Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Anushka Confesses Her Feelings To Riddhi

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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 15th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neeta tells KK that Karthik has stopped his parties and working with Srikant. She says even Riddhi is happy. She thanks him and says this is all happening because of you, as you gave Prabhakar’s place to Karthik. KK says he was reading Gita. He tells that KK’s one decision has snatched my peace, I miss my friend every day.

Siddhant asks Purva to talk to him. Purva says you are busy. Siddhant says I can agree for your modeling, but your education shall not be sacrificed. He says I am here in this position as I learnt with hard work. Purva says yes and says do you know how much money I will get. Siddhant says money is always spent, but knowledge never go wasted. Purva thanks and hugs him. She says you are like Papa and asks if Anushka convinced him. Siddhant says no, and thinks he agreed on Anushka’s insistence.

Gayatri serves food to Siddhant. Siddhant checks call list and thinks what did my father speak to this Dinesh Swamy? Purva calls Anushka and thanks her and says Siddhant agreed for her modeling assignment. Anushka says anything for friendship and says Siddhant hears me. Purva says yes. Anushka thinks it is more than friendship. Siddhant calls on the number and asks about Dinesh Swamy. Man tells that he didn’t know and tells that people come here to make a call and tells that he has a general store here. Siddhant thinks to enquire.

Riddhi gets ready. Anushka comes to her and says Srikant told her to trust her family. She says she wants to share her family. Riddhi says I will share my make up secret with you. She asks her to sit. Anushka tells that she didn’t tell anyone and asks her to promise not to take her advantage. Riddhi says you all are my family. Anushka says sorry and says I am keeping condition to speak in my house. She tells her that she loves Siddhant from the beginning. Riddhi asks what? Anushka says from college days and tells that they had a misunderstanding and she went to America, but now everything is cleared. Riddhi says if Siddhant loves you. Anushka says Siddhant doesn’t know about my feelings. Riddhi asks her not to confess love to Siddhant first and says let him say first. Anushka says you are thinking wrong. Riddhi asks her to agree to her, if Siddhant is wrong. She does her make up and sprays perfume. Anushka says I am allergic to perfume. Riddhi says nothing will happen and makes her wear earrings. Anushka thanks her and leaves.

Gayatri receives Prabhakar’s death certificate and cries. Siddhant is leaving from home. Gayatri calls him, but thinks if I told him anything then he will be sad all day. She asks him to come home soon in the evening. Siddhant says ok. Gayatri thinks she couldn’t handle herself after he left. She thinks if I walk on the path as told by you then it will be good.

Siddhant comes to office while talking on phone. Anushka goes past him. Siddhant says you are looking good today and notices every minute deal. He talks about her different make up, hair style, and earrings. Anushka says you have watched closely. Siddhant says Maa tells that my memory is sharp. He is about to leave, then says you have a different perfume today. Anushka smiles.

Rao ji tells Karthik that he is going to pick Tiwari ji. Karthik asks Siddhant to come and says Minister Tiwari is coming. KK and Srikant welcome him. KK introduces Srikant, Karthik and Prabhakar. Tiwari says I felt really bad hearing about Prabhakar. He says I came to meet you to tell about elections next year. KK says you come to power and forgets KK. Tiwari says tell me what do you want? KK says I am not interested in small things and tells that they have many business, and now airlines too. Tiwari says you wants to negotiate with us, don’t forget that we are in power. KK says I do negotiation, don’t teach me that you do politics and says you also do business. Tiwari asks him not to forget how I helped you to reach here and asks him to be in his limits. Rao ji slaps Tiwari hard.

Siddhant tells Anushka that he wants to talk to her. Anushka asks him to begin and says she will join him. Siddhant asks if I am going to sing a song which you will join.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I love this serial. Hope prabhakar&s innocence will be known soon

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