Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant Makes KK Shell Out 326 Crores Compensation To Women Employees

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 2nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhant tells KK that he is ready to fight with him and shows the files of the women employees and says some are s*xual discrimination case, maternity leave problem etc. He tells that it is against the law to trouble women. He says there are 326 cases and I am fighting this case. KK’s employee says do you think that you can win. Siddhant calls a woman and tells that she is Sukriti Mishri, she worked with Reddy Corporation and fired recently, as she asked for 8 months maternity leave rather than 6 months. He says Reddy Corporation don’t have anything to do with her health or complication. KK says you must have got compensation. Woman says I want to work and it is my identity. Siddhant tells KK that that there are 325 such women and tells that he will use his lecture on woman and man equality. KK tells woman that Siddhant is using them. Siddhant says I am not taking fees from them and says compensation will be distributed to them. KK says when I can give compensation to one employee than can give to all. Siddhant says you have to give 326 crores, just 26 crores extra. KK recalls his words.

Anushka asks Siddhant why Gayatri is upset with her. Siddhant asks her to have patience and trust him, says everything will be fine. Anushka cries and asks if he is hiding something from her. Siddhant says I will leave. KK asks Rao to give compensation of 326 crores and end the matter. Rao ji says it is your hard earned money. KK says if my shares fall then I will lose 3000 crores. He says Siddhant hit at my weakest point, even Prabhakar would have done the same if he would have been alive. He tells that Siddhant will not come to the wedding as I told Gayatri, and then Anushka will never see his face in her life. He says Siddhant will know in 24 hours that he can’t win from me. Siddhant looks at Gayatri who is tensed. Purva asks him to check the clothes and tells him that Anushka will make Gayatri agree soon with her sweetness. Sweety comes and says he has called the guests even Khattar.

Siddhant recalls Gayatri and Anushka’s words. Prabhakar’s soul comes to Siddhant and asks why he is unhappy? Siddhant says my happiness lies with Maa and Anushka’s happiness. Prabhakar asks him to tell truth to Anushka. Siddhant asks if she will handle it. Prabhakar says it is not your problem. Siddhant says if she refuse to marry me then. Prabhakar says it is test of your love, if she refuses then don’t marry. If she comes to know this after marriage, then she will feel betrayed. Siddhant says I am scared to tell her truth. Prabhakar says my son is very courageous and gives him strength.

Siddhant comes to meet Anushka. Anushka asks why did you call urgently. Siddhant says I want to tell you something, tomorrow is our marriage. Anushka asks what did you do? Siddhant says you might refuse to marry me after learning this truth. Anushka says there is no truth which can stop me. He says I want you to hear me. She falls in his arms and asks him to tell after marriage, she will then think that her decision is right or wrong. She says my love is deep like a sea to you. Siddhant says you have unburdened me and tells that he will bring baraat and take his Dulhaniya.

Gayatri asks Anushka not to marry Siddhant. Anushka asks why? Gayatri says she wants to see him alive. Later Anushka is dressed as a bride. Gayatri tells her that KK don’t want Siddhant to marry her as he came to know about his truth. Anushka asks what? Gayatri tells her that KK had killed Siddhant’s father. Anushka is shocked.

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  1. how amazing can that be

  2. Siddhant Rocks today … But I don’t want dis show will end soon ..
    I like dis siddhant dialogue delivery and style ..

    1. Yvonne Codner

      Yes, Lucky he sure did…I think KK is shocked by Siddhant’s spunk and he is growing more attractive every day with his sly arrogance…I was hoping that he would tell Anu about her Dad and his ruthless behavior, but precap said Mrs. Gayatri did. Enjoyed the episode.

    2. He rocks,Anu also.she is in love.i really like all the episodes now a days,it’s really interesting, awesome acting by everyone from the beginning.i really don’t want this serial to end,want to see Anu and Sid a lot.his acting is super cool and dilogues has good punch, dialogue delivery is amazing.

    3. Ya ..even I enjoyed every episode

  3. yes, Siddhant rocks to day, I am also really don’t want this serial to end

    1. Yes is getting poor TRP. not only dis most of Sony TV shows ending so soon data why I had dis doubt …

  4. Fenil

    Siddhant Prabhakar Sinha Rocks Today !!

  5. Fenil

    Anushka is so shocked seeing Gayatriji’s totally changed behaviour towards her !!

  6. Fenil

    Anushka ko achhe se console karne ke bajay chala gaya muh utha ke Duffer Siddhant !!

    1. Yha bhi shuru ho gye aap ?

    2. Once see today’s episode dis YPNKH .then you also love to see dis show

  7. Fenil

    24hrs all we have to see who will win KK VS Siddhant Prabhakar Sinha !!

  8. Fenil

    Prabhakar : kya baat hain Siddhant Apni shadi me toh logo ke man me ladoo futte hain !! hahahhahaha

  9. Fenil

    Awww Anushka relived Teen memory and proves that She has TRUST on Siddhant !!

  10. Fenil

    Precap is giving shivering in spine !!

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