Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 31st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Serial Ends With Victory of Truth

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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 31st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

KK’s goons bring Krishnamurthy and Radha to KK’s office. KK orders goons to wait out and not let anyone in till he orders, not even police. Siddhanth with Anushka reaches outside KK’s office. Police also reaches followed by KK’s rival Goel. Siddhanth says he called Goel as he had promised him to get back his wealth from KK. KK’s family also reaches and ask Anushka what is she doing. Anushka says she is doing what she felt right. They try to walk in, but KK’s guards stop them and says KK has ordered not to let anyone in. Inspector warns he has ordered not to let anyone in. Shrikanth says they are KK’s family. Guard says nobody can walk in. Siddhanth says they should handle situation peacefully. KK calls guard and asks if he Anushka has come, send her in. Guard asks Anushka to go in. Shrikanth resists, but guards says only Anushka can walk in.

Anushka walks in and sees Krishnamurthy and Radha sitting on chair crying. KK accepts that whatever Anushka told was right, he did the crimes, but one thing she said wrong that he does not love her, he loves her a lot. When she and Karthik were born, he held Karthik first per father’s expectations, but then when he held her, she held his finger and he felt fatherly love for her which increased each day. Anushka cries hugging him. He asks her to go and inform police to come and arrest him.

Anushka walks out and asks police to go in. Guards stop them again. Anushka says appa wants to surrender himself. Guards move aside. KK drinks poison which he gave to Prabhakar. Family enters and sees him collapsed on floor, rush to him and cry holding him. Siddhanth and Anushkaa walk in and stand shocked. KK extends hand towards Siddhanth. Siddhanth walks to him and holds his hand. KK reminisces challenging Prabhakar that Siddhanth is like him, Prabhakar says no, KK challenges. Out of flashback, KK says Prabhakar won and Siddhanth is like Prabhakar. He dies. Family cries loudly. Siddhanth walks to photoframe and picks KK and Prabhakar’s photo and keeps it in h is pocket. Anushka walks to him and cries loudly hugging him.

Precap: Serial ended with KK accepting his crime and meeting his own end.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. i will miss the entire cast

  2. My favourite show.i miss ypntkh.

  3. Worst film serial on earth …. i feel ashamed i kept on watching and watching and this cames in the end ?

    1. Why?? The ending was okay.

  4. I will miss this serial very much. It was the best serial on TV. Not even at one place I thought that the serial didn’t have logic. It was really better than the stupid serial which are on air today.
    But they kept some things closed like Nupur and Kartik ka relationship, Kartik and Purva.
    Otherwise it was the best serial.

  5. Lokesh

    Awesome, a bit emotional too, but finally he realised everything, I will miss this show, especially my mr. Bihari, first tym in any show the real side of biharis . I m also feeling little emotional. A must watch show ended, sad for Kartik and Purva. Will miss the entire cast.


      me tooooooo bhai… ?…. kahi bhi iss serial par story ko dragging nahi kiya… one of the best serial… ?

      1. Lokesh

        Haa bhai best show , will miss all the commenters too.

  6. YPNKH nice show missing all the cast..
    characterisation of each character is nice
    They are a bit hurry up the last week .they can continue atleast one week to show purva karthik and Sid, anushka, gayatri some cute moments
    It’s OK today is the last episode enjoyed all the episode

    I Really Miss YPNKH

  7. I still don’t understand why did the serial started?? Very beginning they showed attack on prabhakar.. but till date pata nahin chala kisne karvaya tha? Bull shit

    1. Yogesh Pathak

      Are u some 10 yr old kid or what???? Abhi tak pta ni chala- its been long shown dat kk did this. Were u actually watching it or just commenting….


      ssss.. aap sahi kaha…..lekin,hus attack ko GOEL ne kiya tha….(yaad hoga hus Bullet ko KK ne Goel ke pass beja tha aur hus ko warning bhi diya tha)….. tab KK Prabhakar ko nafrat nahi kartha tha

      1. Watch full episodes and come.

        When people don’t watch the show they don’t understand it. Serial to dekha hota pehle. Jo Pura serial nahi dekha to kaise samjhoge. Starting ke episode me hi kya Pura samjh aa gaya tha ?

    3. Baksh do haters

      First watch the serial fully and get your answers and till that keep your shit with yourself.

  8. Never loved a serial as much as this. Very upset that it has ended. Will miss everyone from this show

  9. itna accha serial ka ye kesa hussal bussal end tha…….
    sirf kk ki sacchai samne lana kafi ni tha….
    the ending was incomplete….. i m not happy with the way they ended…..
    well one more best serial ended…..
    hope ki issi production house ka koi new serial jaldi aaye ………

    1. Yogesh Pathak

      Well Sony tv didn’t give them due tym to end the story properly….what could producers do?? Otherwise there was so much to show


      TRP ki reason hai ji….?.. ek taraf dekha toh accha hi hai.. kon dekhtha hai aaj kal lambe chalne wale serial ko… ?… makers ko aur ek episode dukhana tha lekin, channel walone time nahi diya… EDKV ke saath bhi aisa hi hua tha… overall good serial…?. my point of view this is the best serial… ??

  10. I will really miss the show n speacialy namit khanna it was the best TV serial I have ever seen. I wanted more to watch. All the star cast were awesome each and every character was superb…


      agar aap Namit khanna ko dekhna chathe hai toh hun ka ek web series hai( ?in YOUTUBE) Vikram bhatt ka… “TWISTED”…. iss ko dekhiye… suspense aur thrilling bhi hai…. ?

  11. It was one of the best serials,no dragging except Karthik’s marriage.,no was like a real story esp Anu and shree. Everyones acting was perfect.v can never forget the star cast.

  12. Minna Chandran

    Great serial but like always ending a bit rushed I knew kk will not go to jail but they could have shown one more day of reactions purva Kartik mother etc

  13. Yogesh Pathak

    Will really miss dis show. The only thing worth watching on TV since last 6 months..Felt emotional for the 1st tym for a tv serial while watching many episodes of ypntkh be it prabhakar’s death, sid’s realisation or today’s episode. A serial with a pre-conceived story dat remained true from beginning to end..
    But really upset with sony tV again for not allowing serial time to end properly….Go hell with KBC and sony.

    1. sahi kaha bhai…. sony esa hi karta hai…. EDKV and YPNTKH dono k sath yahi kia…..
      upr se repeat telecast bhi ni dikhate… din bhar crime patrol…..
      shows toh acche ate hai sony pr…. inki harkate esi hai n…. abrupt ending and before the tym serial band karna….. isliye koi serial dekhne ka man ni karta iss channel pr

  14. Very emotional day for all the YPNTKH viewers. End bi accha tha & they could have shown one more day every characters reactions.

  15. I am miss this show. Starting 1st to till ending day thak isni achhi serial hai. Theme bi acche Sanchai & imandari & characterisations sub kuch accha hai. my opnion is ending bi acha hai and they could have shown one more day every one reactions.


    bahut miss kartha hun iss serial ko… start bhi accha kiya the aur end bhi bahut accha kiya. thanks for the production team…..

  17. I missed alot siduska. Tanku ypntkh

  18. with this serial going off air,a piece of my heart is going away from me…I’ll miss u….

  19. Medha

    The show started with the ideology “Zindagi Mein Important Ye Hain Ki Kha Pahuche, Yeh Nhi Ki Ham Wha Kaise Pahuche”…. & ended here with “Sahi Manjil Tak Pahuchane Ka Ek Hi Rasta Hain….. SAHI RASTA” just because of one man Mr Prabhakar Sinha ?….. The ending was incomplete though still I’m satisfied just because Mr Sinha won the bet with his dost kam dushman Krishan Kant Reddy…. But jaate jaate bhi ye villain rula gya ??? !! The last episode was so panic & I didn’t expect that KK will commit suicide he took the same poison which Rao gave to Mr Sinha ?…. the last & final hug btw SidhUshka along with Mr Sinha’s voiceover ???? that scene was so touchy ? I will keep that scene in my heart always…..

    The Dialogues, Background Music, Title Song, Location, Cast each & every things which related to the show was superb & unique ❤ Loved all of them… !! Thanks for providing me such a beautiful show, becoz of Someone I started watching this show also wanna say Thanks to him ? !!
    Will miss this show & specially Mr Prabhakar Sinha ?………… !!
    & Thanks MA for your Jalebi type updates !!

  20. RANdomfANCreationz

    After so many days, found an actually worthy show to watch. One of the best shows sony had after edkv. The story had a simple story and flow. No dragging, or high drama. Wished it had at 10-15 more episodes. I will miss watching this show a lot,especially kk n prabhakar’s acting has been high class.

    1. Prettypreeti

      Hey joyee..How r u darling?????My yo jo!! once again Same choice..

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Hi Preeti, Where were you? Tum toh gayab ho gaye ho!! I m ok. But yes same choice.
        Among the recent ones this was my fav though 🙁 do u know this show is from edkv makers also! 🙂
        Btw is there any other show u watch right now?

    2. Prettypreeti

      I was busy with my studies and after edkv i didnt follow any show srsly so was lost in real world only..I really miss that old golden days.
      Ya i know that the show is by edkv makers that is why many edkvians were having a lil connection with this show too.This show also ended jist like edkv so fast not a proper,I am not following any show though i watch many but not a regular watcher of any show.Bb is coming.So will indulge myself with bb now.

  21. At the last moment, I felt really bad for KK.There is a saying something like that ‘Every man may be bad but every father is best’ KK is like that.When KK told Anu how much he loves his daughter and expressed his feeling regarding that I felt like crying.Overall the serial was really good.But they could have shown the reaction of Purva and Gayetri ji,the relation between Purva and Kartik and for that one more episode.
    Will miss very much this show.

  22. Upset with Sony.. such a beautiful serial gone off air.
    Really bad…..hell with Sony….

  23. YPNTKH – a sensible engrossing drama, keeping good with today’s India. Especially liked the ending. Justice was seen as being served fully and well.

    Kudos to the writers, actors, director and the rest of the team. Every part of the show was very good.

    Truly wish it had lasted longer. Ended too early.

  24. The show was really beautiful based on true love, principles and the choice of wring and wrong. Will definitely miss ypntkh.

  25. “YPNKH ”
    “sahi manzil tak pohochne ka ek hi raasta hai – sahi raasta”
    what a journey it has been since day one – a show like which had such beautiful characters, an amazing story & was filled with so many emotions in the right proportion

  26. H.Reuben Prabhu Kumar

    YPNTKH – My seeing the 1st epi at 11 pm was an accident. Hailing from Tamilnadu,I am an illiterate in Hindi language.How I got addicted to this serial of an unknown language is still a mystery for me and I never missed even one single epi. I started learning spoken hindi through books and google translate app exclusively for viewing this serial.I regularly read and liked tellyupdates english version.Now I have learned nearly 500 hindi words used in daily life in the last 5 months and I am able to follow other hindi serials and of course with tellyupdates help. Thank you so much

  27. Fenil

    And after watching the last episode, it made me feel, the appropriate title would have been “Yeh Khoon Nahi Toh Kya Hai Cry Cry Cry

    Sooo wished we could see more of Karthik and Purva! More of Anushka and Gayatri bonding and more happy moments of our Sidushka !! Cry Cry Cry

    After todays’s episode, the true meaning of the show’s title starts !

    “Yeh Pyar Nahi Toh Kya Hai Ouch

    Wish we could ask for a season 2 !!! Cry Cry Cry

  28. Fenil

    Siddhant keeping PS-KK pic …was really one intriguing moment .
    There are so many ways that scene could be interpreted…

    For me , Siddhant kept it as a reminder of himself … both part which exists in him. Prabhakr as well as KK . What he wanted to be and what he was always . Both Fathers left a huge life lesson for their Kids .defines his journey! Yes, he is like Prabhakar but with a bit of KK in him!The kind of person you need to be to survive in this world! that was symbolic of how even he chose to love their friendship over his hate/vengence..

    1. Prettypreeti

      One of the wonderful scene’s wonderful interpretation by u bhaiyuu..?????????? Just love that scene..

      1. Fenil

        ???? Thnku

  29. Fenil

    This show was about the journey of Siddhant. It started with clash of ideology between Sid and PS and ended with agreement of the same. Life teaches you many things but sometimes we pay huge amount.

  30. Fenil

    I missed Siddhaant Sinha… ?…one best character is written and acted…he has everything… shrewd…caring…love..poetry..intelligence…hardworking..handsome..s*xy..irresistible… Day Dreaming

    he is not yes to mom..yes to dad or yes to wife..
    Teda hain..phir bhi perfect hain…sometimes Fattu Sometime Buddhu Sometimes Smart Sometimes beautiful Lover Sometimes Fab Villen sometimes Responsible Son And Caring brother Jovival Friend Sometimes Achha Lawyer Sometimes Galib Sometimes rotalu Chokro Sometimes Perfect Typical Bihari Rajkumar ??

  31. Fenil

    The first promo of the show itself attracted me to the show…and i had decided to watch it because it’s from same PH who Gave Me EDKV?SharMan?NiMik? …the first episide though slow looked promising to deliver a worth watch ahead…the treatment the CVs and PH gave to the show was visible from day one itself…

    The title track played a crucial role as well…the characters instantly made a place in heart …the dialogues and the poems and shayaris used by writers in the show made it stand out…its very rare that hindi shows go beyond comfort zone and they did their best in not dragging the tracks…keeping it as simple as possible…Claps for Uday Sir?.???

    The realistic and simple heart touching scenes made this show special…

    The entire set of actors were brilliant…each and everyone deserves to be applauded for the way they played their part…???

    There are so many things i feel like writing here …

    I wanna thank CVs for giving us YPNTKH…for giving us Prabhakar Sinha…KK …Siddhant…Anushka…Gayatri…sweetyji..Poorva…Kartik…Srikant…Riddhi…Neeta…Rao…Mr.Bansal…Me.Khurana…every single character…i thank them because of them YPNTKH Became So Powerful and Cool …though we commenters were less in number it felt like a close knit family…for me i have been a part of this forum from day one…still from whatever time i hv got to spend here i love the positivity on this forum…thank you all…

    I loved Anushka’s character coz for the first time the makers dared to show a FL who was a smart working badass businesswoman n not someone who is a damsel in distress. she was so gental so caring ?Softie American Return? Sweet Preety Girl? Only Palak Jainn ❤❤❤

    what I liked about this ML is tht he wasn’t the angry young man who would insult or taunt the FL for silly reasons… Here was a guy who helped his mother in cooking, helping her wash the dishes, was a loving and playful brother to his little sis and shared an uncomfortable but still a lovable equation with his father… Honestly I haven’t seen a ML like this on itv yet.. So kudos to Uday and Dilip Jha for writing such wonderful characters. only Namit Khanna ❤❤❤

    will badly miss anushka …sidhanth…there is lot remain unexplored for sidhuska due to less epi…palak nd namit are the best onscreen couple …they win our hearts as sidhuska…and when in the last scene they both cried and hug each other I felt like crying tooo…

    zindagi ki yahi reet hai…haar ke baad hi jeet hai..❤ Siddhant lost Best Father Like Prabhakar Sinha; he misunderstood Prabhakar Sinha too and had grudge against him after learning truth his father got murdered he puts his anger aisde and decide to get justice for his father in process of earning justice He once sacrificed his childhood Love Anushka ; he realize his father was innocent in bribe case too; he lost his best friend like Sweetyji ?? Sweetyji was gem person in his life❤….but at last He Got Victory ?
    Quoting Prabhakar Sinha-

    Katal kar ke wo katil ka naam puchate hai, 

    Dard de kar wo dawa ka naam puchate hai. 

    Mar gaye hum unki is ada par, hokar khuda wo mere khuda ka naam puchte hai.

    mujemein baaki ab talak ter kyun tere jazbaat hai…

    Yeh Pyaar Nahi toh kya hai has just ended.. ??

    I dont have much to write today about the episode…it was an end that was predicted n indicated to us from last 2-3 days…i knew KK would commit suicide but the way he killed himself was symbolic……he chose to end his life the same way he killed Prabhakar …? truly saying he left making me cry?

    while most of us have been debating from all this while whether their Friendship was genuine or not…watching today’s epi it did made me think hard on their Friendship…while it would be matter of differences and conflicting to come on conclusion abt it…but having said that i would say their Friendship was one of its kind for sure…

    KK anushka scene was Brilliant sp when KK said “poori duniya ek taraf aur Anushka Tumhare liye mera pyaar ek taraf…”?❤  he truly loved his daughter 

    KK to Siddhant ” main Prabhakar se shrat haar gaya…tum Prabhakar Sinha ka beta…Prabhakar jeet gaya”…so they completed this circle as well…????

    The last dialogues were truly amazing…and would stay with me for lifelong now……since they teach us so much about life…???

    manzil ki chah toh sabko hoti hai lekin uss manzil tak pohochne ke liye hum jo raasta chunte hai…kya uski keemat chukane hum tayar hote hai?????

    KK paid highly for his sins…for the path he chose to reach heights…at the same time Siddhant chose a difficult task to fight against KK …to fight for truth n even after winning he too lost something…Anushka looked totally shattered seeing the state of KK …she just couldnt react for a while…

    and the last line of the show along with Sidhushka hug

    Prabhakar Sinha’s Quote :

    sahi manzil tak pohochne ka ek hi raasta rehta hai…sahi raasta…


    1. Fenil

      Quatl krke wo Quatil ka naam puchate hain,
      Dard dekar wo Dawa ka naam puchate hain,
      Mar gye unki Adah par e Khuda
      Wo mere Rehnuma ka naam puchate hain.

  32. Fenil

    Anushka’s dialogue

    aapne ek jhooth se shuruvat ki thi main aaj ek sach se shuru karna chahti hoon

    aisa kitna kuch hoga jo mujhe patah hi nahi aur kabhi patah bhi nahi chalega 

    “aap mere hero the aapki murat banakar maine mann mein basayi thi …

    lekin aaj woh murat mere aankhon ke saamne chakna choor hogayi hai”

    kya mere liye aapka pyaar bhi jhootha tha….

    KK “tumahre liye aisa galat nahi socha kabhi”

    Anushka “aapke liye mera pyaar humesha saccha tha aur rahega …lekin saath mein toh sachai ka hi dungi..

    agle do ghante mein police aayegi aur mein aapke khilaaf statement dungi…aap chahe toh mujhe bhi marva sakte hai..lekin main saath toh sachai ka hi dungi…

    everyone bk home was eagerly waiting n worried for Anushka…

    “main dungi gawahi…aur maa main chahti hoon ki uss waqt aap mere saath rahe…”

    the virtual conversation of KK with Prabhakar was one of the highlights for me…it gave us more insight to KK’s character as well…every person has their own set of ideologies…principles …rules when it comes to leading life…

    KK “sach kya hai ek point of view ek nazariya…dosti emotion hai …feeling hai… bhaavna hai…” i loved this dialogue 

    so KK regarded PS as his friend but he expected PS to stand by him in whatever ways KK chooses for building or expanding his empire…according to him PS should have chosen friendship with KK over Truth or society …

    KK tereko maarna nahi chahata tha…kk apna life mein jo bhi kiya uska koi gum nahi bas ek hi gum hai …tereko maarne ka prabhakar.
    ..maine tumko bohot samjhane ka koshish kiya prabhakar par tereko society ka khokla usulon mein uljha raha 

    duniya acchai wachai se bohot bada hai….

  33. Fenil

    Usually when the ITV shows change tracks according to their trps every week…here is one show that had the story written from day one.. they shot way ahead of telecast epis..this show would always remain special for the starcast…the real locations shoot…the dialogues esp use of poems and shayaris…as we know that it was always meant to be finite we just hoped it lasted a little longer than it did…none the less yeh pyaar nahi toh kya hai has been one of the best telly shows…hoping for more sucb…Palak Jain…Namit Khanna all the actors best wishes for their future projs…with a hope to see them together again..

  34. in 120 episodes,
    has delivered some important life lessons in a beautiful, subtle way. With a brilliant storyline ..end with the tag
    “sahi manzil tak pohochne ka ek hi raasta hai – sahi raasta”

  35. Prettypreeti

    Humesha ki tarah sony ne ek aur serial ko proper ending nhi di..A very fine story..Loved the show no dragging and no unrealistic story lines.Dialogues were the heart of the show..YPNTKH’s every character was perfect.All had their own pros and cons.Kk will be one of my fav grey shade character.Sidushka always gave me ShraMan feels that is why i love them alot..Emotional ending..Lots of love to the show..

    1. Fenil

      ????????? PPP u r here ???

      1. Prettypreeti

        Hmmm..PPP is here..

  36. in 120 episodes,
    has delivered some important life lessons in a beautiful, subtle way. With a brilliant storyline ..end with the tag
    “sahi manzil tak pohochne ka ek hi raasta hai – sahi raasta

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