Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 7th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Anushka and Siddhant’s relation get better

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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 7th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anushka sees note on bouquet and thinks her classmates might have sent this. KK asks Siddhant to go ahead. Mr. Nanda tells that Siddhant is like his father. KK recalls his conversation with Prabhakar and says Siddhant is like me and not like Prabhakar, if he would have been alive then would have seen today. Anushka thinks how dare that chasmish to send flowers for me. She calls her friend Parag and asked for Amit Deewan’s number. Siddhant hears and laughs silent. Anushka sees him. Siddhant says he came to take the file which Sweety forgot. He sees bouquets and asks who sent this. Anushka says my friend. Siddhant says you have lovely friends, but I have nobody who sent me bouquets. He then asks who was he? Anushka says it is personal and asks him to go.

Siddhant takes file and leave. He goes to his cabin. Sweety tells him that he is sending bouquets to her from different shops. Siddhant says her life shall be exciting because of our friendship. Anushka calls Amit Deewan and threatens him, saying she will get all florist licence cancelled. Siddhant and Sweety come there and asks her to relax. Anushka says you don’t know Siddhant. Again her secretary brings bouquet. Anushka takes bouquet in her hand and faints. Sweety asks if she has allergy with this also. Siddhant asks him to call doctor, lifts anushka and takes her to sofa. Anushka opens her eyes and says she was acting like him. Siddhant asks how did she know? She says she saw the notes, but there was no red rose in any of the bouquets. She says only you are the one who can confess love, but there was no red rose in bouquet. Siddhant says 1 on 1. Anushka says it backfired, so same.

Anushka says when I fainted, then our face was like…to be seen. She says we both know each other very well. Siddhant and Anushka laughs loudly. Their teen days are shown, when they were laughing. Sweety says Doctor is coming. He sees Anushka and says you are fine. Siddhant goes to his cabin. Anushka looks at the bouquets in her cabin.

Siddhant gets Scooty delivered for Purva. Purva thanks Siddhant and says I thought you forgot it. Gayatri breaks coconut. Purva rides it and then stops, says she will go. Siddhant makes her wear helmet and asks her to ride safe. She goes and comes to KK’s house. She gets mesmerized seeing KK’s house. Karthik comes there and greets her. He asks if she is still upset with him. She asks if he remembers still. He says yes. Anushka comes. Purva tells that Siddhant got bike for her. She shows her fashion show pics. Karthik asks her to show, and says you are talented. He leaves. Anushka asks Purva if she can ride her bike. Purva asks if she is in love. Anushka smiles.
Anushka rides scooty. Her bhabhi looks at her. Anushka asks her to try and ride it. Purva asks her to drive it. Bhabhi says it is riding and not driving. She says siddhant rides bike. Purva says Bhai looks handsome riding on it. She leaves. Anushka asks Bhabhi why she was rude? Bhabhi asks why you are defending Purva, Siddhant and Prabhakar and asks her not to forget her. Anushka says they all are so nice, innocent and transparent.

Sweety tells Siddhant that he never sat in helicopter and don’t want to come with him. Siddhant says I will make you fly in private jet and asks him to have patience. He sees a guy outside the reception and says I have seen him somewhere. He goes to Anushka’s cabin and asks her to come out. He tells that the man on the reception was known. Anushka says may be.

Receptionist tells Anushka that he came to meet you. Man introduces himself as Amit Deewan. He greets Siddhant and Anushka with a hug. Anushka asks him to come to her cabin and asks what he would like to have. He says coffee. Siddhant laughs silently behind him. Anushka also couldn’t control her laugh and goes out to order coffee. She comes back and laughs. Amit gives his marriage card to Anushka. He tells Siddhant that he didn’t know that he was here else he would have brought card for him also. Siddhant says I will come without card. Amit says I didn’t know that you are still together. Anushka is still laughing and tells him about Siddhant’s prank taking his name. Amit gets upset, and says I will go. He then tells Anushka why she thought that he don’t love her, and says if Siddhant can be your friend, then why can’t I? He tells Siddhant that you are working with her forgetting your self respect and thinking that I am not suitable for her. Siddhant gets upset and recalls Anushka partying without him in their teens.

Anushka asks Siddhant what is my mistake, why you are upset with me. Siddhant says it is our past mistake.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Priyanka Gupta

    I loved yesterday’s episode, it was great to watch Siddhant bonding with his family, it was lovely to see Siddhant and Anushka’s friendship budding again and it was terrific to see KK praising and backing Siddhant, but things still seem fishy. I an eagerly waiting for the next episodes, I somewhere feel it’s going to be full of revelations.

  2. Medha

    Episode was quite good !!
    Purva’s expression were real she expressed well the desire of getting scooty.. The Blue Jupiter ? !! Kartik wow he is so polite towards Poorva… the another couple of the show PuRtik.. love them ❤… Riddhi damn harsh !!
    The pranks btw Sid & Anu was good.. they both know each other well ? Mr Bihari hahaha !!
    Mr Sinha ???
    Thanks for the update MA ?

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