Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 8th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant Wins From Airlines Company

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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 8th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anushka scolds Amit and says whatever we did was unintentionally and said sorry also. She says you have hurt Siddhant intentionally, you shall not be bothered if we are friends or not. Amit says I have no problem with him and that’s why I have invited him. Anushka tears his wedding card and throws on his face. Srikant shows Mr. Nanda’s bank press release that they are ready to give money to them. Karthik says it is a good news and calls Mr. Nanda. Mr. Nanda tells that it is just press release, but he will not give money. Karthik comes to Sweety and asks about Siddhant. Sweety says he went for a meeting, but didn’t tell me anything. Karthik scolds him and goes. Anushka comes there and asks about Siddhant, then asks him to tell Siddhant to meet her. Sweety thinks Siddhant is in demand.

Siddhant gets down from the helicopter and reaches Mumbai. Mr. Nanda asks how was the chopper ride. Siddhant says good. Mr. Nanda says you are quite ambitious. Siddhant says he is more ambitious than he appears. Mr. Nanda says such men go a long way. Anushka calls him, but he disconnects the call. She thinks she didn’t do any mistake. Siddhant and Mr. Nanda go to Airlines company. Airlines company’s manager tells that Mr. Sudhanshu Nanda came with you. He tells that we won’t refund you any money. Siddhant says you shall not worry reading today’s newspaper, afterall we are reddy corporation and can do anything. They ask what he wants to say. Siddhant says I have one more newspaper, which is not printed, and it depends on you if it will be printed tomorrow or not. Siddhant gives them newspaper in which they read that all their engines are defective and govt will take action against their company. Siddhant says Govt will get your engines check and the Goel’s aircraft was your plane. Manager says what do you mean and says engine is responsible for the crash? Siddhant says you know, I know, but people don’t know and are interested in reading news. He says just as we take this initiative and govt probe into it, you have to close your company as nobody will buy aircrafts from you. Manager/CEO asks if you are threatening us. Siddhant says doing business just like you. He smiles.

Siddhant comes back to Reddy Corporation office and talks to Prabhakar’s pic. He asks for his blessings and says he got his first win today. He says nothing happens if I think about everyone’s betterment. Anushka is still waiting for him and comes to his cabin. She says you have disconnected the call. Siddhant says I was in the meeting. Anushka asks if he is still upset about morning incident and asks what is her mistake? Siddhant says mistake is of our past which comes infront again and again. Anushka says we have decided not to talk about it. Siddhant says I can’t forget whatever happened with me. Anushka says yes, everything happened with you, and not me. She recalls Siddhant blaming her and asks him to think about others also. She says you can’t change, goes to her cabin and cries. Siddhant asks shall I come inside. Anushka nods. Siddhant says sorry, it was my fault and says I will try to make sure that our past don’t spoil our future.

Anushka wipes her tears. Siddhant asks shall we go to Amit Deewan’s marriage. Anushka says let him go to hell, and laughs. Siddhant also laughs.

Gayatri tries to call Siddhant and asks Purva to call him. Purva says your phone is old and asks her to buy new one. Gayatri says your Papa’s phone is there, I will bring it. She goes to her room and takes Prabhakar’s phone. She gets emotional. Purva comes and takes phone, says it needs to charged. She keeps the phone on charging. Gayatri hears the sound and says Siddhant must have come. Siddhant comes. Gayatri says she made kheer today. Siddhant asks her to bring it. He asks Purva about scooty. Purva says she met Anushka today, and even she ride on her bike. She tells that Anushka said that life shall be exciting. Siddhant remembers saying the same thing. He sees Prabhakar’s phone on charging and checks the messages. He thinks same messages from many numbers. Gayatri brings food. Siddhant says I will give this phone to you in the morning. Gayatri says ok. Siddhant goes to his room and calls on the numbers. Someone picks on one of the number. Siddhant calls him Dinesh Swami. Man says the number is of his store in Meerut.

Siddhant tells anushka that he saw messages in Prabhakar’s phone and since then he is restless. He says surely something is related to his death.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Thank you for the daily updates, I read them each day after watching the episode.
    This episode had few moments worth mentioning like the fb showing Robbie trying to kiss Anushka ( which I believe was shown for the first time), Gyatr telling “your father used to call from the ‘dinosaur phone’ ( which is really emotional) but you just slipped those.
    I believe this is written episode particularly for those who might have missed the episode but still please try including these sweet and defining moments of the show.

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