Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Naira misses Kartik

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik seeing Naira’s pic. O morey saiyyan…plays… He gets a call. Naira gets a cake. Kairav asks why don’t you make kachoris. She thinks of Kartik and says its a special day so I made sweets. He says my fav is kachori. She says yes, I will make kachoris but for dinner, if Liza comes, she will eat all of the cake, have it fast. He asks where is my Papa. She cries and eats the cake. She says your Papa… I will be back…. She goes crying. He eats the cake.

Everyone celebrates Vansh’s birthday. Manish gives a gift. Vansh says wow, a biker’s jacket. Manish says Suwarna you are coming along on my next bike ride. Vansh smears cake on Kartik’s face. Samarth stops Vansh. Vansh says its between me and my bro. Gayu says Kartik has pampered

him. Dadi says Vansh is much pampered, but I m not saying anything as he has been with Kartik in bad times. Suwarna says he has made Kartik’s life better. Vedika says I got the gifts and got it packed as well, you go and enjoy. Gayu thanks her. Vedika sees Suwarna and says you can see love for Kartik in Naira’s eyes, see love for him in my eyes too. She goes to Kartik. He says sorry. She gives him a tissue to clean his face.

The lady asks Dadi about their marriage, people have started commenting, its been a long time, everyone asks the same thing. Suwarna says then let them ask. The lady says its five years now. Suwarna says this time isn’t right for this. The lady says people are passing comments, Naira has not gone to different city, but to a different world, she will never return from there. Kartik hears them. Kairav comes and says I got to know who is my Papa, I have added his pic in family tree. Naira worriedly sees some pic. He asks her to get kachoris and goes. Kairav says you are my fav actor, you become my Papa. Kartik recalls the ladies’ worlds. He takes a hot shower. He writes Naira’s name on the glass. He thinks why did I ask that question. Dadi says everyone tries to just explain me, the point is, I m worried for Kartik, he didn’t move on yet, what’s Vedika’s mistake in this. Suwarna says we shouldn’t force him.

Manish says we will never force him, we can try to convince him. Dadi says Kartik brought Vedika here. Akhilesh says their past is so painful. Dadi says Naira will never come back, but for how long will we miss her, we have to move on, we must give Naira’s place to Vedika. They see Vedika. Vedika says I will get what’s destined for me, like I got you all, your love and respect, who could imagine that I would get all this after losing everything once, I m happy with my life, if you want to see Kartik happy, don’t put pressure on him, he has loved Naira a lot, its easy to ask someone to move on, its very difficult to do this, let everything be the same, there is no use to complete relations without the intention, we should never stop hoping, maybe we hope for good and something great happens. Everyone smiles.

Naira makes Kairav sleep. Kartik comes to her and says you are upset, but you still love me and miss me. She says no. He asks really. She says yes. He asks how do you remember me again and again. She closes eyes. She opens eyes and doesn’t see him. She says I m angry on you but I love you a lot, I miss you so much. She sees Kairav sleeping. She calls Kartik on the landline. Kartik doesn’t answer. Suwarna answers. Naira hears her voice and cries.

Suwarna asks who is it. Naira disconnects and thinks I miss you all. Suwarna says Naira… Manish says you think its Naira always with every blank call, its time you accept this, she has gone far. He hugs Suwarna. She says my hope doesn’t die, what shall I do. Kairav wakes up and sees Naira crying. He turns other side.

Its morning, Naira thinks Kairav shouldn’t think of anything today, nothing should go wrong in school. Kairav plays and says mom looks very sad, she had cried in night. He prays for her. Liza asks what’s going on, did you make any GF in school. He says I go there to study, not for this. Liza says what an attitude and focus. He says you also focus, else you will fall. She says my balance will never…. She falls. He laughs. She says I will see you. He says you forgot Tina’s birthday. She says I didn’t remember. He says mum is sad, we have to make her happy. She says done, you don’t get sad. Naira asks Kairav to go and change now.

Kartik buys flowers. He reaches Akshara dance academy. He says a lot of things have changed, but this place will always remain the way you wanted it to be, your memories are here, this time I will give you a good surprise, you will be delighted. Vedika asks the men to keep the statue. She greets Kartik. He asks what’s all this. She says preparations for special day. He asks what do you mean. She shows the statue. She says Naira’s birthday is coming, I thought of doing something special. He asks what’s the need to do this, I can take care of things here. She says I m sorry, I had no idea… He says ask me once before doing anything next time, sorry I shouldn’t be rude towards you. She says I m also sorry, I will send this back. He says yes, thanks. She sends the statue back. She sees Naira’s pic.

Some goons threaten to kidnap Kairav. Naira beats them. Kartik beats goons. Vedika says not every girl is Naira.

Update Credit to: Amena

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