Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Dadi worries about Vedika

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik promising to always be together, not be foolish, never hurt Naira and keep the relation with love and understanding. Naira asks him will he just bound her, she also can’t stay without him, if he loves her, she also loves him a lot. She says your footprints will also be there in this frame. Kartik smiles. Dil saara tere aage….plays… He holds her hand and stands on the frame. She says we will always be together. He says promise we won’t get away. They hug. Dadi sees them and goes. Suwarna comes and asks what’s the matter. Dadi says I feel scared, I just saw Kartik and Naira, I m not feeling happy. Suwarna says its your love for Kartik, that’s scaring you.

Dadi says no, I m worried for what we did with Vedika, she stayed here with hope, she got nothing, we will apologize to her. Suwarna says no, its nothing like that, you can ask her tomorrow when she comes to court. Vedika recalls Kartik. She sees divorce papers and cries. Its morning, Kartik and Naira pray at the temple. They say we shall always stay together. He applies tika to her. Vedika comes there and sees them. Naira sees Vedika and stops. Vedika hides. Kartik asks where. She says I had seen Vedika. He says fine, we shall go now, Kairav will get upset, why are you going to Singhania house, come with me, don’t leave me alone. Naira asks what will everyone think, I will miss you more. They leave. Vedika recalls Pallavi’s words.

Suwarna asks Gayu to talk on the call. She says Vansh’s grandpa is ill, he wants to meet Vansh for the final time. Gayu asks what shall I do. Samarth says take Vansh, if its Dada is dying, he would like to see Vansh, his blood. Gayu thinks Samarth got right chance to taunt. She asks everyone not to tell her. Naira asks her what happened. Gayu says I have to take Vansh to his real dad’s real family. She goes. Surekha says Naksh has come. Naira nods. Surekha says Gayu and Vansh left, you and Vansh are also going now. Everyone hugs Kairav. Kartik says I will miss you a lot. Kairav says me too. Naira asks Dadi are you happy. Dadi says a lot. Kartik sees Naira. Dadi prays.

Everyone is outside the family court. Kartik says I couldn’t live without you. Naira says we know. Lawyer says mutual divorce will happen smoothly, it will end in maximum of 6 months, it can happen soon also. Manish says it will be good if you end the case soon. Lawyer says just explain Kartik and Vedika todo as I say, where is she. Kartik says Vedika would be on the way. They wait for Vedika. Naira says I have no courage to face her. Kartik says we didn’t do to hurt anyone, but for their happiness, don’t feel guilty. Lawyer asks him to call and find out. Suwarna says her phone is unreachable. Lawyer says its been 2 hours, if she doesn’t come in 5 mins, we have to start fresh on another date.

Suwarna says I spoke to Pallavi, she said Vedika left from the house already. Vedika comes shouting Kartik… Naira…. I m sorry, you all had to wait, there was a political rally on the way. Suwarna says I called you many times. Vedika says really sorry, I forgot the phone at home, we will go and finish formalities. Lawyer says wait, I will go and see first. Vedika sees Kartik and Naira. Dadi thinks did Vedika really get late or had some confusion. Pandit gives the date. Kairav says we want to hurry, we can’t wait. Everyone smiles. Kairav says pandit said marriage can happen this week also. Naira and everyone come. Naira says no, it can’t happen so soon

Suwarna says just go and explain Kairav. Kairav shows the smiley rings. Kartik thinks we can’t wear cartoon rings all the life.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Now they will make Vedika negative and they will justify kaira is right and made for each other..

    So unfair.. Vedika y u want to return in their selfish lives..

    Pls don’t do the mistake.. better live ur own life happily by going far away from them..

  2. Naira ka divorce to turant ho Gaya tha ab 6 months jokes same Nahi rakhte yeh.

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