Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rukmani filling Devyaani’s ears against Akshara. She asks did anything happen between you two. Devyaani says nothing like that. Rukmani says I m your friend, tell me. Devtaanis ays no, lets go home. They leave. Rajshri and Kaki talk about Devyaani’s new look. Rajshri says yes its good, she looks happy now. Dadi says she used to very simple before. Varsha says yes, she got good house and children now. Rajshri says she deserves happiness. Jasmeet says I m happy for her and Naman and Muskaan. Rajshri calls Devyaani and asks how is she, she is missing her so called. Devyaani says I m fine, how are you all.

Rajshri says there is sound coming. Devyaani says I came out to buy rakhis with Rukmani. Rajshri praises her for managing so well. She asks about the gift she won and it’s a happy news. She asks about her heavy saree and good hairstyle. Devyaani thinks Akshara told her everything and is upset. Rukmani asks how did she know, maybe Akshara told her. Devyaani says no, she can’t say. Rukmani says Rajshri called today only because of her.

Naitik asks Akshara is her shopping over. Akshara says she bought few items for Devyaani. Rajshri tells everyone that Devyaani was with Rukmani in market. Varsha and Jasmeet are on laptop, finding something for rakhi day. Jasmeet says don’t tell them, let it come first. Naitik tells Akshara that he will tell Bau ji what lawyer said. Akshara gives rakhis for Bhabhimaa for her brothers, as they did not tell Devyaani. Bhabhimaa is glad that there is nothing between Devyaani and Akshara. Devyaani comes home with Rukmani.

They see Akshara. Devyaani gives her the shopping bag. Akshara asks about her shopping, where did they go. She says Naitik and I………….. Devyaani does not hear her and leaves. Rukmani asks why did she lie, if she does not want to come with them. She says you have lied to Devyaani and says a woman is happy who keeps mum’s place as its place and not tell anything. Akshara asks what does she mean. Rukmani says Devyaani felt bad by what she told about her in her mum’s house.

Devyaani comes and Rukmani changes the topic. Akshara wants to talk but Devyaani ignores her. Akshara gets upset. Rukmani fills Devyaani’s ears and asks her to treat Akshara as her mum in law, as she did not like Akshara’s behavior. Naksh spends time with Naman and Muskaan, They talk about rakhis. Naman and Muskaan try to open the rakhis off his hand. Naman respects and loves Muskaan a lot.

Varsha and Jasmeet plan a surprise for Akshara. Everyone is glad. Devyaani coems and Akshara stops her to talk to her. Akshara asks Devyaani is she annoyed, did she do any mistake. Bhabhimaa comes and asks Devyaani to show her shopping. They go to see what she got. Devyaani shows the rakhis she got for Akshara’s family. Naksh, Naman and Muskaan come. Naksh says I will select my rakhis. Devyaani says she got good rakhis. Naksh likes it. Bhabhimaa asks is this silver with gold finish. Devyaanis ays no, iys gold rakhi, I thought to make it special. Bhabhimaa says its costly, what we can do simple way, why to spend more.

She says its not looking like rakhi, but don’t get angry, I did not wish to hurt you, you can tie this. Muskaan says no, if you think we should tie the regular ones. Devyaani says but I did not bring it. Akshara says we will make at home. Naman says he will get a gold rakhi tied. Muskaan asks for gifts. Naman says she does not tie rakhi for gifts. Naksh says yes, I gift Ananya every year. Naksh asks for the gifts. Devyaani gives gifts. Naksh says all for them.

Akshara says we will give them on all other days, one each. Naksh says wow, everything is fine between mum and Devyaani. Shaurya and Anshu have a talk and everyone smile seeing them argue. Shaurya says he does not want help. Everyone offer him help. Akshara is worried. Naitik comes and holds her face asking what happened. She hugs him. She says nothing is fine and tells him about Devyaani and how things are going bad between them.

She tells about gold rakhis and he wanted to tell anything, but could not. She says she is also feeling that this is wrong. She says relations are dividing. He asks her not to worry. She asks should she talk to Devyaani. He says such things can end problems for once and all. He asks not to worry. She says yes, everything will be fine and hugs him as he is her strength. Ananya is deciding which rakhi to tie to Naksh and Yash. Muskaan asks Naman for her gift. He says ask dad, he always gives it. Bau ji and Devyaani hear this.

Bau ji says its good to see you both fighting. It reminded me of Rashmi and Naitik. He says I was thinking what to give Muskaan, from Naman’s side. Muskaan says I was joking. Bau ji says but I m not joking. Naitik looks on. Muskaan and Naman leave. Bau ji and Devyaani see Naitik. Naksh talks to Naman about Karishma. Naksh talks to Riya and says he will give Naman some tips. Akshara sees Naitik upset and asks what happened. He says Nandini called, Mohit and she are going out for some job event. He says Nandini won’t come for rakhi day.

Devyaani says you can celebrate it later on. Naitik says you are explaining me like kids. Devyaani says children are always small for parents. Akshara says good idea, you tell Nandini, she has to tie rakhi herself. Naitik says yes. Bhabhimaa says about Rashmi……. Everyone look on.

Gayu baby falls and Rashmi scolds Devyaani. Akshara defends Rashmi and Devyaani scolds Akshara for controlling her and her children. Everyone is shocked. Akshara feels hurt and looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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