Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 3rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mukhi drags Lal ji into the jeep. He goes to leave Lal ji out of the village saying Lal ji won’t even think of coming to this village again. He ties Lal ji to the jeep. Lal ji asks him to leave, he would never do this again. Mukhi ji takes the jeep saying he won’t stay in the village anymore. He drives away and stops the jeep; warning Lal ji never to be seen in his village’s vicinity.
At night in the room, Mukhi ji chases Aru to apply tincture while she says it would burn otherwise. Mukhi ji assures to do it carefully. She agrees to get it apply finally and turns her face away. After a while, Mukhi ji says it’s done, does it hurt. Aru denies taking medicine, and says if he has seen what she did to the one forcing himself over her. She says there was spice to throw in his eyes and bottle to cut the hands. Mukhi asks bottle? Aru tells Mukhi there were a number of boxes with liquor. Mukhi tells Aru she must have a misunderstanding, there can’t be liquor in his village and his old factory. Aru insists it was liquor, it had washed color off his face. Mukhi says they must check it in that case. Aru also goes with Mukhi.
In the old factory, Arjun was getting everything cleared. He tells his men to hurry up, this Mukhyani didn’t leave them of any use; it was better Mukhi ji had married an uneducated girl of village. In the old factory, Aru shows Mukhi ji all the bottles spread around. Arjun hears some footsteps nearby. Mukhi ji was shocked to see the amount of liquor. Mukhi ji was furious. He says he could proudly boast no one can find a single bottle of wine in his factory, then who dare to collect all this. He breaks a few bottles and throw a match stick over them; then asks for Aru’s hand and leave the factory.
Outside the factory, Mukhi watches the fire being lit. He wonders where all this liquor come from, this can must be made somewhere nearby. Aru asks him to come to factory once, it seems something wrong is being done there. Mukhi says it must only happen at night. Arjun speaks to himself that he is finished.
In the factory, Rami tries to stop Mukhi but he says he needs to find out where all the liquor in that old factory come from. He asks Rami about a room upstairs, Aru says she would check in the room. Rami follows Aru. Two pregnant girls leave the room, Aru gives them way for some time then follows to stop them remembering the truck incident. She brings a rod and forcefully hits the bellies. The liquor from the bottles fell off. Aru tells Mukhi ji this is liquor. She tells Mukhi she felt strange the first day she touched their bellies. These women transport the wine to old factory godown. Mukhi says right now he won’t punish them and asks who is with them in the village. He shouts furiously. The girl was about to speak but Arjun comes from behind and says he is the culprit. He brings in a young boy and says this man did the filthy job. The boy fell into Mukhi’s feet and asks for forgiveness. Arjun beats him hard for doing all this. Mukhi tells Arjun to calm down but Arjun announces he is enraged today and charges the boy with a wooden rod. Mukhi stops Arjun announcing Panchait would punish him. Arjun cries into Mukhi’s feet that somehow he is also responsible for all this. Mukhi now moves towards the young boy who apologizes Mukhi. Mukhi asks who else was there with him, the young boy nods towards Arjun and says no one else. Mukhi announces he must be taken out of the village right away. Arjun instantly comes to abide by.
After everyone had left, Rami minds Arjun how that Aru made him kneel in front of Mukhi. Arjun says at least he saved themselves. Rami was determined to make Aru suffer for all her losses.

PRECAP: Aru watches Mukhi and Sanvi laugh together. She comes to ask if there is something really funny; Sanvi begins to explain but Aru strictly interrupts saying this is their personal matter.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. I recently started watching YMMKD….What is the relationship between mukhi and sanvi?
    Is she a widow now?

    1. sanvi is mukhi’s childhood friend.

  2. She was the old childhood friend of mukhi ji…

    This show is awesome

  3. Christine Pillay

    This show is lovely.Love the acting.Good soapie to watch.

  4. Nice show, screenplay of the episodes awsome, aru gets jealous at mukhi and sanvi.

  5. Great show

  6. Does anyone look into the script and other details on the serial. who does this…hitting on bellies when they are carrying bottles at bellies, this is far more worse than Aru hurting lal with the bottles on his hands.

    one more episode she says she is scared of ghosts and asks mukhi to accompany her outside to bathroom, and again in another episode she says there are no ghots…she is literally contradicting her self.

    and there is no continuity in some scenes….one where she tries to tie the turban on mukhi’s head once the end of turban facing the head is white and other time it is brown…no show of removing or re workingthe turban then how can it change colors… more scene of laddu on lips the size of the varies in between the scene.

    when mukhi is so angry with Lal, why did he leave him without giving any punishment, i know to continue the villain concept you need the guy but some punishment should have been decided. a cast away guy can return to village anytime like he did now.
    i love this show…but there are many scenes i believe which are just worked in haste no pre-work done, if it continues i believe people will loose interest. i’ll be the first one.

    It has a very good concept of understanding village head, with a wife who is as multi talented as him. it would be more fun to watch if these petty details are taken care off.

    And im a big fan of dukhi mukhi and Aru. hope someone will look into the details to make it more interesting.

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