Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Naira gives Krish to Kirti

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone asking Naira to open the door. Naksh says we will go now Kirti, we will come back, Naira is much upset now. Kirti recalls Krish and stops. She says Naira please let me take my baby in arms once, wrong happened with you and me, just let me take him in my lap once. Naksh says she is much upset, we will come later. Kirti says Naira, I know you are upset, let me hug Krish once, I swear, I will give him back to you. Manish asks why did you do this. Dadi asks Kartik where are you going. Manish says let him go, we will get more angry seeing him, think of Naira and Kirti, whom he cheated. Naksh says we will come back later. He takes Kirti.

Naira takes care of Krish. Kartik walks on the road and cries. Yeh rishta kya….plays…. Kartik sees Naksh

shouting on him. He apologizes. He thinks of Naira. He looks around and goes behind a tree. He says forgive me Kirti, Naira. Naira cries and hugs Krish. Kartik says forgive me and walks on the road. Everyone consoles Kirti. Bhabhimaa says what do I pray, for which daughter. Devyaani says yes, if we pray for one, what will happen with another. Its night, Kartik wanders on the road. Naira makes Krish sleep. Its morning, Naira stays awake thinking. Kartik is still walking on the road. Everyone thinks what is Naira going through. Akhilesh says Kartik ruined all relations and happiness at once, how will we manage this. Dadi thinks where is Kartik. She prays for him. Naira makes Krish ready and says I have dressed you up, you look so cute, I will take you very far. She packs his stuff. She gets Kirti’s baby tag. She thinks of Kirti’s words and cries.

Kirti says let me meet my baby once. Bhabhimaa asks her to come please. Naksh says we will come back later. Dadi says Kartik didn’t come back. Manish says its better if he doesn’t show up his face to anyone. Naira comes out and calls out Kirti. Naira walks to Kirti. Everyone looks on. Naira says you said you wanted to take baby once and then return him after showering love on him, I m sure you won’t be able to give him, will I take him back, even if you choose to be the bigger person and give me krish, but how can I snatch a baby from a mum, don’t know what did Kartik think and give me baby, but I can’t keep you both away, I thought about it all night and took the same decision that I won’t give Krish back, I packed my bag and then I changed my mind, I cried a lot and got anger, then I questioned myself and put myself in your place, I thought what would I do if I were in your place.

She says Krish is Naksh and Kirti’s baby, only they have the right on him. She asks Kirti to take the baby in arms. She asks servants to bring everything from baby’s room and keep it in Naksh’s car. She holds Krish and turns to go. Krish holds her finger. She cries and gets away. She says Krish has found his parents, I won’t let my grief fall over your happiness, I promise. Everyone cries. Naira goes crying. Lagta hai sab kuch…..plays…. She falls on the bed. Dadi wards off bad sight from Kirti, Naksh and baby. Dadi apologizes to them for Kartik’s mistake. Manish says Kartik doesn’t deserve any forgiveness, I want everyone to know this so that they don’t forgive him. Dadi says don’t know in which state he is. Manish says don’t take his name.

Kirti says sorry, I didn’t wish to happen, please apologize to Naira on my behalf. Naksh says I feel guilty to snatch baby from you all, but you will be having all rights on him. Kirti says I can’t forget Naira’s big favor. Naksh and family leave. Manish says I m happy for Kirti, and sad for Naira, along with the baby, Naira has lost her smile and happiness, its our responsibility to take care of her, when her husband isn’t with her, husband has given her much pain.

Akhilesh says Naira’s doctor said she shouldn’t get any shock. Manish says Kartik has given her a big shock. They go to Naira. Dadi stops and says where are you Kartik, come back soon, your Naira needs you badly. Kartik sees Naksh and Kirti going in the car. He sees Krish with Kirti. He says the baby is with Kirti, Naira gave baby to her, what would she be going through. He runs after the car. Naksh and Kirti see him. Kartik apologizes. Naksh says get lost, don’t show us your face again. Kartik shouts Naksh….. He recalls Naira’s words. He says I have to go to Naira, baby isn’t with her. He runs on the road. A truck comes and hits him.

Naira thinks I didn’t see my baby, why did he snatch my rights. She sits under shower and cries. Dadi asks where is Kartik. The man says he was run over by a truck. Dadi gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Well done naksh and Kirti.. these idiotic mannerless childish shameless people deserve this only.. proud of you Keerti and naksh!!

    1. trueee

  2. For the first time i found naira behaving real. Her refusal to accept the truth, not giving up on the baby but then think who the baby wants, what another mother might feel make sense. But I don’t understand why Goenkas and Singhnias dramatise so much. “ praying for one but what will happen to the other” seriously… why can’t you pray for both. Just give the baby to keeti and support naira. Don’t need to make it look like both naira & keerti gave birth to krish and Naira is doing a big sacrifice & favor by giving him to to his real parents. And karthik i hope he isn’t run over by the truck. He must be alive and bear the hate of his wife, sister, Brother in law till the end

    1. Exactly, they’re showing as if Naira is a goddess and doing a great sacrifice, and I don’t understand why is keesh apologizing to her and saying that something wrong has happened to her,,,,arrey a greater wrong has been done to them, when Naksh was depressed when keerti was in coma, he wasn’t even informed that his child is alive and when keerti got up from coma she was given a bigger shock of her child’s death, it is difficult for Naira but what she did is a a humane act not a sacrifice, but what keerti was doing was a real sacrifice when she told that she was ready to part with her child for Naira,,,but the makers are just showing the goodness of kaira

      1. More than naira it is the 2 families that annoy me the most. Goenkas are so much obsessed over heir that they didn’t even care for their daughter who is in deadly state and went with the celebrations. Singhanias just go with the flow and accept every crap throw at them. Kathik is anothe disgusting character ready to kill his sister alive for his wife. I only blame these 2 families for spoiling kaira so much that they can’t see anything or anyone than themselves

  3. Why were keerti and naksh telling sorry to naira to hold their own baby and take their own baby home?
    I agree naira was wronged. But her overacting was so so cringe worthy. And what did kartik think that this would benefit the baby, naira, and keerti and everyone else before swapping the babies?


    Yes…..proud of naksh and keerti for not acting over smart and telling naira let krish be with you….really proud of you for taking your son back with you…..being helpful is good…..but not over helpful to such a extent that people like kartik take extra advantage of you….I really didn’t like that part where kirti told naira
    Let me take the baby once in lap I promise I will give him back to you….why dont you want your baby….and naksh telling kirti wel go home such people don’t deserve sympathy now look at kartik even after him being exposed still thinks of naira only…what will naira do what she’s going through doesn’t think of kirti….so I personally feel naksh should support his wife….stop thinking of his sister naira….I’m sure he would be ready to give krish to naira even if it means hurting kirti….
    Think about family but keep your wife first she has come leaving her family and everything for you

  5. it’s naaku and murthi couple’s baby. giving the baby back is not any great sacrifice. Their own baby keerthi is almost begging. This naira thyagam satha attitude has to go. This is not a naya soch or .The serial is dragged on false values and karthik naira romance day in and day out.These characters remain immature not innocent

  6. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I wonder if everybody is watching the same show 😐

    1. f**k off you sl*t

      1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

        Oh dear… I think you need to read your Qur’an instead of watching this serial …


    I agree no one is like akshara….naira does a lot of drama before doing something genuine also and at the end of the day she’s mahan doing a great sacrifice and all which is actually very dramatic….
    Kirti on the hand should be a bit mature she’s the actual person who is doing great things and doing a lot of sacrifice bcz of her attitude and begging nature she should be brave enough…she could have commanded to give her baby back

  8. Krish jab keerti ki god mein aata tha to hamesha chup ho jata tha, abhi kyun rote hue dikha rahe , mahaanta ki Devi Naira ko aur mahaan dikhane ke liye, iss dramaqueen naira ko natak karna aata hai bass, raat bhar keesh ne Apne baby ka wait kiya tha, aur ye madam subah bhashan dekar apne ko mahaan saabit kar rahi, arey keesh ka baby Jo tumhare chor pati NE churaya aur raat bhar tumne room mein band rakha, unhein wapas dekar tum koi ehsaan Ni kar rahi, this is the least thing that u can do. Kya keh rahi ho tum Apne dukh ki parchai bhi ni padni dogi, koi ehsaan kar rahi ho kya, naksh ko jab tunhare joru ke gulaam pati ne jhooth kaha tha ki uska baby Mar gaya, tab bhi vo tumhari khushiyon mein shamil hua tha, kirti jab coma se uthi aur use bhi apne baby k marne ki jhoothi khabar Di, Thanks to your servant kartik again, tab bhi uska dukh koi maayne ni rakhta lekin naira madam ko krish wapas Dena pad raha hai uske real parents ko to vo bahut badi baat hai, bahut bada sacrifice hai, naira tyaag ki Devi hai, keesh are saying sorry to this dramaqueen naira, just to prove her more mahaan. Koi bhi idea ho to “naira ka idea tha” sab yahi kehte hain, naira ko mahaanta ki Devi to ghoshit kar diya hai, ab bass ek Mandir banwa do uske naam ka , aur kartik ko Punjari appoint kar do. Kartik is a spineless man, apni behen ke sath itna bura karne k baad bhi, use bass naira ki padi hai, naira par kya beet rahi hogi, thank God usne krish ko wapas ni maanga ki pls keerti , krish ko meri naira ko de do. Din-raat cheap romance karte ho naira kartik, jiske liye tadapte rehte ho hamesha, itna hi baby chahiye, to doosron ka churane Se accha hai ki ek aur baccha paida kar lo, aur koi kaam to hai ni tum dono ko. Kya kaha tha tumne kartik baby swapping sabhi ke liye accha hai, jab keerti coma mein thi tab to baby aur tunhari naira ke liye accha tha, vaise bhi baby ki care to zyadatar time to nurse leela hi karti thi, tumhari naira ko cheap romance se fursat hi kahan hai,tab to tumne kaha tha ki keerti ko uska haq milna chahiye lekin jab keerti coma se bahar aayi to tum apni hi baat se mukar gaye, tab tumhein sirf apni naira ki khushiyan dikhayin Di bass, behen jaaye bhad mein, aur kaha ki baby ko saari khushiyan mile aur apologise bhi naira se kar rahe the, kya bheja tha “sorry card”. Jitna bura tumne apni behen ke sath kiya hai, tumhein to jail mein hona chahiye, dadi to tumhare hi side hain ,naira bhi tumhein maaf hi kar degi kuch Dino mein kyunki bina cheap romance kiye to wo reh ni sakti, aur phir jab naira madam ka accident ho jayega, phir sab tumhein maaf hi kar dengey, kya pata naksh ko tumse maafi bhi mangwa Di jaate.Characterless shameless shivangi Joshi and her servant kartik

    1. You spoke whatever I thought of.
      Exactly, this naira and kartik always want to become mahaan.
      Remember how they both were forgiven and their pyaar became pure once naira got diagnosed with the brain clot? All was forgiven. The same way this time also will happen. Kartik will be forgiven. Maybe naira might lose her memory and remember only her pregnancy and any mental traume can hurt her further, so who knows maybe keerti and naksh will have to give back Krish for her betterment. Anything can happen in this serial. These two idiots are never grateful for whatever they have got. Instead they reject their opportunities and resources and then cry that God has been unkind to them. And like typical pampered kids their families will forgive them and give them another golden opportunity which these two idiots will mess up again.

  9. So naira gave their own baby back to keesh after them literally begging and crying the whole night as she wants to be Mahaan


    Yes exactly I would agree that naira is mahan or great if naira would have given her baby to naksh and kirti….
    Now see dadi is already worried about kartik and is not even angry at him

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