Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th June 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone listening to the sound played by Duggu. Naitik says I m going to office, and you all enjoy the music concert. Someone comes and says master ji has sent me. Akshara gets the blouses. Bhabhi maa sees it, and says its not good. She says its small, and the neck is deep. Akshara sees her blouse and says its not good, its backless. They say the tailor has made an error. Maa says I will teach the master ji a lesson, am I a heroine to wear such blouse. Akshara listens. Maa says Bhabhi ma that the tailor has ruined the cloth.

Scene shifts to Akshara’s parents house:
Everyone try to convince Babuji that he will not go to office. The girl Nanya says when we have fever, still we work, then why are you not letting Dadaji to work. She asks Dadaji to listen to her and promise to take care of himself.

Scene shifts to Akshara:

Maa comes to tailor, and she raised on him, she says you have damaged the cloth. Akshara says the same. Tailor says Madam told me to do so. Akshara says I did not say so, she says make it right and give. Tailor says I cannot do it today, wear something else. Akshara says we will not come again, and give our other clothes back. Akshara says we will go home and think of some other way. Akshara’s son says lets go and eat icecream. Akshara says let him go, and they tell him not to go anywhere else. Maa says the tailor has not given my saree and she goes to take it. Akshara sees some guy staring at a girl. She goes to him, and he asks her how he is. She asks you, here, in market. He says yes, I came with my friend. He says I saw you and Prerna, and that reminded me of my sister. Maa comes looking for Akshara. The guy leaves. Akshara is lost in thoughts. Maa sees him too, and asks her who is that. She says he is the teacher of her son.

Her son calls them, and they go to him. Akshara gets Varsha’s call, she enquires whether the tailor gave the clothes. She says no, he has damaged the clothes. Akshara says our old master is good, we should not go to any new tailor. Akshara says we will meet today evening and we will go together.

Scene shifts to Akshara’s parents home:

Dadi asks Akshara’s dad is there any important work he is doing, he says he is sending a sms. She asks him to send the voice message.

Scene shifts to Naitik’s house:

Bhabhi maa asks Maa what happened about the blouse. She tells I will wear the old one, Akshara comes and says the items have come, where to keep it. Bhabhi maa says cover it with a paper. The maid gift wraps it. Maa asks does the teacher teach you well, Chikki says yes, he is the maths topper. Maa thinks about it. Maa says its good if he teaches well. Akshara says sometimes it happens, we should not trust anyone blindly, it might be fake.

Dadi is talking to Akshara’s mother, and she says she is feeling good, and missing the family. She is on Chaar Dhaam Yatra. She says about panditji words.

Akshara is tensed seeing the clothes, as the blouse is backless. She thinks what to do, and calls Maa and Bhabhi maa. She tells she got an idea, she says she thought something and tells them. She says the neck is deep, Akshara thinks to cover it with a net, and they do the stitching. The blouse is made again. Bhabhi maa says she did not think it will change. Maa asks Akshara to become their designer.

Naitik comes home, and asks the driver to take the car and change the tyres. The driver says Bauji’s car also went for servicing. He says no matter, take it. Akshara is searching for earring and Naitik enters the room. He jokes, she asks him to get ready. She says you are already late. He says he will go, first he will search the page with her. He finds it and he flirts with her. Varsha comes and greets them. Naitik leaves from there. Akshara tells them you all came late. Maa and Bhabhi maa gets happy seeing them. They start getting ready. Maa asks about Dadiji. Bhabhi mama brings a set and Akshara says we will look for it after getting ready. Duggu says how will I become ready. Duggu goes to Naitik, and he smiles.

Naitik tells Naksh he will make him ready then they will play the game. The women are getting ready. Varsha helps them too. Varsha says she will check her jewellery. Chikki is chatting with her friend. Maa asks Chikki to change her clothes, Chikki says she does not want to come, she will be bored. Akshara asks her to come, she will get a break. Her friend asks her to give her number.

Naitik is playing with Naksh, and the women come out of the room. Naitik takes their videos, and says they are looking good. He tells Bhabhi maa that you gave good expressions. He says supermodel Chikki is coming, Naksh says now mumma will come. Akshara looks beautiful. Naitik smiles seeing her. Maa says asks the two cars to come, Naitik is tensed as he has sent his car for changing tyre. He says there is only one car at home. Akshara and everyone are tensed.

Akshara and Varsha are dancing on a song.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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