Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik gifting clothes to Akshara. He sees the modern dresses and asks is he joking. He says we are going Goa, will you wear ghagra there. She says we are not going on honeymoon, but in Naman’s marriage. He says we will get some time there. She says no. He says he will keep buyin such dresses till she wears them. She smiles. Naksh wakes up and asks when will they do tilak. Naitik says its over and they all went. Naksh asks why did he not wake him up. Naitil says we tried but you were tired. Naksh gets annoyed. Rajshri wakes up Vishwamber and he praises her beauty. She gets glad and asks him to say more. He sleeps. She holds her head and says he was praising me in sleep. Karishma gets ready and shouts seeing her dark circles.

She says its her drawer and asks her friend not to keep anything there. She asks how will she share room and life then, and they laugh. Karishma says I won’t share anything. Her aunt asks her to get habitual as she is going in joint family. Nandini talks to Mohit and asks him to get Rukmani back, it will look bad if Maa does not go in marriage, and even I won’t go. Mohit says you just worry about her. He says she did wrong, and everyone will get upset by her taunts. Devyaani says all arrangements are done, we will do rasam soon. Rashmi and Nandini come with kids. Nandini says Mohit will come directly to Goa tomorrow. The Maheshwaris join.

Devyaani says lets start the rasam now. They send the shagun mehndi to Karishma. She can’t bear its smell and asks why is this imp. Her aunt says no one will listen to you there. Her mum says sometimes they have to do something for other’s happiness, you have to change now. Naman comes in the rasam. Akshara sings aai shagun ki ghadiyaan……………… and applies mehndi. Everyone sing badhai ho badhai………….. and dance together. Chitti comes as bride and Naman lifts the veil. Everyone laugh seeing Chitti. Naitik pauses everyone and romances with Akshara. They dance while everyone stop.

The wedding planner comes and says there is a problem,, the flight is cancelled. They are shocked. Naitik asks how can it get cancelled like this, we have 45 tickets. The wedding planner says we can reach there as we have international flight option, but its tonight. Devyaani asks how can we go now. She says I m sorry. Devyaani says we did not sleep even yesterday. Akshara says yes, but its good to make arrangements fast. Karishma says she does not want to get Naman’s name written. She says why should I spoil my design for him. Her mum insists and she says N is fine. Akshara calls them. Her mum says what, tonight, how will we manage. Everyone sit talking, and don’t sleep, as they have to leave in sometime. They all apply mehndi. Akshara’s mehndi spoils and Naitik corrects it.

Naksh suggests truth and dare game and explains the rules. Naman says very nice idea. They all play to be awake and pass the time. Akshara sings dil se bandhi ek dor…………. Plays…………… They light a diya at home and leave for Goa. The flight lands in Goa. Muskaan smiles as Alok helps her. They all are happy seeing Goa. Naitik says Alok chose this place near the airport. Akshara says I feel we left out someone. She asks where is Suresh. Naitik says I forgot to tell him. Bau ji says he can get annoyed with us. Suresh asks did they reach soon, and says he came yesterday night in business class. They all smile seeing him. The wedding planner asks them to go to their rooms.

Akshara says lets get ready for haldi. Devyaani asks Karishma to show her mehndi and asks why is she so dim. Karishma says don’t know. Bhabhimaa says but she should have done as a bride. Rajshri says Karishma did not do this right. Kaki says yes. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani get tensed as they forgot puja haldi in plane. They ask Akshara what will they do now.

The haldi ceremony is done. Everyone smile seeing Naman getting haldi applied.

Update Credit to: Amena

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