Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update; Mukhi ji and Aru take part in Utsav competition

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 8th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rami comes there and stops Abhay and Sanvi as he is a judge in the games. Abhay says there is time in approval, they can talk to each other later as well and leave. Rami was confused.
The couples now struggle to throw their logs into the basket, ladies take their times. A judge announces no one knows anything about Amboli yet. Arjun takes a seat on the stage and asks him to inform when Mukhi and Aru are there. Mukhi and Aru finally reach and throw their’s in the basket. Arjun announces the winner as Madhur and Kaveri-the cheaters. Aru asks about her position, Arjun says she came last from bottom. Everyone laugh. Arjun assures she will be the first in place tomorrow.
At night, Aru was applying herbal treatments for her bruise. Mukhi ji was walking there, he tells Aru he knew she

can’t do this. She insisted on taking a part in the competition. She asks who put the stones in her basket and blames Mukhi ji for it. Mukhi ji says in Ahmedabad she used to walk and jump across the houses, but in Amboli she is used to taking rest and sleep till 8 in the morning. He says she must get herself strong if she needs to win. Aru was determined to win, but screams as she stands up. Mukhi ji places a heated cloth piece over her foot saying they will become each other’s strength. He says they will wake up at 4 tomorrow. Aru goes to see Dharmi.
Aru narrates the whole day story to Dharmi with laughters. Dharmi lay down blank mindedly. She says there is nothing she can say, she doesn’t remember anything. Rami comes there and tells Aru to take rest, but Aru insists she will stay with Dharmi. Rami also sits there. It was 2.15 am, both Rami and Aru had fallen asleep in sitting postures. Rami wakes Aru and insists on her to go and sleep, she has to take part in the competition as well. Aru finally agrees. I was 2.30 am when Aru comes to sleep. At 4 am, Mukhi wakes Aru up but she doesn’t get up. Mukhi ji places a shirt and trouser in front of her to wear. Outside in the yard, Mukhi ji was doing the exercise and makes Aru does the same. Aru fell down after a few attempts. Later Mukhi ji makes her practice some planks. Mukhi ji now walks outside saying they will do the rest of workout there. He takes the bike while Aru runs behind; he had to return to look for Aru who had fallen asleep on a bench in the way. He laughs and wakes her up. Aru insists on him to carry her, she is really tired. Mukhi ji says only till outside the house.
Dharmi was standing in the balcony when Rami comes there. She asks Dharmi how does she feel now. She must feel bad she had to come here as a guest, where she was about to become an owner. They watch Mukhi ji carrying Aru. Rami says it was her mistake, she only sent Dharmi to her love. They watch Aru and Mukhi ji playing downstairs. Rami smiles saying villagers call Aru very lucky, its really true as he is one in million. She says Aru took Dharmi’s place at once; if Aru wasn’t in between Mukhi would have married Dharmi even today. She gets upset as everyone brings their own fate.
The next day, Aru hears Kaveri saying they will do the cheatings if they aren’t unable to make up to the game. Kaveri tells Aru to be a Mukhyani and mind her own business. A small child comes asking for the toffee but Kaveri scolds her. Mukhi ji watches the child.
Arjun narrates the game, he says its about grinding the spice. The woman would do the grinding with a blind-fold and husband must assist. Mukhi ji says she must only do the grinding when he says Push. Aru forgets his instructions, Mukhi’s hand comes under the pestle and was injured. Aru removes her blindfold. A man bandages Mukhi ji’s hand, Aru says a sorry while the three minute time was running out. Aru gives up saying she cant play.

PRECAP: Sanvi tells Abhay about bring pregnant with his child, he had left for abroad but she didn’t tell anyone. Mukhi ji had heard about this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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