Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 7th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aru holds Mukhi ji’s hands and cries, she says she can’t take part in Utsav. Mukhi ji assures he would take care about the matter and tells her to sleep.
It was night, Dharmi was asleep when someone enters the room. Dharmi wakes up to see Rami there. She places a hand over Dharmi’s shoulder and says she was mistaken to let her go with her love. She wanted to get her what she herself couldn’t get in life. She tells her to forget about everything, whatever talk they had must now be forgotten. Dharmi cries saying she didn’t come for a revenge, she doesn’t even know who kidnapped her and got her here. Rami assures to keep good care of Dharmi, she must share with her whatever she needs. Rami thinks its time to give Dharmi new lessons, but atleast she won’t open up to anyone.

next morning, doctor was observing Dharmi. Rami shares her worry about her condition. Mukhi ji comes in then. Sanvi goes to speak to him about DM. Aru comes to Mukhi ji and Sanvi and says she can’t take part in Utsav. Sanvi insists the Utsav Pooja has been conducted, and she needs to take Dharmi out of her depression. She should keep her along in all the happy moments, her smile would improve Dharmi’s condition. Aru was determined to face anything that comes to her.
During the Utsav, Arjun does the hosting. DM’s car arrive. Sanvi goes into a hiding. A couple was determined to win the two lac winning price. Mukhi ji says if they win they will distribute the money among poor, Aru says she will start her dupatta business by the price money. Rami comes there and notices Sanvi standing in a backward line, and insists on her to come and sit. After a while, Rami notices Sanvi was still missing.
Arjun narrates the first game, the couples had to run a 1 km away path, the wife had to collect a bunch of wooden logs, the men had to stuff them into a tray and carry back where they would make a bundle of it into a chunri and throw it up into a basket. A sand timer was running.
At the start of the game, the couples run. Aru begins to pant half way. Mukhi ji brings her along. They competitor couple reach the first, they stuff other’s baskets with heavy stones. Aru was only able to hold 4 woods at a time.
Sanvi comes to call Abhay from behind and takes him aside. He says he came to surprise her but Mukhi ji was being arrested there. Then he got busy. Abhay says its only Sanvi who can understand him well, but some people gather there. Abhay speaks to her about vaccines. Sanvi asks him to go somewhere else she has to speak to him. Rami reaches there.
Arjun signals Mukhi ji not to help Aru over loud speaker. Aru loses the balance of basket over her head, the basket fell down and they find two huge stones increasing the weight.

PRECAP: In the next game, Mukhi ji’s hand get injured in a mortar and pestle. He instructs Aru about the game but she gives up.

Update Credit to: Sona

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