Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update: KK Gives Big Opportunity To Siddhant

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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 31st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhant comes to Reddy house. He sees Karthik enjoying ladies dance. KK asks Neeta to practice dancing. Siddhant looks at Anushka and come to her. Riddhi holds his hand and says you are from boys’s side. Purva says he is from girl’s side. Anushka comes and stands beside Siddhant. Dil diya gallan plays……Vedant takes Anushka for dance. KK tells Vedant that his dance is not great, but it is a good try. Rao ji comes and says Goel came. KK says I was waiting. Karthik, Srikant and Siddhant follow him. Goel asks why did you do this with me, KK? KK asks why did you tell the crash as sabotage and spread our involvement. Goel apologizes and says I will not say anything against you and asks him not to do as today is Karthik’s wedding. KK asks Rao ji to leave him till door. Rao ji asks him to go. Siddhant tells Karthik that he met Yogesh and asks why did you buy coal mine from Andhra Pradesh. Karthik refuses to tell him. Siddhant says he will talk to KK. Karthik says Appa used to work there and I want to gift that coal mine to him. He gets Srikant’s call and goes asking him not to tell KK. Riddhi asks Purva if she has a boyfriend? Purva says no. Riddhi teases Anushka and Purva and says their life is boring. Neeta and Gayatri ask her not to spoil the girls. Riddhi smiles.

Siddhant writes on the board and tries to connect the links. He thinks Dinesh Swamy and my Pita ji died the same way, and Karthik is the one who got the benefit. He thinks if Karthik can do this? He can’t do all this planning alone. He thinks my pitashri can’t be murdered as his post mortem happened infront of me. He thinks Goel is playing mind games with him, and thinks may be it was not sabotage. He thinks Goel has no proofs and he can’t be trustable. He asks himself to build his career.

Purva asks Karthik if he likes Nupur. Karthik says he follows Appa’s choice for his happiness. Purva says I thought you will have love marriage. Karthik says even we are from same world. Vedant compliments Anushka. Riddhi asks how am I looking? Vedant says beautiful like always. Anushka looks for Siddhant. Riddhi says he is in back hall. Anushka asks her to go and call him. Riddhi says ok and says even my patidev went. Riddhi comes to Srikant and Siddhant and ask them to come for haldi.

Riddhi pushes Anushka and make her stand beside Siddhant. Anushka goes to Karthik and applies haldi to Nupur and him. Srikant, Neeta, Vedant and others do the rituals. Riddhi asks what is happening, you called him and now..Anushka says Siddhant is different, he will not care if you give him importance. KK and Nupur’s dad apply haldi to each other. Vedant applies haldi to Anushka first. Siddhant gets upset. He then applies haldi to her. Anushka also applies haldi to him. He asks why she is ignoring him. Anushka says I thought you are scared of Appa and feel that opportunity will go from your hand. Siddhant gets upset. He is about to leave.. KK calls him and says there is a change in armed forces deal. Siddhant asks what happened? KK says you have to stay in Russia for a year and have to leave from here immediately after Karthik’s wedding. Anushka gets tensed.

KK asks Anushka what she thinks of Vedant and says he is going to become cabinet Minister, and can become prime minister also and you will become his wife. Anushka gets tensed.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Bichari Goel .. because he got deal instead of kk he ruined his whole business.

    Think behind the plane crash also definitely kk done that and he also murderer of prabhakar.
    Siddhant is very wise but fails to know the nature of KK.

  2. Yes kk talked about dealing with sid we have to. remove from the root . Then it is easy to come up so .he may be the cause of plane crash ….when prabhakar came to know that he killed him …he pretended to be good but not but his acting is good and different.

    1. Yes AB. I feel KK sending Sid to Russia, may be a plot to either remove him from here, from Anushka’s life and get her married to the other guy, perhaps kill Siddhant, as he feels he is a threat and may have got to know that Sid is suspecting something. yet to be seen

  3. I feel like kk is responsible for the death of prabhakar as prabhakar asked kk to choose between him and that airlines and kk did not wanted prabhakar to leave him as he was loyal to kk and had known many things about kk’s company. Ah…. I hate this kk so much and that kartik… (No offense the actors are amazingly good) also I don’t want purva to fall for kartik, she is a nice girl… I am loving Anushka and riddhi’s Bonding though ..

  4. what are the re-telecast timings? Me and my friends are not able to see the show late at 11 p.m.

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