Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Sirat return home

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik turning to go. Socha na tha….plays… Sirat cries. He looks at the house and leaves. Uncle says just you have save his family from trouble. Aunty asks why don’t you together fight the world, when hands join, then strength gets double. Kartik’s car doesn’t start. Uncle says person is known by what he does for others. Aunty says everyone fights for own respect, there is no one who fights for others’ respect, you should keep him safely. Sirat cries and recalls Kartik. Uncle asks Sirat not to think much. Aunty asks her to go. Sirat asks shall I go, but you both. Aunty and uncle say we are there to take care of each other, you and Raj come after all this ends, go fast, before Raj leaves. Sirat goes with her bag. Kartik starts the car. He cries and leaves. Sirat runs after the car. She gets sad.

Surekha likes the banner. Akhilesh says decorations are great. Manish likes the designs. Surekha says we have much work. Dadi smiles. Kairav says Akshu, its Teej tomorrow, I wish someone kept a fast for my dad, Sirat and his jodi was perfect. Dadi prays that someone comes in Kartik’s life to take care of him and his children.

Kartik comes home with Sirat. She looks at Goenka house. FB shows uncle and aunty asking Sirat to just go after Raj. Sirat leaves on her cycle. She follows Kartik’s car. She comes in front of the car. He stops the car. FB ends. Kartik signs Sirat to come. Dadi prays send someone in Kartik’s life to share his joy and sorrow. Sirat says if they don’t let me in, then, we did a mistake, I should go back. He says no, trust me, come. He holds her hand and takes her. He rings the bell. Manish opens the door. He gets shocked seeing Kartik and Sirat. He asks what is she doing here. Kartik tries to explain. Manish, Surekha and Akhilesh ask him to send Sirat away. Kartik says she came here to return our lost respect. Manish says she has no respect of her own, I don’t want her favor, make her out. Kartik says stop. Manish says I can do anything to save my family respect. Kartik and Manish argue. Sirat worries.

Kartik says give her a chance to ave our name from defamation. Manish asks Sirat to leave. Kartik says she won’t go anywhere. Manish scolds him. He asks what’s your relation with Sirat, she has become everything for you. Kartik says Sirat isn’t my friend, she is my wife. Sirat and everyone get shocked. They all look at Kartik. He brings her inside the house. Surekha says you didn’t ask anything, its just namesake relations here, you married this girl, she got the family defamed. Akhilesh holds Manish. He says you proved the media and Chauhan right. Surekha says this news will spread now. Suwarna says you should have spoke to us once, Sirat you should have explained him. Kartik says Sirat, no need to say, everyone will now shut up knowing Sirat is now this family’s bahu. Manish leaves. Akhilesh says you think people will forget everything if you marry her. Surekha scolds Sirat. Gayu says Sirat isn’t such. Surekha asks why doesn’t she come here, her Nani and Ranvir have passed away, why is she here. She asks Kartik why didn’t he think of family and his children. She says Sirat trapped you to live a good life. Suwarna stops Surekha. Kartik says marriage decision was mine, not of Sirat.

Akhilesh says I regret this more, we sent you to London because media was always outside the house, when matter got calm, your action gave them chance to make news. Surekha says you ruined us Kartik, we have to cancel the jewellery launch event. Sirat gets angry. Suwarna asks Kartik to take Sirat to their room, she will send tea for them. She says we will end this matter here. Kartik takes Sirat. He says we will talk inside the room. They go to the room. Sirat asks what did you tell me there, what did you do, will the blame get clear this way, you have hurt your family. She sees Naira’s pic. She says even she would regret this, why. He says I just told that, you know me, I never thought of this, not even when Ranvir and Amma told me, but I have to keep my promise, I couldn’t see dad dragging you out. She cries. He says I can just apologize to you, I m really sorry.

Sirat says we have to hear taunts every day, it won’t be wrong if they taunt. Kartik says fine, I can’t see you upset. She asks what would you do being in my place.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Manish and Surekha are right this time. Sirat does not respect herself at all, she could tell the truth, but she is silent, because she knows that her aunt is right. Kartik has become the most disgusting. The show was turned into bullshit. Now the widower Kartik and the widow Sirat will live in the same room and pretend to be married. The marriage became a joke. And this is the show that talks about relationships, about values?

  2. Untill and unless they have thier Third Baby..This drama of Unacceptance will continue.

  3. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Well I think it is only fair that Sirat clears the stain on the Goenkas name….and herself as well…..but I don’t think this was the correct way…….if Kartik had to lie about them being married then he should have done just so….got married…..why make a mockery of that…..smh……maybe that was his Plan B 🙄………anyway, he made a selfish decision to get his way with the family members and did not give a thought to Sirat’s opinion, nor his family 😔 ……and I did say that Manish is arrogant and ignorant with his mannerism 🙄 but I believe we are now seeing a similar track as with Naira, where he was opposed to even her, but eventually came around to accept and love her 😐 ……maybe in this way writers are telling us that “SIRAT is the new Naira” 🙄😔 ………btw, I dislike Sureka….and I hate the way she speaks to people with such disrespect 😡 thank goodness Kartik realized that her rotten niece riya 🙄 was up to no good….rotten runs in that family lol ……so I will just wait and see where this track leads us…..sry for Naira fans 🙏

  4. ya the story is just rubbish………………….do u remember krishna , it is not revealed that she is kaira daughter……..left the track in between…….nothing seems t be interesting now………they should focus on akshu also as after naira death few month leap was there and now 6 months leap……akshu must be more than 1 year old……..they should show she walking and speaking but nothing is shown……… least if they are starting a track they should show completely not left in between…..nothing proper in this show now………..just rubbish serial now after 5 years leap……… now only focus on kartik sirat……..they should show keesh also such a beutifull couple…………..what do you think guys

    1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      @RUHI …I think the reason for less air time for the children is due to the facts that children are impatient and easily distracted, plus they still have to get paid according to show ratings I believe🙄 ……so while we might justify the need, apparently the directors and producers have to stray from the main leads to include a kids segment, which would take more time to shoot as compared to an adult (and we know that kids are really not that flexible or focused😐) ……other than that, then yes it would be nice to see a few scenes with the other kids, keeping us updated on their welfare and progress……btw, I saw a few behind the scene clips, where cute little Akshu was a bit fussy during one of the shoots😁……seems as tho that script was cancelled, because I never saw the scene in any of the episodes so 🤷

  5. Sirat and kartik good couple

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