Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 28th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aru says to Mukhi in the hut that he must get punishment to stalk a pretty girl.
Jamuna bribes a maid for sending Uma and Arjun outside when Jamuna was about to come. Sharabi promises to continue supporting her.
Mukhi knocks at the door which the villagers unlock.
The next morning, Jamuna comes to Mukhi and sends him to Panchait office where everyone is waiting him. Mukhi says Aru told him about the ritual he would have stayed home. Jamuna says she went with his message of simple wedding but Dharmi wants a celebrated one. She says if he attends, they would miss Panchait work so he might leave. Mukhi was concerned about Dharmi and Family.
Mummy and Papa comes out worried for preparations of the ritual as they don’t know about anything. Outside, Sanvi had prepared everything about the Tillak.
Sharabi and Jamuna were preparing for the ritual. Aru comes with family. They all welcome them inside. Jamuna asks about beginning the ritual, Mukhi won’t come. All the rituals will take place without him. Aru asks where Mukhi is, Jamuna says he has gone to Panchait. Aru stops the Pandit, she takes a leave for 15 minutes and is sure Mukhi would come with her.
At the office, Mukhi sat with some men. Aru comes from behind and tries to signal Mukhi. Mukhi was busy in problems of the villagers. Aru comes to another side and signals Mukhi to hurry up, they are getting late. She finally asks for a permission to speak in it, greets the elders and says he must get the money if water belongs to him but the well is his. He must either withdraw his water or pay the rent for well. Everyone agrees to Aru. Aru takes Mukhi aside. He asks why is she stalking him. Aru asks Mukhi why he lied that he wanted to marry, now he told Rami that this marriage is a liability for him. Rami has shared this with them and now in front of the guests. She conditions his participation in the rituals with getting Chammo back.
At home, Mummy shares with Papa that she must speak to Mukhi if this is his attitude. Jamuna was happy. Mastana blows a horn as Mukhi has arrived. Mukhi clarifies to Mummy Papa that he is marrying with his own will, only his sister might have a misunderstanding. Aru insists on him to say what she had conditioned, he announces he would participate in every ritual of this wedding. The Pandit announces there is a fixed date of marriage after three days. Jamuna was shocked and asks how they would make arrangements so early. Aru announces they can do all the rituals within three days. Jamuna thinks Aru is going to be the biggest thorn of her way. Jamuna calls Sharabi and informs her she wants to go to meet Swami.
Jamuna hears Dharmi telling Anshu on call she is marrying a 50 times richer man. She will be the Mukhyani of the village. Jamuna had come right behind her. Dharmi says she will be owner of all the property and villagers, she would forget she ever loved him. Jamuna understands the game, she hides as dharmi walks inside and wipes her tears before joining everyone downstairs.
Sharabi asks Jamuna how she came here. Jamuna says she got the remedy before going to Swami.
During the function, Mummy faints as she get sweating. Mukhi was concerned and calls for water. Aru says she must begin Yoga classes in Ahmedabad. Mukhi offers them to stay in their village, she would get well. Everyone looks around for Dharmi. Dharmi makes up she went to meet the guests. Jamuna tells Dharmi she is the bride, everyone would come to meet her. Jamuna was taking Dharmi inside to speak to her. Aru says she has to go home, Mukhi stops Jamuna from speak to Dharmi. Mummy allows her to go inside. Jamuna says alright, they will talk to each other tomorrow. She thinks she must find out why she was crying at the name of Anshu.

PRECAP: Mukhi faints out of shock as his Chammo had died. Aru cries besides him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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