Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 27th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Prabhakar Dies, Shocked KK Suspects Murder

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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 27th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhant checks the newspaper for Prabhakar’s 19 years old news and gets shattered. Sweety asks Siddhant to come to his house and tells your Bhabhi will make muli ka paratha. Siddhant sits on his bike and says I don’t think that I can drive off this bike. He says there was one thing which is between me and Pita ji, and that is Siddhant, I want to ask him why he named me Siddhant. Gayatri and Prabhakar are doing Puja. Anushka waits for Siddhant. Siddhant is on the way to home in the auto and recalls Khattar and Judge’s words. Prabhakar says Siddhant didn’t come. Gayatri asks him to do aarti. Prabhakar says first bhajan and then aarti, says Siddhant might come till we do aarti. Prabhakar plays bhajan. Siddhant comes home. Prabhakar tells that you might be powerful, but you need support in life sometimes. Siddhant thinks of khattar’s words. Prabhakar feels uneasy and coughs. He gets up and drinks water. Siddhant says I need to talk to you. Prabhakar says even I want to talk after puja. He tells Anushka that everything will be fine. He tells that they will return after durga puja. Gayatri asks if KK gave you leave. Prabhakar says it doesn’t matter, I will spend more time with family.

KK is on the way and thinks he has done wrong with Prabhakar, feels guilty. After the aarti and Prasad distribution, Prabhakar gives Prasad to Pandit. Siddhant tells prabhakar that he needs to talk to him. Prabhakar says even I want to talk and calls anushka to come near them. Just then Prabhakar feels uneasy and falls, Siddhant holds him. Anushka calls doctor. Prabhakar tries to tell him something and dies. Gayatri gets shocked and asks what happened to him. Siddhant, Purva and Anushka are shocked. KK comes there and sees ambulance coming there. He gets worried and goes inside. He sees Doctor trying to revive Prabhakar and gets shocked. KK asks Rao ji and others to lift him and says we have to take him to hospital. Doctor says he had a massive heart attack and he is no more. Gayatri, Purva and Anushka cries. Siddhant is shocked and tries to pacify his mum. KK holds Prabhakar’s hand and is in shock. Rao ji tries to pacify KK.

Karthik, Srikant and Neeta come there, followed by Srikant’s father in law, Sweety and others come there. KK is still in shock. Siddhant thinks about Khattar and Judge’s words. Anushka looks at Siddhant. Gayatri tells that he wanted to go to Patna and rest under mango tree. She tells that they will go to Patna. Neeta tries to pacify her. Gayatri cries. Hira comes there. She says I never thought that I will be sad to hear about Prabhakar’s death, but I am sad. KK looks at her.

Goel comes there and says it is very sad and acts to pacify KK, saying it is tough time for you. He then goes to Karthik and says it is good that he died, but he should have died some days back, atleast we would be partners. Karthik asks him to understand the situation. He gets a call and asks someone not to call. Man says phone can’t be traced. Karthik asks him not to call him again after doing the work. Anushka tries to pacify Siddhant. Pandit ji asks them to call Siddhant for doing the last rites. Srikant goes and tells Siddhant that Pandit ji is asking them to come for cremation. Gayatri says no. KK’s business partners ask him to say something. KK goes inside and says Prabhakar can’t go like this, and says his postmortem shall be done. Hira, Goel and Karthik gets tensed.

Hira asks KK why he is insisting for postmortem and says many questions will be popped up. KK says Prabhakar was about to get proofs against many, and says he wants to know if this is a murder. Siddhant hears him shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Medha

    The Episode Was So Panic…. ?
    The party scene in which KK insure that one day whole Reddys will come at Sinha house .. that time I was assuming this would be the day when Siddhant & Anushka’s wedding will be get fix…. but never thought they will come Prabhakar’s Mayyat ceremony……….. ???
    Phle Bhajan tab Aarati.. the hope of Mr Sinha that his son will surely come was lovely…. Kabhi na Bisru Ram ko chahe Duniya bisari jaye…. this bhajan was describing the situation… jaate jaate bhi Mr Sinha indirectly Siddhant ko seekh de gye….
    When Prabhakar lie down on Siddhant’s lap those scenes were so realistic… I was hoping Siddhant will shout Papa but he was shocked may be he was not getting the situation… ? Gayatri & Poorva’s tears made emotional me ?…The whole scenes were captured in perfect way… Hats Off to creativity ? !!
    I wanna slap that Buddha Goyal how he be so cruel isko abhi bhi business ka pdhi hain… ???
    Kartik.. why I am getting F type feeling after that phone call … who was behind that call???? & Mrs Sanyal when she arrived hahaha all tirachhi nazars ? were on her…. Mujhe Prabhakar ki Maut ka dukh hain… I mean seriously???? ?
    Siddhant tum Ro skte ho and after his tears rolled down…
    Today I really loved Gayatri’s performance her acting was really touchy!! ?
    I am surely going to miss the face who was the reason for making me to watch the show….. will definitely miss you Mr Sinha!!
    Plz na Flashbacks dete rhna Mr Sinha k otherwise it will be so difficult for me to watch the show ?……
    Thanks for the update MA ?

    1. Fenil

      Yaa medha it;s so emotional episode !!
      Will miss Prabhakar Sinha a lot !! Without him Show is incomplete !!

  2. Priyanka Gupta

    It was heart breaking episode last night, this should not have happened, will miss Prabhakhar a lot and especially his scenes with his family and Kk, Anushka,, how will Siddhant react now, remains to be seen, when Khattar said something against his Pita shri, he thrashed him, but what now, he would kill the one responsible for his pita shri kii death, please show that now, WILL MISS PRABHAKAR A LOT IN THE SHOW

    1. Fenil

      yaa he will not spare that person who caused his Pitashree’s death !!

  3. Agreed to you so sad that prabhakar.his acting was perfect. @fenil your update become true.

    1. Fenil

      yaa Anjana @!! Its so heart wrenching !!

  4. Minna Chandran

    I don’t know why they killed Prabhakar though I did get a feeling that he will get a heart attack but die??? Good acting nice story may get ruined now. Kk and Prabhakar both are v good actors they should have remained till the end.

    1. Fenil

      yaa Manish and Anurag should have remained till last !! But they killed Prabhakar’s charcater !

  5. Fenil

    Ek Beta jut gaya gade murde ukhadne ke liye jo related hain Pitashree se, Sweetyji tried to lift up siddhant’s mood but no effect,he is so sad…”Humare aur Pitaji ke bich ek hi chiz reh gayi thi SIDDHANT aur aaj yeh Siddhanto ki diwar bhi gir gayi hain-pls don’t say this,Satya Narayan’s Katha scene is so real and Maa and Anushaka ki nazare Darwaje pe tiki hui hain Siddhant ke intezar me , Siddhant’s journey towards home was taking real location this is the best part of Show all locations are real, Phle Bhajan tab Aarati.. the hope of Mr Sinha that his son will surely come was lovely…. Kabhi na Bisru Ram ko chahe Duniya bisari jaye…. this bhajan was describing the situation… jaate jaate bhi Mr Sinha indirectly Siddhant ko seekh de gye….”Durga Pooja ke baad hi lautenge””Itni lambi chhutti KK bhaisaab jane denge”…Prabhakar ka trust todna kk ko andar hi andar khaye jaa rha hain he is regretting May this guilt will stay whole life, Panditji totally different the warna sab show me ek do comman panditji aate hain , With the fall of Prabhakar my hope also die so touchy scene Father Son didn’t able to hold each others hands for last time also…gayatri ji nails it Salute Alka Amin ji….Anushka kuch karo Anushka…Siddhant left in shock…”Kya Krishna kabhi Sudama ke ghar jate hain” KK’s entry and get shock Krishna aaya Sudama ke ghar but mil nahi paya baat nahi kar paya Sorry nahi bol paya, “HE IS NO MORE” Poorva’s screaming Bhai uthao papa ko Bhai uthao papa ko so heart wrenching ,Kk is leaving Prabhakar’s hand so emotional , Siddhant hugged Maa,Sister,Anushka tries to handle them i m litteraly crying ,”patna jana hai patna jana hain” Prabhakar’s last wish can’t see Gayatriji like this pls Lauta do hume humare Prabhakar pls ,Goyal i will kill you Karthik can understand but this Buddha shame on you , Siddhant is in deep shock pls sid cry out ur pain Anushka’s hand did it ,KK-Prabhakar ka postmortem hona chahiye leave shock to all ,!!

    I cannot even put into words how today’s episode made me feel. With this bhajan playing in the background, watching Prabhakar, him praying, coughing every few moments, knowing what was coming…and then when he finally collapsed. I was in tears, like actual tears at this stage.

    His death has left a hole in my heart. The first time in my whole entire life I have ever crieda lot (Not even when Akshara die in YRKKH) due to a character death on hindi television.

    Thank you for breathing life into Prabhakar Sinha, Anurag Arora! Your presence in this show will be sorely missed!

  6. My once again sincere request to the show makers. Please get it to the prime slot between 7 pm to 9pm.

    1. Fenil

      yaa i also want time changing !!

  7. P_lata

    Hello everybody, commenting first time here……. Seedhe sache pyaar ki sondhi si mahak jis family se aati thi uska srot hi khatm ho gaya aaj….. Started watching this serial just because of Prabhakar’s family and sweet Anushka and now getting attached to it. Spice of true friendship was enough to make this watchable…. Yet want to watch it again and again for the mystery behind the Prabhakar bribery case and his death……

    1. Fenil

      happy to see u here Darling !!

    2. Medha

      Hello Womaniya… na na don’t tell a lie hmari aur Bhaiya ki commentary aapko yha lekar aayi hain lol ? but I’m literally glad to see you here ?…..

      1. Fenil

        hhahaha agree medhu !!

  8. Agreed to you fenil,felt very sad.this is the first time feeling a great respect for one person.likes and dislikes were there with other characters .they are showing this serial as a real story happening around us.

    1. Fenil

      Agreed !! He is totally awesome friends ,Guide ,and as a person too !!

  9. Maryjose

    Prabhakar dying was unexpected. He has provided an effective counterfoil to KK and anchored well against KK family.

    I like the show and though most are new actors, they are keeping up with their roles well. The standout performances are by KK, Prabhakar only. So, this is a setback.

    Pl don’t dilute quality of story telling as the show progresses. Rather finish it when you cannot extend anymore.

    1. P_lata

      Hey Mary….. Nice to see you once again…. Keep commenting….. Yeah Prabhakar death gave shock to us….

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