Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 4th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant Impresses KK With His Intelligence

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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 4th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhant sits to have breakfast and tells Gayatri that he will try to come early. Gayatri asks him to go carefully. He is about to sit on his bike when he hears car sound. Driver comes and says Anushka sent car for you. Siddhant says ok and goes in car.

In office, Anushka asks Sweety about Siddhant. Sweety says he will come on time and congrats her for book launch. She comes to the reception and asks about Siddhant. Siddhant comes there. She says she sent car for him. Siddhant says that’s why I got late. Anushka says 1 on 1. Siddhant smiles and says yes. He comes to Sweety and asks if the draft is ready. Sweety says yes. He asks Siddhant why he treats Anushka casually and says we shall take her to dhaba and make her have food. He says I was about to cry seeing her food. Siddhant says she was boring. Anushka comes and asks if she was boring. Siddhant says you are not boring before, I guess it was my effect. He says whoever stays with me will not be boring. Anushka says now you are here, so why I will be boring. Siddhant says we will not talk about past. Anushka says you talked about allergy matter yesterday. Siddhant says I will not talk again.

KK sits for the interview. Srikant says finally Appa’s book will be released today. Siddhant comes there and says sorry. She asks why? Siddhant says it is good for health sometimes. KK gives interview and says world is bad, as people thinks crime happens behind every successful business. He says there is a lots of hardwork and a little bit of luck. He says this company is made by, KK and Prabhakar Sinha, his wife and children, their shareholders and many people’s hardwork. He says I am releasing this book, but Prabhakar left us. He says I wrote about Prabhakar in 4 pages, but Prabhakar cut it down to 1 page, but for the first time, I didn’t agree with him and again kept 4 pages in Prabhakar’s honor again. He asks Anushka and Neeta to release his book. They release the book. Anushka hugs him and congratulates him. Neeta says you have dedicated this book to Prabhakar. KK says yes and gives first book to Siddhant, asks him to read it and says you will feel proud of your father. Siddhant says I know how much proud I should be on my father. KK asks Anushka to give this book to all employees and says it is Reddy Corporation bible. Anushka says ok.

Later Anushka gets flowers and asks who sent this. Receptionist says she will find out. Siddhant thinks of KK’s words that he kept 4 pages about Prabhakar, and asking him to read it. He talks to Prabhakar’s pic and says you have 4 pages in this fat book, advantage of death. Sweety comes to Siddhant and says report is ready, shall I send Karthik. Siddhant says no, and tells that if we report to him then we will become what he wants us to become. Sweety asks what? Siddhant says you will understand soon. Anushka looks at the note.

Receptionist tells that she will call florist. Anushka thinks if this is not sent by Siddhant then who has sent it. Srikant’s father in law Mr. Nanda talks to KK. Siddhant comes there and says I need help from Mr. Nanda. He tells that Karthik asked him to work out compromised deal and says we will return the planes which we bought and get 50 percent money back. KK says it is good. Siddhant says I am a plan to get 100 percent money back. KK asks what plan. Siddhant shows engine photo which was in the plane which crashed. She says that company is thinking we have no funds and that’s why they are pressurizing us and not ready to negotiate, but this engine can bring us to our table, if Sudhanshu Nanda helps her. He tells Mr. Nanda to give a letter in which it will be written that he is with reddy corporation and is ready to help them. He says money begets money. He says after Sudhansha’s press release, we will plant a news in media in which that Reddy group will have union with all airlines companies and will make a rule that if any crash happens then it will not be our responsibility, but the airline companies responsibility. They will understand that nobody will buy planes from them in India and then they will get ready for negotiation. We can get penalty also from them. Mr. Nanda says it is not that easy.

Siddhant tells KK that if you find some possibility in his plan then he is ready to negotiate with the company, and tells that he wants to prove that he got the job on his own’s capability. He says he don’t want people to think that KK gave him job as he is Prabhakar’s son and gave job to him to lower his guilt. He says he wants to prove that he deserves this job. KK looks on. Anushka gets another bouquet. Receptionist says there was some other florist who kept it. She gets a note asking her to turn. She turns, but sees nobody.

Siddhant sees bouquets in her cabin and asks her to show who sent her. Anusha hides the note and says it is personal.

Update Credit to: MA

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