Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant Takes up Job At Reddy Corporation

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 2nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhant comes to Anushka’s cabin. Anushka asks shall I help you. Siddhant says I was awake till late night yesterday, my father is no more, I have to go on a long way and don’t want to waste my time in small things. Anushka asks what you are saying? Siddhant says my problem is you and says since you came back from me, you interfere in my work. He says whatever we had is our past and says he don’t want his past to affect his future. He says he shall behave as if they have met for first time and became friends. Anushka gets up and introduces herself as Anushka Reddy. Siddhant introduces himself as Siddhant Sinha and says I will tell my decision. He says he has decided to join Reddy Corporation and asks if she has any problem. Anushka says no. Siddhant goes to meet KK.


and Karthik tell that result is showing. KK asks where is Siddhant. Srikant says I will check. Karthik gets upset and says I thought Prabhakar is between us, and you trust him more than me, and now you are bringing Siddhant on Prabhakar’s place. KK asks who told you that siddhant is on Prabhakar’s place. He says He gave job to Siddhant. He says Prabhakar was his friend and it is his responsibility to take care of his family. He says he wants to help them, but they will not take anything directly. He says I am giving job to Siddhant, but will not give Prabhakar’s position. He says Prabhakar’s position is of you Karthik. He says you are KK’s counsellor from today, I will consult you from now on. Karthik thanks him.

Siddhant comes there. KK asks what is your decision and says you might say yes. Siddhant says yes and says you are giving me a big opportunity. KK asks him to think about hardwork and congratulates him. He asks Srikant to give Prabhakar’s cabin to him.

Srikant and Karthik congratulates him. Karthik thinks I will welcome you, welcome to Reddy Corp siddhant. Siddhant goes to Prabhakar’s cabin. Interior designer comes there with Siddhant and asks him to tell what are the changes to be made. Siddhant asks why? Anu says you are joining us at senior level and will spend most of the time here. They go to Prabhakar’s cabin. Siddhant thinks about his conversation with Prabhakar. Interior designer tells Anushka that she will handle. Anushka asks Siddhant to tell the changes and says if you need my suggestion then it is thoughtfully decorated. Siddhant says he wants his cabin to be decorated with new thinking and takes Prabhakar’s photo frame. He says he will hang it and will tell about the changes to be made. Anushka and Interior designer leave.

Siddhant hangs Prabhakar’s pic onto the wall and says this is my cabin, I want you to be infront of me and see that how I reach where I wanted. He says your Siddhant was fake. Sweety comes to KK’s office with fish bowl. Anushka asks whose fish it is? Sweety says it is for Siddhant and says he likes it. He says Siddhant carried it in Khurana’s office and was taking care of them. Sweety comes to Siddhant’s cabin and gives him fish bowl. Anushka comes there and says you like Fishes still. She says you will discover about your friend daily now. Siddhant asks about Khurana. Sweety says he has handled him. He says who will feed the fish in your absence. Anushka says she will.

Karthik talks to his employee. Srikant says this is the only way. Siddhant comes there. Srikant asks if he is ready for the first assignment. Srikant tells him that they don’t need new aircrafts now as they got Goel’s aircrafts after getting airlines deal. Karthik asks him to draft legal notice requesting aircraft company to return atleast their 50 percent company. Siddhant says why can’t we try for 100 percent. Srikant says this is Indian MNC. Karthik says this is not your lower court. Siddhant says atleast we can try. Karthik says I like employees following my orders and says you are not Prabhakar Sinha, he used to report Appa, and you will report me. He asks him to talk to KK if he has any problem. Siddhant says I have no problem and goes to work. He says way will be made where I walk.

Siddhant asks Sweety, how his wife bears his snoring sound. Sweety says it is bear in love and asks Anushka to tell. Anushka says how do I know? Sweety asks if she didn’t love anyone before. Anushka looks at Siddhant./strong>

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    Siddhant, you need to watch your back with those Reddy bros…I do not trust them. They could not manipulate your Dad because knew what they were about so that is why they conspired to take him out. Please be careful…Remember your Mom did not want you to go to Reddy Corporation!!! By the way, what has Anushka done to you?

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