Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th December 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akshara and Naitik talking about Naksh and his never ending energy. Maa meets Rashmi and is happy. Rashmi says I m fine and fat. Maa hugs her and says you made us worried. Rama says Rajshri has helped me a lot. Girja gives tea to everyone. Rama asks them how was the darshan. Maa says it was very well, we brought the Prasad for everyone. Akshara asks Rashmi what will you eat. Rashmi says nothing. Kaka, Varsha and Ananya come to meet Naksh and everyone.

Ananya meets Naksh and says I missed you a lot. Naksh says I had much fun and I told them that I don’t want to come back. Dadi asks how was your darshan. Kaki says Anshu told us that you took everyone’s chadava and got Purn. Akshara meets Anshu and he asks her about the Chunri

he gave her. Akshara says I was fulfilled your mannat, where is jasmeet. Naitik jokes and teases Anshu. Anshu says jasmeet said she will visit you tomorrow with her parents.

Nandini, Mohit and Yash come and greets everyone. Mohit says sorry for bringing Yash without asking everyone. He says I have to take Maa and Nandini with me. Akshara says its fine. He says I will be leaving Yash here for some time. Dadda ji says its fine, leave him and finish your work. Rukmani asks Yash not to fight with Naksh.

Rajshri says we will leave now. Dadi says you all take rest. Everyone leave greeting them and taking the prasad. Dadi and everyone come home and talk about the laddoos they made. Rajshri says now we won’t have to make anything for two three months. Ananya asks Varsha will you allow me to be with Naksh and Yash. Varsha says yes. Shaurya talks to Omi and Vishwamber and says there is some work in the office but no one from us can go. He asks Varsha to go and give the presentation.

Everyone are unpacking their bags and getting used to normal routine. Naksh and Yash have a talk. Maa talks to Rama about their trip and says its good that we have servants else we would have managed. Bhabhimaa asks Rashmi to have some food. Rashmi says I have to go to doctor in evening. Rama says I tried to get morning appointment but could not get. Rashmi says I m fine. Rama says I m worried as Nikhil is not in the city. Akshara says you both can stay with us till they come back. Bhabhimaa also insists.

Rama says I have office work too. If Rashmi stays here, its good. Rashmi says I can’t leave you alone. Rama says you need more care that I m unable to do, stay here for some days. Maa says yes, she can stay here. Rama apologizes to them for leaving Rashmi is this state. Rashmi says I will come with you. Rama jokes and Rashmi agrees.

Everyone smile seeing them. Rashmi asks Rama to come and meet her daily. Bhabhimaa asks Maa will you go for bath or shall I. Maa says you go first. Varsha tells everyone that she can’t do it, as she failed the last time. Ananya gives her confidence to go ahead. Maa and Bhabhimaa are feeling good after the bath. Maa says Akshara is still busy in work. Maa sees Naksh and Yash with things. Naksh says I m seeing the gifts.

Rama says where is my gift. Naksh gives her a gift. She likes it and thanks him. Rashmi asks what for me. Naksh also gifts her something for her baby. Everyone smile. Akshara comes to Naitik and he is busy in work. He says you are looking beautiful. She laughs. Akshara says Naksh went on you. Naitik says so you were laughing on me, I asked you not to look beautiful like this. Naksh and Yash come to them and asks Akshara for milkshake.

Akshara leaves. Naitik asks them to search his phone charger and whoever finds it will get a prize. Naksh and Yash agree. They start finding it. Yash gets it and Naitik gifts him. Naksh is upset. Naitik asks Akshara did you see the designs, make it final. Akshara says yes. Akshara is busy in work. Naksh and Yash argue a lot. Akshara gets a call from office. Naksh throws a ball and makes water fall. Naksh says now I will be scolded.

Akshara hears Naksh and Yash talking.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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