Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 3rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant Brings Baraat To Marry Anushka

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 3rd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gayatri recalls KK’s words and thinks how to stop Siddhant from marrying Anushka. She calls Anushka, but she is talking to Siddhant in the balcony. Siddhant tells Anushka that it is their last meet before marriage. Anushka says yes. Siddhant tells her that night when she was drunk, she took advantage of him. Anushka asks what did she do? Siddhant is about to kiss her, but just then KK comes there and asks Siddhant to go home. He says tomorrow is big day for you and asks him to listen to Gayatri. Anushka goes to her room and smiles. She sees Gayatri’s missed calls and calls her. Anushka says I saw your missed call. Gayatri says I am very worried and says I don’t want you to marry Siddhant. She says he will not listen to me, so I thought to request you. Anushka asks what happened and says they love each other. She asks why you don’t want us to marry. Gayatri says because I want to see him alive and asks her not to come for marriage if she also wants to see him alive. Anushka gets tensed.

Next day, Neeta tells KK that she will go and check if Anushka is ready. KK thinks marriage will not happen, KK can’t see his enemy marrying his daughter. Anushka thinks of Gayatri’s words and thinks who wants to kill Siddhant. She calls her, but Gayatri is not picking her calls. Nupur comes to Anushka and asks her to get ready fast. She says she shall be happy to marry her love, for whom she broke up engagement with her brother Vedant. Anushka says she will be ready in 10 mins. Rao ji comes wearing nice clothes. KK says you got ready as if you are barati. Rao ji says nobody shall doubt, Siddhant will not come. Siddhant comes on his bike with his baraat and baja. Neeta likes the unique baraat. Srikant says this marriage will be memorable. Karthik smiles looking at Purva. Siddhant asks Neeta if she is ready. Neeta welcomes him and compliments on his clothes. Siddhant says he thought to value Bihar. Neeta asks about Gayatri. Purva says mother doesn’t see son’s marriage in our custom.

Neeta says ok and applies tilak to him. They get inside. KK tells Rao ji that it seems Gayatri doesn’t value her son’s life and asks him to act on Plan B. Nupur comes to call Anushka and finds her missing. Anushka comes to meet Gayatri and asks why did you tell that Siddhant’s life is in danger. Gayatri asks her to ask KK and says he has threatened to kill Siddhant if he marries you. Anushka is shocked and asks why Appa will do this. Gayatri says Siddhant has learnt his truth and that’s why KK doesn’t want him to marry you. Anushka asks what? Gayatri tells that KK had killed Prabhakar as he came to know about KK’s involvement in the airlines crash. Anushka says Prabhakar uncle died infront of me. Gayatri says he died because of the poison which KK gave him and tells that KK was scared that Prabhakar will expose him. Anushka says it may be misunderstanding. Gayatri says KK has confessed infront of me and threatened to send Siddhant where he had sent Prabhakar. She asks her not to marry her only son Siddhant.

Nupur searches Anushka in the house. Anushka says Appa can’t do this. Gayatri says it is your wish whom to believe, but don’t marry my son. She begs infront of her for his life. Siddhant smiles. Sweety tells Siddhant that KK’s face is like he is unwell. Judge comes to attend Siddhant’s marriage. Siddhant thanks him. Judge says I came so that you don’t refuse for marriage. They laugh. Anushka leaves from Gayatri’s house. Nupur tells Neeta that Anushka is not in the house.

KK tells the guests that the marriage is cancelled. He asks Siddhant to leave and says Anushka will not come. Siddhant is shocked. Just then Police comes to arrest Siddhant for Hira’s murder case.

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  1. Siddhant entry ..baraat bahhut enjoyed the scene ..
    Anushka and gayatri conversation is so natural gayatri revealed whole truth…

  2. Today I think it was episode number 100 ..

  3. Nice episode. What happens next?

  4. Fenil

    Hello YPNTKH Family.
    wonderful episode.

    1. Wow, that’s great

  5. Awesome episode, please, please 180 episodes

  6. Kal to maza aa gaya. KK ka ho popat hua hai

  7. I think anuska married vedant and both are coming in front of her family numbers at the time of police arrested siddant.
    This is today’s epi of ypnkh. This is only my thought after saw upto 100 epi.

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