Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara worrying about Karishma. Naitik says its Karishma’s mistake, she will know now what she lost. She says I wanted to explain her that getting job is easy, but doing it well is hard. He asks her not to overthink and take care of her health. He says he has come to show baby videos. She smiles seeing it. He is glad and smiles. Naman comes to Karishma and asks is she socializing. He says its good, now you can move on. She says like its cakewalk, I would have left the job, but I m fired, I can’t forget it, I gave my best to that job. He says leave me, come to me. She says stop it, go, I m floating my resume, you go and sleep. He says don’t make it an issue. She says you won’t understand as it did not happen with you, Akshara’s family insulted me, you would have explained them.

He says I won’t tell anything, don’t say I did not bother. She says fine, leave me alone. Devyaani hears them arguing and gets worried that it can affect entire family. She comes to Akshara. She asks her to try once for the family’s peace. Akshara says everyone has to try, I have started my way, the difference is its not like you are thinking. Devyaani says you think we can punish Karishma and change her. Akshara says I want to make her realize she is wrong, I m not punishing her, sometimes bitter medicines us also required. Devyaani says I have seen Naman and Karishma fighting. Naitik comes and hears her scolding Akshara.

He stops her and asks how can you blame Akshara, the reason is Karishma. Devyaani says are we not a part of this family. Naitik asks is Akshara not a part of this family, the way you are talking, made me feel Karishma and Akshara are different for you. If this can affect Naman and Karishma, it can affect Akshara and her baby too. Devyaani says sorry Naitik, you are right, I forgot this. They hear Nandini crying and rush there. Nandini asks Rukmani to give her baby. Rukmani says I will keep baby away from you. Nandini asks Mohit to tell Maa. Mohit asks Rukmani to give. Rukmani refuses for baby’s good. Nandini asks what happened to me. Rukmani says you have gone mad. Naitik sends kids out.

Mohit asks her to stop it. Akshara bsays nothing, its hormonal changes after delivery. Rashmi says yes. Akshara says it happened with me also. Rashmi says yes, it happens with all babies. They calm down Nandini. Rukmani leaves with the baby. Akshara says I will bring your baby and goes. Mohit scolds Rukmani and asks how can she do this being a mum herself. Rukmani asks him to make Nandini’s mind fine first. Mohit says I can’t hear anything against her, she is fine. She scolds him. She says I m keeping baby away for his good. Akshara says no need to argue, calm down. Naitik asks Mohit to go to room. Akshara asks for baby and Rukmani goes.

Rama says how will we get baby from her. Devyaani says we have to do something, else Nandini will panic more. Akshara says Nandini needs baby and only he can make her fine, she needs out love and support. Bhabhimaa looks on and leaves. Naitik comes to kids and Akshara answers them. Naitik says everything will be fine. Its morning, Naitik and Bau ji talk about work. Akshara asks Chitti and Girja to make food. Karishma comes and sits to work. Naksh talks to her and asks what game is she playing. She says game is played with me, I m finding new job. She says I will apply in big hotel and I will get the job. Akshara says you won’t get, don’t apply there, as its closed two years before.

Karishma says I would have known this. Karishma says you should know everything about work places. Karishma argues and Devyaani supports Akshara. Rukmani comes and asks Devyaani to give medicine as she is having body pain. Akshara signs to Naitik and takes the baby, asking her to rest and baby can catch infection. Rukmani gets sad. Varsha talks to Rajshri and says Jasmeet and I can also make mistakes, balancing work and office, we are not like Akshara. Rajshri says we did not fire Karishma for making mistake, but she did not accept and rectify it, she was blaming us, its wrong. Rajshri asks her to make tea and smiles. The kids have a talk about party. Yash asks will the elders agree to you. Naksh says yes, if I agree to them.

Karishma reads she needs last work’s reference, they won’t make good report and how can I ask. Akshara does not let Rukmani take the baby. They all smile and tease Rukmani. Rukmani asks for baby. Akshara says you are not well, weak and ill, if you make baby fall, then. Rukmani says I m not so ill that I can’t take care of grandson, I m his Dadi. Akshara says Nandini is baby’s mother, how did you think she can harm the baby. She says how will Nandini think, we all know she is ill, but she can still take care of baby, if doctor said baby can sure her, how can you make baby away from her, how will Nandini get well. Rukmani realizes her mistake.

Nandini comes. Rukmani gives the baby and everyone smile. Akshara hugs Bhabhimaa. Naman tells Karishma that Akshara did great. Karishma says yes, she has solution for all problems, and gets annoyed. Rukmani says I was thinking to do naming ceremony today. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani agree. Devyaani calls Rajshri and Rajshri thinks is she calling to talk about Karishma. Devyaani invites her in Nandini’s son’s naming ceremony, and says if we don’t try, annoyance can’t go, please come. Rajshri says I would, but I feel its better if I don’t come.

Devyaani says as you find fine, but we would have been glad, you are part of this family. Rajshri says thanks for giving respect, I thought you called me for Karishma’s matter. Devyaani says yes, I thought you are wrong. They both apologize. They say relations should not be affected. The kids go to make name list. Everyone smile.

Naman says the deal is cancelled as they did not get papers, Akshara has forgotten. Karishma taunts Akshara for her mistake.

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