Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 30th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant And Anushka Spend Some Romantic Moments

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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 30th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anushka tells Siddhant that she brought that tie for him. Siddhant says you should have told me. Anushka says did you tell me when you brought gift for me. Rao ji calls Anushka and asks her to be there. Siddhant asks if they don’t have back up. Anushka says sometimes back up fails at right time. She lights her mobile torch. He moves back. She asks if she is a cat who will bite him. Siddhant says I got nervous. Anushka says she will go and will not stand with the person who gets nervous with smallest things. She turns to go, but falls down. Siddhant asks did you fall down? Shall I call Rao ji? Anushka says what you will do with your strong shoulders. Siddhant asks are you trying to provoke me. Anushka says call Rao ji, he can only take me to my room. Siddhant lifts her and asks her to hold the mobile torch. He takes her to room and asks if there is some ointment to massage her foot. Yeh pyaar nahi toh kya hai plays…..She asks him to check in the drawer. Siddhant gets an ointment and massages on her foot. She says pain increased more now. He calls her drama queen. They have an eye lock.

Siddhant is about to kiss her, but just then Rao ji calls her and asks if she is fine. Siddhant asks her to tell that she is fine. Anushka says she is fine. Rao ji says light will come. Just then light comes. Anushka asks Siddhant why he made her lie? Siddhant says what he will think if a guy is in your room. Then he will tell KK sir. Anushka says so what? She asks if he is scared of Appa. Siddhant says he gave me a big opportunity and I can’t let it go. Anushka asks him to value his family and people around him. Siddhant says you are born in rich family, so opportunities keep pourning, but for us it comes sometimes. Anushka reminds him of his promise. Siddhant says he will take his bride before Karthik’s wedding.

He comes out and sees Karthik leaving. He asks driver to give keys and drives off. Anushka gets up and holds the bell. She recalls Riddhi’s words that Siddhant is ambitious and can leave her. She thinks if Siddhant will leave her. Siddhant is driving his car and thinks of Anushka’s words. Anushka thinks if Riddhi was right, if Siddhant will leave her. A fb is shown of their teenager, Siddhant tells Anushka that he will go for three days program. Anushka gets worried and tells him all the best. She cries in her room. Siddhant comes to her room by climbing the balcony and says I knew you would be crying and that’s why I came. Fb ends. She thinks you can’t leave me.

Siddhant follows Karthik and thinks today he will come what Karthik wants. Karthik leaves his car andsits in another car. Siddhant asks Sweety to enquire about the other car number from RTO. Sweety asks are you fine? Siddhant says yes and asks him to find the details.

Goel’s assistant tells him that shares value fell down by 70 percent. Goel says only KK can do this. Siddhant and Sweety come to Yogesh Kapoor’s house after enquiring his address from RTO. Siddhant asks Sweety to call Police if he don’t return within 15 mins. Sweety asks if the matter is serious. Siddhant goes to Yogesh’s house. Yogesh don’t want to open the door. Siddhant gets inside forcibly and asks him to tell if he knows Prabhakar Sinha and what he is doing with Karthik. Yogesh says no and looks at the knife. Siddhant asks him to tell and threatens him. He comes to Reddy house and asks about Karthik. Karthik smiles seeing ladies dancing on the song.

KK tells Siddhant that he has to go to Russia and stay there for a year, after Karthik’s wedding. He says if you refuse then I will ask someone. Anushka gets tensed.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hi,
    I love this serial yeh pyar nai toh kya hai. But the telecast time is too late and repeat telecast is also not coming. If possible please change the timings of this serial.

    1. True .. 11 is very late .. nice serials never get the prime time slot ..

  2. With each passing episode my doubt on KK is becoming strong. I think he framed Prabhakar in the bribery case & got him on his side. And when Prabhakar got to know some truth, KK got him killed. And he is now acting as doing a favor on siddhant.

    1. I agreed to you about kk.i feel like kk is giving all opportunities to Sid to divert him from finding the truth about plane crash and prabhakar death.prabhakar was also finding the truth.its really interesting.

  3. Jagruti Joshi

    I enjoy this serial but sadly the new timing is 12.00am our local time in Kenya. Please revert back to the old timings and let us continue enjoying the show …… Actor playing Siddhant is gorgeous….

  4. How come teen age Anushka who is unable to bear 3 days separation from teen age Siddhant succeeded in being away at the US for 7 years without any communication with Siddhant ?

  5. What’s d name of d teen Anushka? Does any one know

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