeing Naira.

He says I had some work. She says I have seen you stealing money. He says no, its my money. She says tell me the truth, why do you need money. He says I need it, I m son of this house, but I have no value, my card is blocked, shall I commit suicide to end my needs, or this second way. She says theft. He says its my right, not theft, I didn’t do anything wrong. He sees Kartik, Manish at the door. Kartik scolds him. Everyone comes. Naira asks Kartik to be gentle and ask. She asks Shubham why is he doing all this. Kartik says he won’t tell me. Shubham says I won’t talk to anyone, I m going. Naira stops him. Kartik asks why are you shouting, am I sending you to jail. Shubham says then send me to jail, its good for you, you have your rights. Kartik asks who said about rights. Shubham says you have blocked my card, just give me my share of the property. Kartik asks what share. Shubham says don’t act innocent. Manish says stop it and folds hand. Naira asks Shubham to go to his room and rest, they will talk later. Shubham goes. Naira asks them not to worry, Shubham is very angry. We will talk to him when he gets normal.

Kartik comes to Naira. He says I feel bad, will everything fall apart. She says no, we won’t let it happen, else we will make it fine, we will at least try. They hold hands and smile.

Dadi asks have you applied in a college, what’s the need to work. Naira says I want to complete my studies, did I do anything wrong. Dadi says much wrong.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I am feeling sorry for shubam.He is a very nice guy.?

    1. Dear, have you heard that shubham is going to die and naira will be on blame that , i think there leap going on soon that’s why the cv’s are making bath for kaira to exit goenka households. Today’s episode was kind boring I’m glad that i didn’t watched, between I don’t understand this suwarna, what kind mother is she, she can’t even help her own son and she gives all responsibility to naira and started crying. Cut the crap ain’t she big enough to understand the helps that her son needs. the stupid cv’s butchered her character like slaughtered goat, why she demanded helps from naira everytime , i wonder why.

  2. If naira goes to school lecturer gonna lose their job bc she will start teaching instead…

  3. ???Yes u r right pia.After all she is the best and she can solve any problem.For example shubam’s drug addiction

  4. Instead of yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai it would be better to name the serial Naira kya kehti hai because that is what this serial is all about. Naira Naira and Naira Keerti has a miscarriage but Naira is important. Naksh had problems but Naira is important. I think this serial should have only one character and the rest can be dummies because anyways they are not allowed to do much.

    1. Superb!!!!!!! “Naira kya kehti hai”. A very apt title for this show.

    2. After all keval Naira hi to kehti hai………baaki sab yaa to sunte hai ya rote hai.

  5. Naira is applying for college m I wonder she has even passed 10th standard. When little naira left home she was just 11-12 years old

  6. Dishani01

    guys I’m silent reader here since one months .. only i looks for shubham , kriti and naksh … then i hearing shubam sucide i want to comments my last .. this is sad .. if shubham die then I’ll never see again.. but i want to tell one thing you all of your guys comment best …. love you guys???? i enjoying your comments still… so I’ll miss this ???

    1. Dishani01 sweety, don’t left here. It’s just fun i know the show lost its own charms and they are pampering only one character, as those cv’s morons thinks she is wiser than anybody’s else. Shubham’s case I heard only he is going to died but I didn’t know if he is going to be suicide, dear that will be ridiculous they’re making his character looks useless, i really pity for him. Although I didn’t get, what is the point of killing shubham’s character.

  7. NO NO NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE DON’T LET SHUBHAM DIE.????If he dies I won’t watch this stupid show again.Why should he die.What is his fault.Why are the makers doing this to him.??????????.I am watching this show only for shubam.That naira should die or there r many other aged actor cut there character.Not my shubam yaar.f**k the makers.They should go to help.I love shubam and his character.He is so nice and sweet.What did he ever do wrong ??????If he goes I will miss him??????

  8. They are showing shubham as stupid or arrogant from the beginning to make kaira great.naira will manage , yes naira has contract of managing goenka kids and all.omg r they going to kill shubham,i think he is quitting the show.but whatever plz don’t kill him , send him to any forign country to end his story or you can just stop showing him like gayu,mishti, or else they need more drama or want to repeat the story of akshara live in words for naira’s college,she can join for any course anytime,it was Dane academy for a long time, but there was no proper story about dance academy. Definitely she is going to teach them not studying

  9. I feel soon Naitik will be remarrying Priyanka.. karthik ka maasi.. I strongly feel this..

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