Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

brings them to the room and thanks them for coming back. Naman thanks him. Naksh says I have great idea, shall we play football. Naman says fine, tomorrow. Naksh says sleep in my room. Naman says Muskaan did you see they settled the room like before, we would have gone, but I want to spend time with mum. She says me too. Suresh calls Naman and he talks to him. Suresh asks where are you. Naman says we came to meet mum, we are at her house. Suresh says you should have told me. Naman says we did not tell you as you would have stopped us, we are grown up and take our decisions, don’t blame mum, we came by our wish, we are not ending our relation with you. Akshara tells Naitik everything how Devyaani asked the kids to leave knowing they came to stay here forever. Naitik says things are getting worse, what can I do, I know all this is wrong, we should stop it. Akshara says we can’t do anything, such things happen, even no one wanted to keep Chikki, but she is accepted by us. Naitik says Chikki was not related to us, but they are related. Mohit calls Naitik and asks what are you making in breakfast as we decided to see the match at your house. He says I invited everyone. Naitik says fine, we will meet tomorrow. Naitik tells this to Akshara. She says I know why are you worried, don’t worry, nothing will happen. Naitik leaves annoyed. Bhabhimaa is upset. Bau ji asks did you think of anything, what did Dadda ji say. Bhabhimaa says nothing. Bau ji asks Dadda ji about Naman and Muskaan. Dadda ji says no, we can’t hire them, as they don’t have any experience. Bau ji is shocked and says fine, I will tell them. Dadda ji says no, I will tell. Bau ji says there was a time when Dadda ji used to take all decisions. Bhabhimaa says he does not remember anything. Bau ji says what to do, they came back home, we can’t keep them and can’t ask them to go. Bhabhimaa says what will we say everyone, how long will we hide, Naksh can tell anyone. She says we are not annoyed with them. She says we value Devyaani and her happiness matters, what about Rashmi and Nandini, will they accept her, and Rukmani will tell the whole city, what will we do then, you can decide now. Bau ji is tensed. Vishwamber talks to Rajshri and asks why is she worried. She says about Devyaani. Everyone are going there to see match, kids are there, relations can become bad. He says we can’t say anything. Bau ji comes to the room and sees Devyaani crying. He asks her to take care of her children well. She says forgive me, I know its my mistake and everyone are worried. Bau ji says no, I told you its not your mistake, so don’t apologize. She says tell me what to do. He says we can’t decide. He says we will find some solution later, till then they will stay here. She says ask everyone. He says fine, they can worry and they are right, but we will sort it out, you should not be worried, I request you to enjoy this time and spend this time, so that you can’t regret later. She holds his hand and says thank you very much for supporting and understanding me. Everyone does the puja together in the morning. Naman and Muskaan greet the elders. Devyaani hugs Akshara happily. Naman and Muskaan come to them. Naman says shall we help you in kitchen as guests are coming. Akshara says I will manage, go and rest. Naman says its ok, we know cooking, as we used to cook for ourselves always. Muskaan insists. Devyaani agrees. Akshara says ok. Naman and Muskaan make some snacks. Devyaani smiles seeing them. Devyaani cooks with them. Akshara smiles seeing them united. Bhabhimaa comes there and sees them happy. She asks what are you seeing. Akshara says that how a mum meet her children after many years. Bhabhimaa says but I m afraid and leaves. Devyaani compliments Naman and Muksaan. Naman says dad made us independent. Omi talks to everyone. Akshara asks Naitik to trust her and not to worry, enjoy the match with everyone. She says I want to see your cute smile. He says see, fine. She says a big one. He leaves. She stops him and they dance. Akshara tickles him to make him smile. Pyaar hai tujhpe aaraha……………..plays…………….. Naitik finally smiles. She asks him to smile always. She says we faced so big problems before and we ended them. He says I know but I m worried. She says me too. Naitik holds her romantically. She runs. He smiles. Precap:
Naitik and Varsha argue on match. Mohit announces a match between Singhanias and Maheshwaris. Akshara looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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