Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 24th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant Gets Kidnapped

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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 24th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhant is busy doing the exercise and asks Purva to brighten his bike. Purva asks him for chocolate as bribe. She gets the paper and reads about Goel Airlines Plane crash, an unsolved mystery. Siddhant reads it. Purva says nobody knows if it is natural or sabotage. Siddhant thinks about Prabhakar and Dinesh’s death. He calls Goel and introduces himself. Goel asks why did you call me? Siddhant says that day you had said that my father told about something. Goel refuses to talk to him and ends the call. He calls his assistant and he also disconnects the call.

Karthik is with Nupur in his garden. She tells that she is a liking to do gardening and asks him not to tell Dad. She tells that he has rejected many guys as they want to marry her because of the big empire. Karthik says I can understand and says Appa also says the same. Nupur’s parents and Vedant come to meet KK. They talk about Vedant and then Anushka’s marriage. KK says they are searching alliance for Anu. Karthik and Nupur like each other and give their approval. Riddhi and Anushka give their approval. Nupur’s father tells that he will talk to Pandit ji and take out marriage date. They all congratulate each other.

Siddhant comes there. Rao ji tells that girl’s family came to see Karthik. He comes inside. Srikant tells that girl’s family pandit ji told that marriage can happen in 10 days or after 6 months. Neeta tells that Pandit ji saying this and Karthik’s marriage will happen according to mahurat. Anushka says marriage shall happen at the earliest day. KK asks Siddhant’s suggestion. Siddhant says I agree with you and tells that he don’t believe on superstition. KK says that’s why I like him. Riddhi tells anushka that Siddhant is very ambitions and career oriented, and asks if he will talk to KK about their alliance.

KK asks Siddhant to go and see the negotiation of medicine supply for 5 years, and says board member shall go, but. Siddhant says I am not board of member. KK says that’s why I will make you board of member. Siddhant thanks him and says it is a big opportunity. KK says you have proved yourself and says even Prabhakar was board of director for many reddy corp companies. He says he will call board members for Reddy pharmaceutical company and asks Siddhant not to tell anyone.

Siddhant tells Anushka that KK asked him not to tell anyone, but you are friend, and tells that KK is making him director for pharmaceutical company. Anushka says your priorities have changed now. Siddhant says priority is still marriage now, and says once I become director then my chance to take bride will increase.. Anushka says you are in firm. He says yes and leaves. Someone keeps eye on him. Siddhant is riding on his bike when someone follows him and hits on his head. He faints. Goons kidnap him. Karthik comes to Siddhant’s house and asks about Gayatri. Purva gets surprised. Siddhant says KK, Neeta and Anushka are coming there. He asks her to make tea. Purva says will you drink tea? You are so rich. Karthik says everyone drinks house tea. Purva says you are so rich and asks how does it feel? He laughs and says you are so cute. Gayatri comes. Karthik greets her. KK, Neeta and Anushka come there. Gayatri greets them. Siddhant tells the kidnappers that he didn’t do anything. They asks aren’t you Siddhant Sinha? They take his phone from his pocket.

Purva and Anushka call Siddhant. Sweety calls Purva and asks about Siddhant. Purva says he didn’t come home. Goons take Siddhant somewhere.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    OMG Siddhant, the SHARKS are on to you now! Let’s hope you can get out of this alive.

  2. Ohh nooo siddant is in trouble. I think leap will come in this show. Kk family is sooo nice. I think precap is the turning point of d story. Anyway nice episode & more interesting precap.

  3. I feel KK is the main villain…..he is behind everything. Right from prabhakar’s bribery case to his death. Goel Ira are his pawns only

    1. No no Jessy kk &kk family numbers good no one can hurt siddant & prabhakar family. They just want that their respectable posotions. Goyal is the main villain. I think director wants that how could siddant loss his love&career.

  4. I feel that the focus should shift from love,misunderstandings,marriage to Siddhant pursuing his father’s killers. He should be a bit more serious about it now,that he knows that there is something fishy in his father’s death. Practically, he should not be thinking of marriage after he lost his father. Good events in family take a year to happen after a death in the family,isn’t it? Instead of lovey-dovey scenes between the lead pair, if some action,some twists are shown,that would make the show interesting.

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