Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Dadi suffers a heart attack

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik asking Dadi to get up. He imagines her pic with garlands. Akhilesh sees Naira and Kairav. He says I will find out what the truth is. Dadi is taken in ambulance. Kartik says no, my mum, then my brother and Naira…. no, you aren’t going anywhere, nothing will happen. They reach hospital. He shouts to doctor and says we can’t waste time, I won’t let you die Dadi. Dadi is taken in OT. Nurse says no one is permitted to come inside. Everyone cries. Kartik recalls the family members he lost. He cries and hugs Manish. Manish says mom will be fine, nothing should happen to her, call some other doctor.

Kairav says my dad had come, he went to his boss. The boy says we will believe when you get him in next match. Kairav says promise, I will call you home. The lady asks what does your husband do, Tina. Kairav says this boy is lying, its wrong. Naira says yes. The lady says and hiding truth also. Naira goes. Liza says Lord would have thought something to unite you, just think, you came here with your baby, even then Kartik reached here, time has come that you tell her the truth, how will you justify, you should have not made Kairav away from his dad, Kairav will ask you some day, what will you tell him.

Kartik sees Naira’s pic and says I was feeling better on meeting Kairav and Dadi… I can’t bear this, I m already broken and can’t break more, I will handle everything like you used to handle things. Akhilesh says Akhilesh isn’t here when he is needed. Gayu says I m calling Vedika, her phone is not reachable. Manish says I can’t tolerate it, Dadi wasn’t fine that’s why this happened. Kartik asks what happened to Dadi before I came home. Doctor comes and says your mom had a heart attack. Manish and everyone get shocked. Samarth asks how is she now. Doctor says she is better but we have to perform a surgery. He says its difficult in this age. Doctor says we will do our best, you have to take care of her, mental and physical. Kartik asks her to prepare for surgery. She says we will do our best, one of you can meet him. Manish says I can’t see her in this state. Kartik goes to Dadi and cries.

Manish says I would have not said all that if I knew this would happen. Suwarna says don’t think so, Vedika told Dadi to leave hope of Kartik and her marriage. Surekha says Vedika should have not told this, why did Kartik get Vedika here. Gayu says Kartik and Vedika are happy as friends, they aren’t prepared for marriage. Samarth asks how long will the world let them stay together as friends. Kartik looks on. Manish says you are responsible for Dadi’s condition. Liza says sorry, I was searching for Kartik, see this news, this lady got a heart attack, is she Kartik’s mom. Naira says no, she is Dadi. She recalls Dadi’s words. Naira asks her biggest wish. Dadi says my biggest wish is to see your and Kartik’s baby, I will get salvation, else I won’t get peace after death. Naira asks her not to say this. Dadi says you can’t feel this wish. Naira says I will try my best to fulfill your wish. Dadi gets happy and blesses her to have a child soon. FB ends. Naira cries. Kartik and Naira think of Dadi. Yeh rishta…plays…

Akhilesh comes and asks how is mum. Surekha says I was calling you, no one knows about you, where were you. He says we can talk about it later. Manish says she isn’t fine, her worry about Kartik is killing her. Surekha says Vedika agreed to become Kartik’s friend instead wife. Akhilesh recalls Naira. Manish asks why are you refusing for the operation. Dadi says no please. Manish says we all are with you. She says no, let me go now, I don’t want to live anymore. He says don’t say this. She says my sister left, Shubham, Naira… I can’t bear Kartik’s loneliness, if Kartik had got married, I would have died in peace. Kartik hears her and cries.

Manish asks her to calm down. She coughs. Manish asks them to call doctor. Daid says I can’t bear Kartik’s fake smile and loneliness. Kartik says we are with you. Vedika comes and asks what happened to you, sorry, I wasn’t at your side. Doctor asks them to go out. Akhilesh says how do I tell everyone that Naira is alive. Surekha says tell me where did you go. He says I told you I had gone to Delhi for a meeting. Vedika says lets not talk of anything else than Dadi’s health, have tea, you need to eat. Akhilesh thinks why did Naira hide herself and not come back. Kartik thanks Vedika. She asks him to have tea, Dadi needs him, he has to take care of himself. Akhilesh thinks only Naira can answer all these questions or maybe Kartik, should I tell Kartik or not, I need to know the truth first then I will tell them.

Manish says this is happening because of you. Naira says we both will go to Udaipur to your dad, will you believe me Kartik that Kairav is your son. Manish says you will be marrying Vedika. Kartik gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Dadi has a way of putting pressure on everyone to do “her” bid “alone” … from day one, she had always pressured Naira into doing whatever “she” wanted and never gave a hoo-har to Naira’s wants or needs ? not anyone else for that matter ? … she has always tried to be “the only one” in control of that whole family ? … sry to say, but that is why her own pressure has put her in the position she is now… (i labelled her the drama queen, not Naira ?)

    as usual, like all these serials… Akhilesh will hold back on this important info about Naira until the Vedika marriage drama begins, then reveal about Naira… am sure Vedika’s gonna find out about Naira too, but will be too selfish to say becuz she is in love with Kartik (y, I think it’s becuz the others kept pushing for it sooo… y not) then she’ll probably turn villain to stop Naira ? … then hopefully Kairav will be the “reason” for stopping the marriage ? … (to be cont’d) … ?

    1. Dadi has been always hating naira and blaming her I am sure when she will now the truth that naira is alive she is gonna blame her

  2. Writers , please don’t make akhilesh and Liza pair.. I’m getting wrong thoughts from starting abt this, when he lied to family..


    I can’t understand why people support naira so much act mature people who are supporting naira who would like their partners to be like naira…who would like to have a child life partner or parent who has characterstics of naira…I agree it’s a serial it’s just about fun….but it’s really giving a wrong impression to people about life

    1. Exactly Abitha, all this is happening only because of her, poor Karthik I really feel sorry for him ??, i hated him after the baby swap incident, but everything showed he really loved Naira, but that selfish Madam only thinks about herself, she is a unworthy wife and mother, who separated them from each other for years, if it was someone else then they would have tried talking and sorting out but she ran away ? like a coward ????, all her actions’ consequences are now falling upon her own son life, pity on Karthik and Kairav ????

  4. Dadi has been always hating naira and blaming her I am sure when she will now the truth that naira is alive she is gonna blame her
    For everything

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