Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant Admires Anushka, KK Gets Weapon Against Siddhant

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 9th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anushka gets up from bed and goes to bathroom. Siddhant wakes up and tries to go to washroom, then realizes that Anushka is inside. He says sorry to Anushka and says he forgot that he is married. Anushka says I should have locked the door properly. She comes out and tells sorry for her reaction. She says I shouldn’t have react as we are husband and wife.

Purva meets Karthik and informs him about Siddhant and Gayatri doubting on KK for Prabhakar’s death. Karthik says it must be a misunderstanding and tells that KK and Prabhakar’s friendship is an example. He tells her that Siddhant is not clean and he knows all his doings. Purva says if it is true then?

Karthik tells Purva that if his Appa is wrong then he will leave his house. He thanks her for sharing it with him. Purva tells that she is feeling light after talking to him. Siddhant comes to his room and admires Anushka as she gets ready and applies sindoor, wear mangalsutra and bangles. Anushka asks what he is looking at? Siddhant tells poetry, and says I thought, but was not sure that this will happen, you will get ready in my room and have sindoor in your maang. Anushka says we are married newly so others shall know. Siddhant says you are happy and smiling.

Siddhant says you asked me something that I can call you hot and s…y on that rainy day. He says you are not only hot, but smoking hot. They wish each other for day 1 after marriage. Nupur calls him and asks where is he? He tells that he came to meet Purva. She gets upset. Purva asks what happened? Karthik tells that Nupur thinks I have feelings for you. Purva asks do you have feelings for me? Karthik says don’t know. Purva says she has feelings for him even though she knows that he is married. Siddhant and Anushka come to hall. Gayatri asks Siddhant to have food and asks Anushka to go from home when she returns from temple and asks her to make her own food if she has any self respect, if her parents taught her. Anushka gets upset and cries. Siddhant asks her to come out and says we will have breakfast together in same plate.

KK calls Karthik and asks did you and Nupur have a fight. Karthik says yes. KK asks them to enjoy and says don’t you love your wife. Karthik says I tried to love her, but couldn’t. KK asks then why did you marry her. Karthik says for you.

Siddhant tells Anushka that he thought to make her have golgappa when he proposed her first. Anushka teases him and have golgappa. She says you made my day. She gets sad and tells him that she tries not to think, but can’t get off his thinking about Appa. Siddhant says this thing shall not come between us and says I can’t stay without you. They have golgappa with each other hands. Siddhant says one shall not eat while eating golgappa.

KK asks Karthik why did Nupur take Purva’s name. Karthik gets up and says Purva has nothing to do with our fight. KK says then why did you get up? He asks what is going on between you both. Karthik confesses to have feelings for Purva and says she also loves him. He says don’t know how it happened, but it happened and I can’t do anything now. KK thinks he got a weapon to fight with Siddhant.

Precap: Srikant asks why happened to Siddhant and why is he doing this, cutting reddy corporation roots. Anushka scolds Siddhant and tells him that he will find her when he tries to harm KK or Reddy Corporation.

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  1. Precept ?

  2. Fenil

    Everything is so crystal clear than other shows…Poorva and Karthik Confessed that they have some sorts of feelings for each other….awww SidKa’s pani puri date so cute…Kk will now use his son and poorva against Siddhant.Precap is fantabulous Wife Nahi Reddy Cooperation ki HR Head ,Pharmaceutical deal ki manager vs Siddhant .

  3. Ho dis karthik confesses his feelings before KK.
    Purva is so cute…now dis Kk will plan something against purva
    KK started his emotional drama before his family members ..

  4. Anushka & Siddhant ka love Crystal clear. They look so cute.

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