Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 29th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Anushka Decides To Confront KK Reddy

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 29th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gayatri asks Purva where did Sidhanth g. Purva says he went to meet Anushka. Gayatri yells Anushka is holding both Siddhanth and her father’s hand, when will she leave her father’s hand. Door bell rings. Sidhanth walks in with Anushka and tells Anushka knows her father’s truth now. Anushka weeping apologizes Gayatri and Purva saying her father has dual face, she was wrong. Gayatri says now that truth is out will KK be punished. Sidhanth says he left the decision on Anushka. Gayatri asks Anushka what has she decided. Anushka says she needs time. Sidhanth says it is tough time for Anushka, she should be given time. He takes Anushkka to his room and asks her to relax. She cries on his shoulder saying she apologizes maa and Purva, but not him. He says their relationship is free from apologizes and thanks, he knew she would know truth someday, even he had doubted his father once believing a stranger. She says she told she will take decision, but is in dilemma. Sidhanth says his father would have told taking revenge is not a solution, truth should be exposed, now it is up to her what to choose.

Sidhanth wakes up in the morning and asks Anushka to sleep now, she is awake whole night. She says she is unable to sleep. He asks her to not think much. Khurana calls Sidhanth and informs KK’s goons made him unconscious and took away Krishnamurthy and Radha. Sidhanth apologizes for his troubles and asks him to leave that place, he does not want him to face more troubles. He tells Anushka they lost proof now, it is up to her what decision she takes.

Nita asks Riddhi and Shrikanth where is Anushka. Riddhi says she is at Siddhanth’s place and spent night there. Srikanth asks why did she go there, she promised she will not go there until appa is proved guilty, Sidhanth brainwashed her, he may allege Anushka next, he will go and bring her. Riddhi stops him and says Anushka is not a child. Nita also asks him not to go.

Anushka gets ready in the morning and walks towards door. Sidhanth asks where is she going. Anushka says to meet appa. Gayatri asks where is her bahu going, she should have food and go. Anushka reminisces Gayatri yelling before she will prepare food only for her children and not strangers. Gayatri apologizes Anushka for misbehaving with her and says she can take decision now she likes, they will accept it. Anushka says she is going to meet appa and know if will lie even to her. She leaves. Gayatri says let her go, let us see if KK will lie even to his daughter.

Precap: KK looking at Prabhakar’s photo says his son wants to punish him and cannot, but he is worried about Anushka. Anushka walks in and informs Krishnamurthy and her daughter informed her everything.

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  1. Lokesh

    I want a happy ending only, like send kk to jail, make Radha the owners, Purva and Kartik as pair , Srikant have his own business, no Reddy corporation.

  2. Minna Chandran

    I don’t think kk will go to jail he will accept all crimes then kill himself

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