Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant Decides To Find Out About Airline Crash

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rao ji slaps Tiwari hard. KK tells him that Rao ji can’t hear anything against him. He tells that I didn’t forget my value, and tells that he had worked in coal mine. He says I will give donation any amount, but I want something big. Tiwari leaves. Karthik asks Rao ji why did he slap Minister. KK says whatever Rao did was right, he read my thoughts. Srikant says if he trouble us. Karthik says if he don’t do any deal with us. Siddhant tells that business and politics works on greed and fear, and says he came with greed and took fear with him. KK tells Siddhant, you will go a long way. He asks Rao to Sudhanshu, Ashok and Rajeev to discuss about Politics. Rao ji says ok. Anushka talks to Riddhi and tells that many people have complimented her on her make up. Riddhi asks who? Siddhant comes there. Anushka ends the call. Siddhant says he wants to tell her something. Anushka says I know what you will tell and asks him to start first. Siddhant asks if I am going to sing when you will join. He says our past comes in between us. Anushka says we shall accept our past. Siddhant says you didn’t surprise me as you have same perfume, and I identify you with the same fragrance. He asks her to use same perfume which she uses always and not this.

Later he comes home. Gayatri shows him death certificate. Siddhant gets sad. Gayatri tells that suddenly Prabhakar got heart attack and says it was an excuse for death. She asks him to keep the dead certificate in his file and says she will handle insurance work and asks her to teach him. Siddhant nods his head. He goes to Prabhakar’s study and sees envelope. He sees something written and thinks he has to meet Dinesh Swamy. He calls Sweety and asks him to find out about him, and make it confidential.

KK, Neeta, Karthik and others are planting plants. KK asks Neeta to touch soil with his hand and then it will look closer to her. He tells that they will go to their native place, and tells that never forget your roots. KK says I will retire after strengthening your roots. Karthik says I always need you around. Neeta asks Riddhi to come. Riddhi says she is fine there. Karthik asks where is Anushka? Anushka is in her room and thinks to wear earring liked by Siddhant. She thinks to wear something else as everyone will tease her. she comes out and tells that she is going to office. Srikant asks if there is any work? Neeta says today is Sunday. KK says Anushka will go a long way. Srikant tells that Rao ji will make cabbage dish today. KK says Rao ji learnt from my Amma. Rao ji says he took one week to make the dish. Riddhi tells KK that they will go out and talk. Riddhi takes Anushka to meet Siddhant, and says she will meet her father till then. Anushka thanks her.

She comes to Siddhant’s house. Gayatri reminisces Prabhakar. Anushka asks her to maske pakoda. Purva tells that Siddhant left somewhere. Anushka asks where? Purva says she doesn’t know. Anushka gets upset and thinks destiny is playing games with her.

Anushka calls Siddhant and says you would have been here on Sunday. Siddhant asks where is she? She tells that she is in his house till lunch. Siddhant looks on.

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  1. Priyanka Gupta

    It was such a good episode last night, I hope Siddhant gets to know about the fishiness in his father’s death, loved the Reddy family scene, good to see Siddhant and Anushka, getting back on cordial terms, hoping for Prabhakar’s death mystery to unfold soon.

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