Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyione being shocked hearing lightning sound. Dhanlaxmi says its as if Lord wants to stop us. Naksh says we did not have fire crackers, so Lord is doing this in rain. Shaurya says we will go there now by car and the by walk for some distance. Naksh says he will dance. Everyone sit in the car. Shaurya says even if wind comes, ladies just care about sarees and makeup. Naman bumps into Karishma and she falls. He holds her and she smiles. She says thanks. He says you look beautiful. She says hot, pretry? He says yes. She says I know I heard this before, come up with something now. She leaves. The baraat starts and they have to see their sarees not getting spoiled in rain.

The band plays and they start dancing. Jasmeet is finally ready and her makeup is done

well. She is happy. Rashmi too joins Akshara’s family and dances in the baraat. Omi says how will we cross this jam. Vishwamber says lets see. Akshara asks Naksh not to go far. Everyone dance. Music plays………….Muskaan and Karishma tease Jasmeet taking Anshu’s name. Jasmeet laughs. Muskaan asks Jasmeet not to take tension, she is acting as if she is marrying a stranger. Jasmeet says I will see you when you get married. They take a selfie.

A snake comes on the road and everyone stop dancing and are shocked. Shaurya picks it up and says it’s a rope. Varsha says I did not know. Rajshri says snakes can also come in this weather, everyone be careful. They start dancing again. Yash falls and Rukmani gets worried. Yash starts dancing again. Akshara asks Naksh not to dance much now, as he will have to dance at the house door. The baraat comes and they light the fire crackers. Naitik says come I m here to welcome you Akshara.

Anshu sees the baraat and gets out of the car. He says even I have to dance, Kaki says how can you dance, its your marriage. Anshu says please, I m bored sitting in car. He dances with everyone. Naitik sees Akshara and smiles. They baraat comes slowly. Everyone look happy and lift Anshu dancing. Akshara and Naitik dances on the song Balle Balle……….. along with everyone. Rashmi sees Devyaani and Muskaan. Everyone exchange garlands. Bau ji says Naksh is looking baraati like a small samdhi.

Bhabhima pulls anshu’s nose and everyone laughs clapping. Kaki asks Anshu to do the rituals. Naitik challenges Anshu to touch the flowers. Akshara says yes, show him. Anshu does so. Everyone smile. Someone falls on Pammi and the aarti plate falls by her hands Everyone is shocked. Dhanlaxmi says it’s a big bad sign. Rukmani says just entered the house and this happened. Dhanlaxmi argues with JAsmeet’s relatives. Dadi says there is nothing like this, lets go in.

Naitik holds Akshara and makes her wear a garland. She asks is everything good here. He says see it, what do you think. She says looking good. Dhanlaxmi starts complaining. Pammi feels bad. Vishwamber thanks Dadda ji for doing this. Sethi says Naitik did all this. The kids tell Naksh that his house is looking different. Dadda ji blesses Anshu and hugs him. Kaki says Naitik did a lot for us. Naitik asks her not to worry. Akshara talks to Bhabhimaa and Devyaani and asks did they have much problem. They say no, Naitik thought many things, you just see. Akshara looks at Naitik and smiles.

Naitik and others make Jasmeet walk on their hands to go to the mandap. Jasmeet faints and falls. Everyone is shocked and worried for her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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